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AeroPack Alloy X

The AeroPack with extended SeatPost Connector fits my bike and my needs perfectly. The volume of the bag and the stability of the binding are excellent.

Love my rack

I had been searching for a rack solution for my older road bike and my new gravel bike that did not have a seat collar mount for a traditional rack system. The Tailfin rack works great and easily shifts from bike to bike. I have used the racks with bags on a three day credit card camping ride and I can take all the gear for me and my wife on my bike. With the videos it was easy to assemble. My only negative was that it took longer than it expected to reach my but I found out that was due to slowdowns in the USPS not the time in the UK. If you need it for a tour give yourself a good month to get it.

Tailfin Carbon Seatpost/Quick release attachment.

Have been using my Tailfin rack for several months. Have set up for my Gravel bike with disc brakes and road bike with rim brakes so have quick release for each bike and just keep them in place. The rack assembly went well using videos. The frame is very stable and rigid when mounted. Have carried 25 bags of bulky dog food strapped down with Velcro 15 miles and rack was brick sturdy. Riding in rain commuting has gone well. No leaks. Works well as a rear fender! Beautiful workmanship on carbon and components seat post clamp so far very sturdy and easy to use. Personally I would like the mounted cargo bag to be of a more flexible material- when cold or just seems difficult to conform the way I want it to under seat etc. very fine product. Thank you. I ride 11-12 thousands miles a year and have ridden bikes for over 70 years so have had lots of bikes and gear. Always looking for good products and ideas like this one. You all be safe,well and warm. We just had a 120 year winter event here in Texas,USA!! Alan.

Works smoothly with Garmin Varia

I bought this mount for my new Garmin Varia radar. Using a standard Garmin adapter (same you use on handlebars) and two rubber bands (again, standard Garmin) it fits perfectly. Highly recommended

Beautiful and functional

I purchased the smaller cages for fork mounts and the larger one for my down tube. The larger one fit perfectly. For the smaller cages on my 2017 Kona Rove ST, the hole spacing was a little off and I had to use the slot on the Tailfin cage that was intended for the small bottom bracket insertion to attach it to my bike. This means I can’t install the bottom support for carrying heavier items. However, my 4.5L fork bags are taller anyway, so I would not have been using the Tailfin cages with the bottom support bracket installed. I am currently riding 1,500 miles across a part of the US with the cages and I’m happy with my purchase.

I am happy after the first ride - it holds well and you do not feel at all you have a bag. Installing it takes only a few seconds

Light and well engineered

I was given a tailfin as a gift - by a mate who knew I really wanted one - and I was not disappointed. It is obvious that a lot of thought has been put into the design and it is well engineered. Fitting couldn’t have been easier. More an observation than criticism but as I have a larger frame, the top of the rack slopes down at a significant angle. An extended connector, similar to those for the rigid packs would allow for attachment lower down on the frame rather than the seatpost - which I see from the website is on the cards at some stage.

5 star design and concept, 4 star production quality

It is very comfortable to ride with a tailfin and is it extremely easy and fast to mount and dismount it. However, with my carbon arch the rubber bushings of the clamp came off as they were not glued on properly. So two bushings got lost. The tailfin team helped immediately, though after being shipped the parts got stock in the Brexit customs buerocracy the carrier wasn't able to cope with.
Now an extremely happy tailfin rider.



Top contacts and feedbacks.

Josh bicycle

Only problem was not being able to track

Super super nice

I have tried quite a few setups, when it comes to bike packing, and can honestly say that Tailfin X series is, in opinion the Best. Super built, nice looking, and stayes in place when biking. And this comes together with a super service. What not to like.

X Series Pannier Rack - OLD


Looks good and feels great on the bike. Solid as rock!!

Tailfins for Extra Small and Large Frame Bikes – great solutions for Bikepacking and gravel riding

We wanted to do a bit of bike packing but were unable to find a seat bag and suitable triangle bags that would fit my wife’s XS frame due to insufficient seat to wheel clearance and small dimensions of the inner triangle on her frame.

We already had Topeak rear pannier racks and Ortlieb panniers but we wanted options for not using panniers where possible largely for gravel rides. It was just at this time we came across a YouTube Video by ‘Type 2 Twins’ in which one of pair’s solution to the same problem was a Tailfin rack and trunk bag.
In consultation with Dan (at Tailfin) we decided to purchase an alloy Aero X Pack (X THREE) and AeroPack Trunk Bag for my L frame bike and an Aeropack Alloy X Rigid Seat Pack for my wife’s XS frame bike. On Dan’s advice we got the AeroPack Extended SeatPost Connector for my wife’s set. We also purchased two AeroPack Trunk Bag Light Mounts and 2 sets of Third-Party Pannier Adaptors to enable our existing panniers to be fitted as we needed. We opted for the frame mount adapter option for both racks as we have screw holes for rack mounting on our frames.

We have now used out Tailfins on several gravel rides in the North Island of New Zealand. They have been rock solid despite the terrain being quite bumpy to say the least. We experienced no wobble at all when loaded. Using a home-made adapter plate attached to the Light Mount Adapter we were able to mount our Garmin Varia rear radar and Cycliq rear camera set ups. We have found that fitting our Tailfins to our bikes has been a breeze. I have found my Tailfin so convenient that I now leave it one all the time in place of a normal seat bag and this has allowed me to take extra items on group rides that I normally would not have taken in the past. You just do not notice its even there.

I am really happy with my Tailfin. For my wife it was even better since it was the only solution we found that would work on her XS frame bike and it really does work. Given her small stature she really notices wobbles and weight imbalance but she has been really happy with her Tailfin set up – like me she just does not even notice it there.

We are both really happy with our purchase and the communications we had with Tailfin (especially with Dan). Given the exchange rate between GBP and NZD Tailfins are not cheap to buy here. However, we have absolutely no regrets at all in purchasing them and definitely recommend them.

Tailfin Cargo Cage (large)

I've been bikepacking with my wife around the world for 6 of the past 8 years using both King Cage Manything and Blackburn Outpost options. The Tailfin, only used thus far in anger on overnights, is much more discrete, equally well made, with a higher finish quailty than either of the above. Dispite its slender profile, it also seems able to carry similarly sized loads, especially if the load is rigid: a large, soft shaped load (Like my wife's trainers) may be better served by the larger dimenions of the other options. I've used bees wax to seal the threads of the dimunitive, removable bolt for the bottom support - you don't want to lose that on a journey. The slender profile also means it is less likely to be damaged if transporting your bike by vehicle or even train. Overall, I will certainly be using at least one on my next journey, and dependent on my loads, possibly two. I certainly consider it the top choice for a discrete, stylish option on shorter trips, or a gravel style bike. I requested a product exchange with Tailfin which was handled promptly and personally, something I ceratinly appreciated. Recommended product and company. Diesel.

Elegant Engineering

Not fully used in gusto yet thanks to lockdown but the cages are well engineering, easy to fit and I am sure will be fantastic for bikepacking adventures in the future

Well thought out design

This cage is great, I have owned quite a few anything style cages over the years and this one is so functional and the removable foot is nice for not snagging sticks when empty. I ordered just one to check out, I plan to get another small and 1 tall/large for my down tube to mount my 64oz bottle. Thank you again for making these!

Tailfin product review

Fab utility racks, bought for carbon forks of my fairlight secan. Great new company, innovative and well made products. Can’t fault A++++

Cargo Cage
customer service at its best

awesome attention and replies from the tailfin team. a quick and appropriate refund was made due to some currency error that cause additional tax charged. upon alerting them they swiftly replied and refunded accordingly.
similarly the cargo cage are as awesome as the good folks at tailfin. love the product. sleek not too “in your face” or getting in the way when mounted on down tube.

Cargo Cages

Purchased two of the small cargo cages as an addition to the aluminium Aeropack S. Super sleek design and various mounting options. Used with voile straps for lots of flexibility, mounting tents/cooker/extra water. Lovely bit of kit to make adventures easy to adapt and carry.

Tailfin Rack and fork mounts

Besides being designed to function perfectly for the task intended Tailfin products are as minimalist as needed.
There are no unnecessary add ons, features or weight.
Highly recommended and for me personally solved the deficiencies I saw in other systems.
Buy them!!!

Bottle mount

I had modified a bottle carrier, for bike packing, that mounted underneath the down tube near the bottom bracket but, I was not happy that it would be robust enough when carrying a litre of water. Then I saw on Pinkbike the Tailfin carrier, I visited the Tailfin website and having studied the detail bought one on line. Delivery was pretty quick and the product excellent. As an engineer Iand would not like to have machined it! It is now mounted on the bike and carries a litre bottle very securily. Simplicity with the packaging, instructions altogether a 5* product.

Like it more than I expected!

As someone who has a couple pairs of triple mount cargo cages, I was skeptical these could improve on the design.
I was wrong!
Having the weight a bit lower on the fork legs is a welcome change. And the slots being perfectly sized to Voile straps is a nice touch. Would recommend to anyone looking for a minimal cargo cage for dry bags like the RoadRunner Buoy Bag.

AeroPack Aluminium - well worth it

I've been using the aeropack for around four months now and I can safely say that I would not hesitate to purchase it again! I use it partly for commuting but am also hoping to make some more use of it for longer, adventure rides once I am able to get away again. I've had no problems with quality or waterproofing - it's held up well. I really appreciate how quickly i can remove or attach the pack to my bike - I like the pack to be there for my commute, but not for my Saturday rides! It is actually as easy to remove and attach as it reports. Most of all I appreciate how little it appears to impact on the quality of the ride, its barely noticeable. I did get an extender for the attachment to the seat post - i'm short. I made the decision to do so based on the information on the website abut the space required beneath the seat. It was worth doing.
I hope this review is helpful.

Great products

I have the tailfin X series rack and UD panniers. Not really used them for touring yet because of lockdown but they seem perfect. Really well engineered and no movement at all. I would defo recommend them - they are expensive but worth the money I would say as long as they last - I can see no reason why they won’t.