Light Mount (Fixed) – AeroPack/AP20


The accessory made for AeroPack (carbon or alloy), and all AP20 Trunk Top Bag purchases. This light mount allows you to mount a fixed light directly to the top bag, and stay more visible. The slots use 50mm hole spacing for M5 screws. The central holes is 8.7mm in diameter and will allow wiring from dynamo lights to pass through – e.g. SON

Click here for the seat post mimic fitting.

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Light weight stiff and easy to use

I have the AeroPack Carbon. I got it for credit card touring or minimal bike packing, but I mostly use it on my commute. It comes on and off the bike easy and carries all I need for a day at work with room to spare. It is light weight and sturdy, and the cargo doesn’t sway at all. My one complaint is the color. A brighter colored bag or reflective strips on the side could be helpful riding around the city.

Solves a real space problem for folks with additional tech.

Love my Tailfin…both panniers and trunk bag but really had a space problem for mounting Varia and Cycliq devices when I mount the trunk (as they normally live on my seat post).

Adding this simple yet sturdy light mount and combining with dual Garmin Varia Cycliq Fly6 mount from Shapeways has allowed me to move those devices to the trunk when I use them there and put them back on my seat post when I am not.

Mounting was a simple - simple insure alignment between the holes in the bag and internal frame.

Light mount (fixed)

Bracket is well made but I found mounting a little hard. The holes on the bracket to mount to the bag were probably short by about 3-5mm. Had to stretch and manoeuvre the bracket a bit but have had no issues since installing.

Hi Tom, thanks for completing this review for us - it’s helpful for us to hear when things haven’t gone to plan! I’ve followed up with a separate email to see what happened and what we can do to help. All the best, Dan