Tailfin In 2019

Tailfin in 2019 – Designing the New Range

2019 was an intense year for Tailfin as we engineered and developed a complete new product range. Learn about some of the details of the range and recent successes.


The Ultimate Gravel Bike Build

Gravel riding has taken the world by storm, and for good reason – what could be better than a muddy ride through bridleways and gravel trails. No cars. A clear path ahead. Unchartered territory.

At Tailfin, we wanted to take our engineering passion and challenge ourselves to put together the world’s best adventure bike. A dream gravel rig that can go anywhere, do anything and leave you smiling ear to ear.

A day in the peak district

A change of scenery is needed every now and again, and having somewhat exhausted photo opportunities in our local area we decided to head up north for a day out in the breath taking Peak district National Park.

Conquer the Winter Commute: Tailfin’s tips, tricks and insights.

The slog of the winter commute is here again, right on your doorstep, and it can feel like a truly daunting task as you look out the window every morning. More often than not, we are met with the unenviable sight of strong sideways winds, heavy downpours or worse still, solid frost across the driveway. These conditions can make the car a hugely alluring prospect with climate control, heated seats and no need for multiple high-vis layers. Features that sadly […]

TCRNo6: Ben takes the AeroPack to a top 10 finish

This year, our ambassador Ben Davies, finished the Transcontinental Race (TCRNo6) in an incredible 10th place, out of a starting field of 254. We asked him about his experience and how he got on with a pre-production prototype of the AeroPack, our new seatpack killer. The most important question. Did you enjoy it? I loved it! Any opportunity to be on my bike for a sustained period, ride some incredible roads and cross a number of countries is a good […]

Testing the AeroPack on the west coast of Ireland

Summer is the season for long-distance cycling: the days stretch out and miles ridden claim their hours. Ultra-endurance races are taking place around the globe. I’ve escaped the concrete of my city home with my partner – Joe, and my road bike Genny. We’re heading for a mini-adventure in the lush green expanses of south west Ireland – home to the TransAtlantic Way race. Tailfin has joined the many brands trying to answer the question of how to make bikepacking […]

Becoming an Ultra-Endurance Racer

What does it take to ride an endurance bike race? We spoke to Ben Davies, long distance bike racer and tourer and Tailfin ambassador, before he headed off to TCRNo6 earlier this year. What’s your favourite bike that you’ve ever owned and why? The bike that I am most attached to is definitely nothing fancy! My Trek 520 touring bike has been all over the world with me, with my latest adventure on it being a 15,000 mile, six-month solo tour from […]

The Best Thing About Tailfin? It’s Not What You Think

The headlines are wrong You’ve read the headlines.  Super light. Carbon. Fits any bike on the road, and quick-release to boot. And yet, believe it or not, these attention-grabbing attributes actually tell you nothing about the Tailfin set-up’s most unique benefit.  That’s because the real, key attribute of our rack and bags, the USP (Unique Selling Point) that puts it out in front of all our competitors, is one you will only ever experience first-hand riding with it yourself. That […]

Built to Last – Trigger’s Broom and Other Stories

In one famous scene of the classic British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, the slightly slow, ‘village idiot’ character Trigger receives an award from the cash-strapped council for his outstanding thriftiness. After 20 years as a janitor, Trigger claims to be using the very same broom as the day he started. The only caveat, as Trigger proudly boasts, is that “this old broom’s had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.” The well-read amongst you might recognise Trigger’s Broom […]