Tailfin’s pannier racks are completely unique, and a modern take on an age-old accessory. Not only is it the world’s first carbon pannier rack, delivering an incredible strength-to-weight ratio while remaining incredibly light, it is also the only pannier rack for carbon frames available on the market.

By utilising our unique and patented axle-mounting quick release system, the Tailfin racks are compatible with virtually any bike with no need for traditional pannier rack mounts or tools. They can also be mounted directly to the frame.

Specifically designed for endless versatility, the racks are fully compatible with any road, race, gravel, mountain or commuter bike – however you ride, our racks provide flawless performance.

Our racks provide you with two options: choose from the minimalist non-pannier mount version to attach an AP20 Trunk Bag or your own gear to the top stay, or add side pannier bags with the alternative pannier mount rack.