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Introduction to the AeroPack

What is the Tailfin AeroPack?

Like a seat pack, only better? The truth is, seat packs suit plenty of people for a variety of reasons, but for us there were always limitations to strapping a bag to your seatpost with velcro. So, we looked at what was out there and smoothed out the inherent and reported issues: swaying on the bike, access to your gear, mounting, abrasion issues, and more, to create a solid, stable, and light accessory.

The AeroPack is a waterproof bag with a rigid base, connected to the seatpost with a clamp and stabilised by connection to the axle or rack mounts of your bike with a rigid Arch.

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AeroPack vs a traditional Seat Pack

Where the AeroPack differs from a standard seat pack is in how it mounts to the bike: a custom-made quick-release skewer or Thru Axle with mounting points form a stable tripod for the AeroPack between the ends of the axle and the seat post. It is this unique set-up that gives the AeroPack its incredible ride performance and a stable platform to support the top-opening bag.

Whilst traditional seat packs offer advantages in weight, they fall short in almost all other areas. The core benefits are as below:

  1. The AeroPack will not rattle or sway behind you – creating a stable, forget-its-there, ride
  2. A top-opening bag ensures easy and fast access to your belongings
  3. Engineered connections won’t damage or rub your frame or seat post (even if it’s carbon)
  4. Optional pannier mounts allow you to add panniers for bigger trips
  5. More pockets give additional storage options
  6. Dropper-post friendly – the Speed Connect seatpost connector requires only 30mm available seatpost

What to choose, how to fit

The four AeroPack options:

Carbon vs Alloy

This is purely down to weight and cost. The Carbon AeroPack is just as strong as the Alloy version (just ask our racers doing 2000+ km off-road MTB races).

The easiest way to decide which is better for you is to weigh up how much you wish to spend on the setup, and how much of a factor weight is to your objectives.

Bigger budget, high weight concerns = carbon
Medium budget, low weight concerns = alloy

The other main difference between Carbon and Alloy AeroPacks is the triple bosses, which are on the Alloy version but not the Carbon. These allow you to run Cargo Cages with Cage Packs or water bottle cages, further expanding your carrying capacity.

Non-Pannier and Pannier-Mount Versions

We also offer a range of pannier bags, specially designed to fit our AeroPacks and Racks, using our X-Clamp technology to offer a secure, robust, and rattle-free ride.

When selecting the options for your AeroPack, you’ll be asked to choose whether or not your Arch will have pannier mounts. It is not possible to add these onto the Arch later, so it’s important to decide now whether you’re going to want to use side panniers with your Tailfin setup in the future. The non-pannier version of the Arch is the sleekest and slimmest version, whilst the pannier-mount version allows you to carry more, using pannier bags.

Standard or Extended seatpost connector?

If you use a small frame size or a low saddle height, we’d recommend using the extended seatpost connector as this allows the AeroPack to sit further back, allowing better access to the bag and volume-carrying capability.

The extended seatpost connector can be selected when choosing the options for your AeroPack. Due to the modular design of our systems, you can always add this later by purchasing it as an accessory.

Why choose an AeroPack over a Rack?

For an in-depth look at this question, visit our ‘Rack or AeroPack – which one is right for me?’ article.

If you want the simple answer, it can be summed up well as this: If you plan to take your bikepacking off-road a lot of the time, we would recommend an AeroPack, as it’s the most simple of our rear systems. It has a less intricate mounting system than a Tailfin Rack and AP20 Trunk Top Bag combo which makes it lighter and provides complete reliance when off-road. As an additional benefit, as the bag is an integral part of the structure, noise, and rattle are eliminated when really pushing the boundaries of where you can explore.

If weight is also a high concern for you, for instance, if you plan on undertaking an ultra-distance race, want to do some fast touring on your road bike, or simply want the lightest Tailfin setup we produce then you need to go for an AeroPack – it’s nearly 150 grams lighter than the equivalent Tailfin Rack.

aeropack and rack side by side

Check out the Complete Guide to Racks here.

Fitting to your bike

Our AeroPacks are designed to fit 99% of bikes on the market – whether that’s road, touring, gravel, hardtails, or even full-suspension mountain bikes.

We do this by offering a variety of ways to mount to your bike, so our systems even fit bikes without rack mounting points:

For a more detailed explanation of mounting options for your bike read our Mounting Your Rack or AeroPack Guide.

Whilst all mounting options will work well, we would always recommend Axle Mounting (Option 1) as it provides the most robust and weight-bearing mount. If you’re unsure on your axle type, use our handy tool here.


A unique feature of Tailfin products is modularity. Components have been designed to be replaceable and can be swapped over. So if you purchase an Alloy AeroPack and panniers for your commuting and then want to save weight for an upcoming ultra-distance road race, it’s possible to buy a Carbon Arch on its own and swap it over in a matter of minutes, ready for the start line. 

Alternatively, if you wanted to swap your AeroPack out to become a Rack, you can do so by purchasing a Top Stay and AP20 Connector Part, then simply remove your AeroPack connector parts, and now you have 2 separate set-ups to choose from.

Repairability and other details


The other distinct advantage of being completely modular is that damage to one part of the system doesn’t mean the end of your AeroPack, as each component can be replaced easily. Our AeroPacks are guaranteed for 5 years for equipment failures/defects, but in theory, they should last a lifetime of use.

All individual parts for AeroPack systems can be found and purchased in the Accessories and Spares section of the website.

Which accessories can I use with a Tailfin AeroPack?

Cargo Cage – Helping you to carry an extra load on your bikepacking trip safely and securely. Cargo cages can be fitted to Alloy Racks with triple bosses and can be bought with Cage Packs.
Light Mounts – Allowing you to attach lights directly to the bag and stay more visible.
AP Mount – CNC machined aluminium mount for the rear of the bag allowing for the attachment of an extra cargo or bottle cage.

Further information

For another deep dive into the AeroPack, check out Cass Gilbert’s in-depth review on

If you can’t find what you need here, you can always contact our friendly Customer Service team.

AeroPack FAQs

The AeroPack is an integrated seat pack, meaning that the top bag and arch are connected together. With the Tailfin Racks, the top bag is detachable. For some riders this is an important difference, for others, it is not. The AeroPack is lighter for the weight-conscious rider and has a more simplistic design – which is sometimes preferential on longer trips. For more info, read this.

Yes, an AeroPack order will include the Top Bag, Arch and relevant connector parts. The bag and arch connect together to form one integrated product. See our AeroPack assembly guide here.

Both alloy and carbon racks have been tested to the same standards and are capable of carrying a maximum of 27kg. The carbon-fibre AeroPack has been designed to be strong, and we have historically seen close-to-zero failures due to impact. The main differences between the Alloy and Carbon versions of the AeroPack are weight, price, and aesthetics.

The pack itself has loops made for certain clip-on lights. We also offer seatpost mounted light mounts, and regular rack mounted light mounts, which affixes to the AeroPack to allow you to mount your rear light directly to the pack.

Yes, the AeroPack can carry up to a 13″ laptop, with the only limiting factor being the amount of available seatpost space. If your saddle is low then you will have less space available to fit the laptop and in this case, it may be best to use a side pannier instead. You can pack it vertically (providing there is space as mentioned), or horizontally. If packing vertically you’ll want some items on either side of the laptop to keep it stable over any rough terrain.

This depends on the type of riding you’re doing now and your plans for the future. If the majority of your trips are short overnighters then you probably won’t need side panniers, likewise if you’re riding mainly singletrack. If you’re planning some big adventures or want the option to carry up to 27kg in the future, then we recommend the pannier mounted model as you can attach Tailfin Panniers to increase capacity. With our Pannier Adaptors, you can also carry other brands of panniers.

If you can’t find what you need here, you can always contact our friendly Customer Service team.

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