Light Mount (Fixed) – AeroPack/AP20


The accessory made for AeroPack (carbon or alloy), and all AP20 Trunk Top Bag purchases. This light mount allows you to mount a fixed light directly to the top bag, and stay more visible. The slots use 50mm hole spacing for M5 screws. The central hole is 8.7mm in diameter and will allow wiring from dynamo lights to pass through – e.g. SON

Click here for the seat post mimic fitting.

This item is available only on pre-order, and will ship out October 28th.

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Customer Reviews

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Jürgen Salecker (Landshut, DE)
Brilliant mechanical Design

It is rare that I like a design like this one so much. It looks very nice, it is relatively easy to install, works as promised (100%), but the best thing is:

It is impossible to remove anything without affecting its function. Hm, can one call this perfect?

A very happy electical engineer!

Just some small hint: "in the next video make sure that the background when you show a part is white, not just a dark shirt, it is very difficult to see the machnical parts in front of a dark background"

Ulrich Ruscher (Pregassona, CH)

Light Mount (Fixed) - AeroPack/AP20

Hi Ulrich, thanks for completing this review for us. I’ve just sent an email to see if there’s anything we can do to improve the product/service in the future. All the best, Dan

John M (Bristol, GB)

The product itself is nicely engineered, mostly.

As others have noted the small rubber bumpers in the quick connectors are prone to falling off so superglue to hand when first setting up.
The bag itself needed to be "coaxed" into the correct position to allow the screws to pass through.
The purchased extra light mount doesn't actually fit without some additional "engineering".
I'd advise adding helicopter tape to the outside face of the arch it you've a carbon one so it's protected against scrapes along walls etc.
The bag itself though is well thought out, totally waterproof and very stable. I've found that using it I carry the same amount as before (in a pannier) but without the bikes' handling being too badly upset.

Now for the real reason for only 3 stars. Customer communications are, I shall be polite here, poor. If, as a company, you have a known issue with an aspect of your business it should not be down to the customer to chase the order. Proactive communications would have been a real blessing and gone a long way to making this a good experiance.

Hi John, thanks for completing this review for us. I can see that there were some delays getting your order out to you and that it was sent six days behind schedule. We were experiencing some issues at our warehouse last month which caused delays to some orders, apologies for the lack of communication here - I’ve sent a separate email to see what we can do to help out. Dan