Tailfin Product Guide

Getting to know the Tailfin range of products can take a little time as there are lots of options with subtle differences between models. This guide will help give an overview of how Tailfin products work with your bike and help break down the range to make it easier to select the right product.

Designed to fit almost ANY bike

Our racks and AeroPacks are designed to fit 99% of bikes on the market – whether that’s road, touring, gravel, hardtails or even full-suspension mountain bikes. We do this by offering a variety of ways to mount to your bike, so our racks even fit bikes without rack mounting points:

The perfect system

Traditionally, rack manufacturers make racks and bag manufacturers make bags, which means that all bags have to work with all racks and vice versa.

We do it differently. Our racks and bags are engineered to work together seamlessly for the perfect fit, function and performance, avoiding any rattle, sway or complications that come with other manufacturers’ products.

Rack and AeroPack mounting options

Option 1: Axle mounting – The primary method for mounting our racks to the lower half of your bike is via your axle. Simply remove your existing axle and drop in a Tailfin Axle. This offers the strongest mounting option and works for the majority of bikes – even those without rack mounts. To select the right axle for your bike, please check out our Axle Guide.

Option 2: Frame mounts – Alternatively, you can screw in the Frame Mounts which allow you to retain the use of the Fast Release Dropouts. They ship with two different lengths to accommodate bikes of different rear widths.

Option 3: Rack mounts – Lastly, you can permanently connect the rack to your bicycle rack mounts with the supplied screws and spacers. Each rack ships with these parts as standard. You can adjust the number of spacers and length of screws to accommodate bikes of different rear widths.

Rack and AeroPack seatpost connector

You can’t always guarantee that a bike will have rack mounts, let alone where they might be positioned. However you can always guarantee it will have a seatpost. That’s why we engineered the Seatpost Connector; a strong and secure solution that will fit ANY seatpost in seconds.

X Series vs S Series Racks

Very simply: The X Series products can take three bags (2x Side Panniers + 1x Trunk top bag), whereas the S Series can only take a Trunk top bag.

AeroPack vs AeroPack Trunk

The AeroPack is product family that works with our unique 20 litre, wide-mouthed, top opening, roll top rear pack.

The AeroPack permanently integrates our racks to the pack making it a single, combined unit; we call it ‘The Rigid Seatpack’. It is designed to replace traditional seatpacks or saddle bags that strap to your saddle.

The AeroPack Trunk is a separate bag that can be easily attached and removed from our S and X Series racks.

Comparing products

The easiest way to compare all our products is to click the ‘Shop‘ button on our navigation bar. It takes you to a page that puts each product on a card where you can see the technical information. This is how it looks:

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