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We now have a fully developed Tailfin Product Guides area of the website.

Comprehensive individual product guides:

Racks and AeroPacks

With or without pannier mounts?

Racks and AeroPacks can both be ordered either with pannier mounts or without, dependent on what you need.

Pannier mounts add versatility but are the more expensive and heavier option.

Both options are available on the same product page, just select your desired rack from the dropdown on the product page.

Fitting to your bike

Our Racks and AeroPacks are designed to fit 99% of bikes on the market – whether that’s road, touring, gravel, hardtails, or even full-suspension mountain bikes.

We do this by offering a variety of ways to mount to your bike, so our systems even fit bikes without rack mounting points:

The perfect system

Traditionally, rack manufacturers make racks and bag manufacturers make bags, which means that all bags have to work with all racks and vice versa.

We do it differently. Our racks and bags are engineered to work together seamlessly for the perfect fit, function and performance, avoiding any rattle, sway or complications that come with other manufacturers’ products.

Rack and AeroPack mounting options

Option 1: Axle mounting

The primary method for mounting our racks to the lower half of your bike is via your axle. Simply remove your existing axle and drop in a Tailfin Axle. This offers the strongest mounting option and works for the majority of bikes – even those without rack mounts. To select the right axle for your bike, please check out our Axle Guide.

Option 2: Frame Mount Adaptors

Alternatively, you can screw in the Frame Mounts which allow you to retain the use of the Fast Release Dropouts. They ship with two different lengths to accommodate bikes of different rear widths.

Option 3: Direct Mount

Lastly, you can permanently connect the rack to your bicycle rack mounts with the supplied screws and spacers. Each rack ships with these parts as standard. You can adjust the number of spacers and length of screws to accommodate bikes of different rear widths.

Some frame designs might require additional adapters in order to work with a Tailfin Axle. We produce a variety of adapters to work with frames from brands such as Salsa, if your frame uses a R.A.T. axle or is fitted with a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger.

Rack and AeroPack seatpost connector

You can’t always guarantee that a bike will have rack mounts, let alone where they might be positioned.

However you can always guarantee it will have a seatpost.

That’s why we engineered the Seatpost Connector; a strong and secure solution that will fit ANY seatpost in seconds.

AeroPack vs AP20 Trunk

The AeroPack is product family that works with our unique 20 litre, wide-mouthed, top opening, roll top rear pack.

The AeroPack permanently integrates our racks to the pack making it a single, combined unit; we call it ‘The Rigid Seatpack’. It is designed to replace traditional seatpacks or saddle bags that strap to your saddle.

The AP20 Trunk Top bag is a separate bag that can be easily attached and removed from our S and X Series racks.

Comparing products

The easiest way to compare all our products is to click the ‘Shop‘ button on our navigation bar. It takes you to a page that puts each product on a card where you can see the technical information. This is how it looks:

shop all products

Top and Side Bag Guide

Our bags have been developed in conjunction with the Tailfin rack systems and AeroPacks and as such are designed to fit easily and function flawlessly. In form and function our top and side bags might look very different but all share design features that we feel are key for performance and function.

  • 100% Waterproof 

All bags are constructed of a high-frequency welded, fully-waterproof high-performance Ripstop Nylon and Hypalon laminate material.

  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium frame

All bags feature an internal framework providing reliable mounting points for hardware, aiding structural rigidity and enabling efficient load carrying.

  • Ease of packing

All bags feature a large roll top opening, making it quick and easy to pack efficiently as well as accessing your gear on the go.

Top bags

AP20 Trunk Top Bag

The AP20 Trunk Top Bag is the stand alone top bag designed to fit to the top of our X and S Series racks. There is often confusion between the AP20 and our AeroPack systems. This is because the actual bag itself is the same, the difference is in how it mounts to the rest of the rack. The AP20 as standard comes with the mounting kit to enable it to be fitted and removed from the X and S Series racks, with the rack remaining in place. Whereas the AeroPack incorporates the bag as an integral part of the rack and as such it cannot be removed from the rest of the rack – you need to remove the whole rack from the bike to take the AeroPack bag with you. 

As the name implies the AP20 has a 20 litre capacity, take a look at our packing guide for an idea of how much you can carry in it. The large roll top opening can be used to expand or reduce the volume of the AP20 to ensure your load doesn’t rattle around. A buckle at each end ensures a complete weather tight seal when the AP20 is closed. Twin compression straps also help to hold everything in place as well as providing extra carrying capacity.

The AP20 has an additional side pocket for storing essentials whilst on the other side a weatherproof zip allows access into the main compartment for grabbing items without needing to open the bag fully.

Side Bags

The key difference between the SL22 and UD22 pannier bags is in the weight of the bag and the thickness and durability of the materials it is made from.

Both SL22 and UD22 pannier bags are shipped with our machined aluminium cam-action clamp designed to fit the bags securely to our X Series racks and the pannier compatible AeroPack. You can still fit Tailfin side pannier bags even if you use a rack system made by another brand. Each bag includes a variety of replaceable inserts for the clamp to make the bag compatible with your chosen rack system, regardless of tube diameter. 

All side pannier bags also feature rear light mounts and reflective strips for increased safety and visibility.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag

Being the lightest pannier bag the SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag is ideal for road riders and fast tourers looking for additional storage but not wanting to compromise on speed. It shares many of the same design features as the UD22 with a large weatherproof roll-top opening and a 22 litre capacity. Side mounted buckles and compression straps help to decrease volume and keep things streamlined with a featureless outer face. It might be stripped down in terms of weight (it weighs 120 grams less than the UD22 bag) but is still capable of carrying a 17” laptop and also includes a removable inner pocket.

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag 

The perfect companion for the long distance traveller, everyday commuter or the rider that places durability over any weight saving. The UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag has the same 22 litre capacity and opening system as the SL22 but is made from a thicker rubberised material and also has additional reinforcing on the outer edges to shrug off scrapes. It shares the same internal frame and is also capable of accepting a 17” laptop. Like the SL22 the UD22 also ships with an additional, removable inner pocket.

Small Goods

Our range of products has expanded considerably over the years and alongside our rack systems and AeroPacks we provide many items to aid your cycle touring and bikepacking.

Cargo Cage

Our Cargo Cage is a distinctly Tailfin take on what is becoming one of the most essential pieces of bikepacking equipment. The Cargo Cage fits to any part of your frame, fork or Tailfin Alloy Arch with double or triple bosses and enables you to carry additional luggage. Our unique design has a removable Load Chip that allows you to choose to set up the Cargo Cage to best carry heavy bottles or more bulky but lighter dry bags. Three sizes are available and you can pair these with our Cargo Straps for the best fit.

Large Cargo Cage

AP Mount

The AP Mount is designed to fit underneath your AP20 Trunk Top bag or AeroPack and provide additional load carrying when used with our Cargo Straps. It allows bottles or bags to be carried directly or enables the attachment of a cargo or bottle cage for more specialised storage.

Third-Party Pannier Adapters

Screw the Third-Party Pannier Adapters into any X Series Tailfin rack or AeroPack with pannier mounts and they enable the use of other pannier brands with your Tailfin rack. They have a diameter of 10mm so we recommend the use of appropriate pannier inserts. Be aware that this item is not compatible with the original T1 Rack.

Light Mounts

Two different light mounts are available to allow the fitting of specific rear lights to the AP20 Trunk Top bag and AeroPack systems. You can opt for either fixed mounting or a seat post mimic to enable the fitting of most models of rear light. Also note that the AP20 Trunk Top bag and AeroPack have rear light attachment points for rear lights with clips.

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