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Best thing I could find for my carbon road bike

I wanted a light road bike but still needed to commute to work. Having serious back injuries, carrying my laptop and work clothes wasn't a permanent solution. I have looked everywhere till I came across this company who made my life a lot easier.
- only company who produce this type of rack for road bikes
- easy to install and extremely light
- delivery took a lot longer than expected
- it's very expensive. Although the previous model they had was a lot cheaper which I couldn't find, so ended up paying more than double for this new rack which I love but cost £300 just for the rack
- bag was ripped off after a year usage (although we cycled Camino with it!), so have seen proper usage!

Overall I suggest and support tailfin. I think the "cons" I mentioned is challenges with small new companies and their product is great

I would recommend to a friend

I bought the X1 Rack with 2 SL Panniers. The look is very clean, which I love. The design is phenomenal: couldn’t be simpler, yet it is efficient. The rack is very sturdy and stable, and can be put on and removed in a matter of seconds. I use a kickstand with a 4mm thick ring that is attached to the rear thru-axle of my TREK Domane, and was worried that would cause some problem with installing properly the X1. Not at all: the rack comes with a set of spacers that are used to center it, and set-up was flawless. The panniers are also very well designed. They clip on and off in seconds and they too are very stable. And they are watertight. In a nutshell, the whole thing works, and looks, great! I would also like to point out that, before the new and improved website, James answered all my questions with remarkable patience. Thank you, sir. Bottom line: the system is expensive, but the best usually is, because you pay for what you get. Happy Trails.

travel smart

The AeroPack Carbon X it is another world to travel several days by bicycle. excellent aerodynamics, always with everything at hand. ideal for those who like to travel minimalist. with an optimum load capacity. and the bike maintains its behavior as if it doesn't carry anything. I strongly recommend

I used only 1 time the Equipment. The rack and bags are very easy to fit and remove. No swinging while riding, it's very Pleasant; I forgot that i had a bag behind my seatpost. I dreamed of it, Tailfin has done it.

Amazing tool for more than just instagram adventures

My tailfin is the X Two with carbon arches and the alloy top. Additionally I got a ultra durable Panier Bag. I am using the Rack on a Salsa Cutthroat V1 with a Frame Size S.

Assembly was very easy with the provided videos and also written documentation. Usage is the same. I use the rack daily for my commutes including the Panier where all my stuff incl. some food fit in. The Panier itself has a great durable feel to it. Apart from commuting I also use the setup for my weekly (big) shops including a backpack as the pannier isn’t enough. So far I carried even over 8kg and there was no problem what so ever although you can feel the sway a little bit of course. What I can fully confirm is that the bag itself is extremely stiff and very tight on the rack. Almost no movement. I experienced different with normal pannier/rack setups.

Apart from commutes I take the rack off for some simple rides where I don’t need the space or I am going more off road. This is where the rack shines as well. It is literally removed in under 10 seconds. I am planning some big trips this year and will try to fit an ortlieb atrack on top of the rack as this is a more flexible setup for me than the trunk, in case it doesn't work I would get the trunk additionally.

There are only 2 negatives I have to mention.
First one being the stickers which arer protecting the arch from the panier hook. Mine came off after a couple of rides. First I though my Pannier is seutp wrong but it is correct and the rubbing is still enough to take the sticker off. I fixed that simply with some tape, maybe worth a re-design or different material here!?
Second one is the top arch. It would be great if it has a bit of a different setup, additional deviders or something as I use it also to transport stuff on top and with my voile straps it doesn’t work always properly. This is a very pecific issue and I can also see that keeping it how it is now the weight is reduced so it si something I can live with.



Great bit of kit and queries quickly dealt with. Highly recommend.

Aero, light, waterproof, stiff, practical... what else?

Some would consider that bikepacking is not a sport, but a mindset... Some others like me, approach it on the sporty side of things. No exclusion here, no segregation, since every motivation is a good one. I have found with the earo[ack probably the most efficient transportation piece of gear that exist on this emerging market. Light, stiff, roomy, practical, and aero ! I rode a couple of ultra last year with it and I don’t regret this choice. This is the only pack that enabled me to ride my bike as it was “naked”. And the proof is the maximum speed I achieved with the aero pack loaded. 92km/h on the downhill of the col du Grand Saint Bernard!
Thanks Tailfin, and keep the great work and great “thinking out of the box” going on!

Excellent quality

Excellent quality product. You can recognize the quality from a lot of small details.
The only drawback is the price, a bit expensive

Great rack

I'm amazed by the simplicity of this rack and how quickly you can pop it on or off. Takes a little bit of digging to figure out the thru axle you need, but once it's on, it's a snap. Made it so I can use one bike for commuting and group rides since it comes off so quickly.

Can see the time to have a serious bike ride to test my Aeropack!

I find the Aeropack very nice and it fits nicely on my bike, unfortunately I received it after PBP so I didn't have the chance to use it there, I am waiting for this year for big rides over 300km to use it and I have just made my subscription to the 1001 miglia, so there I think I will have full opinion of the use!!

Love at first sight

When I first saw the Tailfin AeroPack trunk I knew I had to have it. The set up performs exactly as advertised and as you'd expect. It works great on my road bike and my Salsa Fargo. Its easy to use and you don't even know its back there when riding. I plan to purchase the SeatPost Extender this season to push the back away from the seat in order to give me more room in the bag. I'm really happy with it, its a great product made by a great team at Tailfin

Tailfin Rack for Specialized 29’er Expert

I helped a friend with outfitting his new Specialized Expert 29’er with a rack system. The bike was carbon and so the only conventional way was a seat clamp rack, which was not adequate. I found the Tailfin system on the web and decided to give it a try. The rack proved to be well-built and easy to install with the supply through axles. I also purchased the saddlebags which worked well but are a bit small. We had one problem with one of the screws coming loose on the bag but we were able to find a replacement screw. Be sure to check all the screws on the saddle bag before the mountain. Overall a very good product and nice innovation. I would like to have slightly larger saddlebags with more capacity.

Innovation and Engineering Excellence

Thank you Tailfin for a brilliant product. The recently developed aeropack system brushes away most of the doubts about racks and panniers systems in terms of will it fit, but I have many bikes, what if I need more capacity... all questions are answered and more with this system.
Very easy to install, and apart from climbing you'll forget it's even there on your bike. It's been a great addition to my work commute and avoids having to take a rucksack, far more comfortable to work and with increased capacity if I need it. Thanks again Tailfin.

Brilliant product..some minor improvements could be done..

After switching to the rigid seat pack from the trunk bag ..worked better for my frame it ..its easy quick and convenient to switch between rack rack ..side bag etc..but one minor annoyance is that the lower latches clog up and become difficult to open with the effect of gravity..maybe a small spring behind to assist them opening..

Very good but a few small issues

I have the carbon/alloy rack with detachable pack. The quality of the build is excellent throughout. Mainly because I've been off the road for a while (mix of time/weather/knee injury), this has been attached to my wife's Whyte Gisburn gravel bike for commuting. So these are a few points she has made.
1. Weight - brilliant. Far lighter than her previous rack arrangement; she hardly knows its there.
2. Size of pack - just about right (she carries loads of towels being a therapist). Could be a bit bigger, but..
3. Height of pack when loaded - possibly due to the angles of a smaller gravel bike, but when full the pack is rammed right up against the underside of her saddle, in fact, you can't really have the pack full because of this. A longer connector from the seat post to the rack itself would move things back a touch and remove the issue.
4. The phone 'pocket' - too small for a 21st Century smartphone in a case.

So, a couple of minor niggles but overall the system is great and I think I'm going to have problems getting it back once I'm back cycling.

My Best Buy of 2019

Bought the Tailfin Aeroback S back in September. Wanted something to take the weight of my rucksack off my back for commuting, but also for longer gravel rides and mountain bike routes.
I bought 3 skewers for road, cx bike and mountain bike. Seemed expensive getting all 3 but I think its been worth it. Its a really elegant fitting system and makes life super simple lifting the bag off and reverting to a normal no pannier bike for normal riding.
I do a bunch of varied riding, South Downs Way and routes like that pretty regularly, or gravel events like Dirty Reiver or Dorset Gravel Dash. I’d had an Apidura tail bag but found it swings all over the place on twisty trails and rough ground.

Tailfin is just brilliant. Couldn’t be much lighter (I think it weighs less than the Rapha ruck sack I use on my commute!)
Since September I’ve done a bunch of stuff. La Resistance gravel ride in Annecy, 2 or 3 Audax rides, plus a bunch of commuting. Its been excellent. I commute off road whenever possible, and whilst its not that rough it has a few technical bumpy spots, over roots and banks etc.
Just forget its on the back and handling is fine.
Also like the side pocket and access point. Getting stuff out without having to unclip the top is great, especially if you just want to stash a layer quickly or get out a rain jacket in a hurry.

Build seems really solid and long lasting. It also does effective job as a rear mud guard (more of an ass saver really), but nice to have a dry bum and back.

Aesthetically its a really elegant piece of kit - streamlined and minimal, and doesn’t feel like you’ve got a lump of aluminium and lumpy panniers on the back.
I’ve probably had 2-3 kilos max and it handled as well as can be expected with that weight over rear wheel. Most importantly that weight says fixed so you can adjust to the weight and expect the bike to behave consistently even on rough twisty ground.

Overall I don’t have any complaints of negative feedback. It...

Best Bike bag EVER!

I bought the original version of the Aeropack (carbon frame with built in bag). 

I’ve used  various rear bike bags and frames with panniers for touring and bikepacking and whilst they have all served their purpose, it’s always been impossible to find a that one bag that Is lightweight, virtually 100% rigid, low-center of gravity on the bike, carries small/large loads, easy to store and retrieve goods, waterproof, made from highly durable material, frame design is super aero whilst bag sits out of the wind behind your legs and butt, the frame mounts and demounts from the bike in less than 30sec tops, it’s has illuminating strips on the back of the bag for night riding. I’ve mounted my exposure light to the inside of the one frame leg and it fits perfectly (that was just pot-luck I think as Tailfin are design a rear light bracket for mounting lights.

I can honestly say that it is the best bike accessory that I have ever purchased and is worth every cent. I have a few fotos on my Instagram account @edmondmenzies where you can see the setup on my LOOK gravel bike. 

Edmond Menzies

S-Series Rack on Factor S2 race bike

Awsome product, very stylish and super stable. Looking forward to the first ride

Brilliant product & lovely people

I was lucky enough to get my Aeropack S in time for a 10 day trip that saw Wales throw everything but the kitchen sink at us. Despite howling winds & day-long rain it remained watertight, the only one of my "waterproof" bags that can make that claim.
It doesn't suffer from any of the tail wag that I'd learned to live with in my old saddle bag so getting out of the saddle on climbs is no issue, and the mounting system is simplicity itself even when caked in mud and operated with cold-numbed fingers. This is now my go-to kit for every bikepacking adventure. And if that wasn't enough, the support team at Tailfin are a super friendly bunch, even with idiots who should read the instructions first 🙂


Bought it for an ultracycling event and it worked out fantastic. Absolutely wathertight, easily accessible and the bag could be mounted/demounted in 2secs. Nevertheless I wish for a longer strap for adhering the rack to the seatpost but heard it would be available soon - then it would be absolutely perfect 🙂

Best rack ever!

I use it everyday for work and this rack tick all the boxes! Easy to assemble and quick installation; love the way the rack looks on the bike and mostly importantly bags are super secure no bounce or wobble at all.

S Series | Rack & Bag Sets

Awesome product

Purchased the Aero Pack Carbon S. A truly awesome product. I did only one test ride, but I am really enthusiastic. It’s very stable. You don’t even notice that you have something at the back of your bike, even when climbing. I look forward to use the Aeropack during my bikepacking trips.

Love my Tailfin

Tailfin is exactly what I was looking for to carry my stuff efficiently and stylishly on my bike

Great Product

I've got my Aeropack Carbon around 6 months ago, and I'm loving it. Work as expected, very stable and good quality. You don't even feel you're carrying something in the back. Customer service was also very helpful when I had questions/requests.
Only thing I could suggest, is to have the extended seatpost connector as optional while configuring your order, so you don't have to spend an additional 20 EUR to swap it if you already know the stock connector is too short.