Carbon fibre pannier racks and waterproof bike bags

Beautiful, lightweight, and quick release. For the ultimate ride.

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Working together in perfect harmony

A rack and bag designed to work as an integrated system - for a smooth and seamless ride. 

Finally - a rack that's as fast as you

The world's first carbon rack lets you carry your belongings fast, without compromise.

"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 4.5/5"

Reviewed Feb 2018
Jez Ash

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Fit the rack in 16 seconds


Fit the bag in 12 seconds



Overall customer rating

"I own a carbon road bike and riding with the Tailfin T1 is almost unreal..."

Reviewed on 05 June 2017
Darren Martie

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Flawless compatibility with any bike - even carbon

Touring, hybrid, cyclocross or road bikes.
No rack mounts? No problem.

Travel and arrive in impeccable style

Look great, commute quicker, and lose the rucksack sweat.