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Great Huckepack

Hi Nick We are thrilled, have just made a 5 day tour around Mont Blanc. My husband had put the whole Tailfin on the racing bike. Super easy handling and light even at 436 km and 8226 meters in altitude in 5 days. Each of us had a side pocket with the essentials and in the top pocket we had rain protection and some food. Some people were interested in watching this, we did a lot of advertising and introduced you.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Alan Price (Telford, GB)
Great panniers and rack system.

I hadn’t ridden with panniers for nearly 30 years, but still remembered the rattles of my previous set up. The Tailfin system was easy to fit to my Genesis Croix de fer, with Frame mountings. The panniers fit easily and a lever locks them securely in place. First long ride with the system went well. The system coped with the rough sections of NCN 81 over the Welsh hills and pleasantly no rattles. Only negative would be the cost of the rack. Panniers are comparable to other brands.

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Robert W. (Berlin, DE)
Great Ideas, great Rack, great Service and Support

I have ordered for the X Series Pannier Rack setup consisting of the X THREE rack, X Rack Alloy, Top Stay Alloy with Axle + Fast-Release Dropoutsmy Bergamont Elite Gravel bike. The thru-axle is of great quality as well as the other parts. I had some minor issues with the fast-release dropouts, but the Tailfin support solved them immediately by sending new ones. Great! Thanks for that!

Furthermore, I have ordered in the same order one Ultra Durable Pannier. The mounting mechanism to the rack is an outstanding idea! Best on the market! The inside pocket is also great, I really like it!
However, there are some things that I don't like about the pannier. In my opinion, it could be a bit larger in volume and the material attracts dust magnetically. Furthermore, the closing mechanism reduces the inner volume more than other panniers from other competitors. I like the one strap closing mechanism more than Tailfins side two straps. But yeah, maybe I am just used to my 25-year-old panniers from a well-known competitor.

However, I ordered new parts such as the Third-Party Pannier Adaptors and
AP20 Trunk Top Bag from Tailfin cause I really like their quality, the idea and the support service.

Thanks to Tailfin I ride my gravel 300-360 km a week to work place.

AeroPack Alloy
Rafał (Częstochowa, PL)
Almost perfect

I had no problem with Tailifin product except only one thing. The bag opened on bumps with high speed, but I have fixed the issue, just connected both strips on the top of bag.
Bag has satisfying capacity. During rain a content is still dry. And finally the big plus for top opening.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Alexandra Knöfel (Glauchau, DE)
tailfin Rack & side bags and best customer service

Everything came fast and was very good quality. Even if we had a small problem, the customer service was on point. We got help fast and very competent. We are very satisfied with everything and will buy there again. The design is one of a kind and very easy to install.

AeroPack Alloy
Sheila Robinson (Tring, GB)
Solid as a rock but light as a feather

Easy to build from the box, looks so elegant and well engineered. After first couple of uses was able to fit/remove very quickly. After reading other reviews I superglued the rubber inserts in and they seem secure. In use it’s so easy to pack with loads of room, easy access and the side zip makes it easy to expel all the air to give a neater bag when only half full. On the road and off road it just felt part of the bike and the was no rattle or sway at all. It also attracted many envious looks and comments from all the riders in my group. Even though I have a large frame and high saddle I went for the extension to give me more room. All in all it’s a brilliant piece of kit.

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Martin Stattin (Vienna, AT)
The ultimate bikepacking combo for gravel

If you have a gravel bike without the comfort of endless holes and screws on your frame, tailfin is your way to go for a lot of luggage! I love the versatility to go lighter with just the trunk top bag or heavier with the ultradurable (and that is what they are) side bags. They are perfeclty shaped and can be easily integrated into every bike frame you can imagine. I used the alloy racks on my old SC Stigmata frame, my SC Hightower and my girlfriend‘s gravel frame…it is mounted and disabled within seconds (assuming the axis is preinstalled) and so are the bags. Both thumbs up for Nick and his products - very innovative!

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
roger smith (Jackson, US)
Durable, exactly what I was looking for

Durable and totally functional AeroPack and panniers. After a season of both mountain and desert bikepacking with this system, it’s exceeded my every expectation of ease of packing, is a truly stable system on the bike through all terrain, and I can attest it’s a truly durable system.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Tim Meunier (Bristol, GB)
Tailfin rack and lightweight bags

Fantastic design and excellent service - thank you!

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
daniele T. (Rome, IT)

Borsa ultraleggera e resistente con una stabilità sul portapacchi sbalorditiva.
La qualità si paga, ma è anche vero che risolve un sacco di problemi offrendo una funzionalità che va largamente oltre ogni prodotto simile in commercio.

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
John Lindsley (Santa Clara, US)

I have the removal bag and so the extender is useless. Because I ride a 48cc frame, I can use only about 40% of its capacity. I solution to that problem would make a very expensive bag actually functional.

Hi John, thanks for completing a review for us. Sorry to hear about this problem - I’ve followed up with a separate email outlining how to return this part for a refund and also some information regarding the equivalent product for the racks that is currently in development. Kind regards, Dan

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Falk L. (Erfurt, DE)
Das perfekte Taschenträgersystem

Auf der Suche nach einem variablen, schnell demontierbaren und stabilen Trägersystem habe ich bereits vor einiger Zeit den Tailfin entdeckt. Nun habe ich seit 2 Monaten das ersehnte Gravelbike und kann mit dem Tailfin-System sowohl die Touren mit dem Gravelbike am Wochenende als auch die tägliche Fahrt zur Arbeit mit dem Citybike perfekt und unkompliziert meistern. Der Träger ist innerhalb von Sekunden ans andere Bike umgesteckt. Er ist super stabil und die 3 Taschen bieten immer den richtigen Platz.
Ich kann das Tailfin-System nur wärmstens empfehlen und freue mich jeden Tag es gekauft zu haben. Vielen Dank dafür.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Roland Berger (Lucerne, CH)
Nice product

Hi Nick, I'm super happy with the products I have ordered. However I like to give some feedback on things you still can improve.
1) I was not able to remove the side bag when the AP20 top bag is mounted. I'm not sure if I do something wrong but if this is really the case you should change the overall design so that all bags can be removed and attached independently. For me this is the biggest design flaw in the system.
2) Documentation is good but not up to date when it comes to fixing the Light Mount to the AP20 top bag. I had to Email with Dan to ask what to do with the screws.
3) Why did you design the straps over the AP20 Top Bag? Can I remove them? I think when the AP20 is loaded only little the straps are not necessary. Instead of opening 2 buckles I have to open 4 buckles.

Keep up the good work
Best Roland

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Matt Sinclair (Manchester, GB)

I am the proud owner of the X-One carbon rack and 2 x SL22 Super Light Pannier Bags, and used them for the first time recently on a 2-day Welsh road tour. My thoughts and observations:

* Straight out of their quality, eco-friendly packaging, it was clear that these are first-class products that were simple to setup following the online video.
* The pannier attachment is a wonderfully simple yet effective design, and everything's very quick and intuitive to fit and use - it's a 2 minute job to swap the thru-axle and attach the rack to the bike and 15 seconds to mount each pannier.
* The whole setup is unobtrusive, good looking (always important!) and rock solid in use.
* I could almost certainly carry enough for a multi-day camping tour with just the 2 panniers and a 5L canister type bag that I strap to the top of the rack. With the further 20L that the AP20 Trunk Top Bag (which I also intend to buy for shorter, lighter trips) would provide, I could go around the World!
Tailfin: I'd love to see a smaller (5-8L) top bag that could attach to the rack in a similar fasion to the AP20 and allow easy access (zips not roll top) for all the things you need whilst on the move.
* I deliberated for some time over whether to buy the SL22 or UD22 panniers. After use, I'd suggest that unless you're particularly clumsy or carefree with your kit, will use the panniers for heavy daily use and/or are planning a trans-continental trip, the SL22s seem more than robust and I'm glad I went for them for lightweight touring.
* One thing I never picked up from the Tailfin website, or numerous reviews I looked at, is the small twist valve on the side of each pannier. These allow you to expel air as you roll the panniers closed, then close to effectively vacuum pack the contents....genius!

In summary, I'm absolutely delighted with my Tailfin setup. They are premium products, but if your budget allows it's definitely a case of you get what you pay for and you won't be disappointed.

Light Mount (Fixed) - AeroPack/AP20
Daniel Rocha (Chesapeake, US)
Great addition for the AP20

I added the fixed light mount so I could use a top cap Garmin mount to run my Varia radar light with no obstructions.
It works great and is very secure even on gravel and moderate single track.

Light Mount (Fixed) - AeroPack/AP20
Erik Osterman (Lynnwood, US)
Well worth the money!

I tend to gauge products based on its usefulness, price and expected lifespan. I’ve purchased the entire kit: carbon rack, UD22 Panniers and AP20 top bag; I’d purchase them all again without question!

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Dylan Falkenburg (Washington, US)
Worth the weight

I like nice shit. I commute on a carbon gravel and the back pack was killing me. I ordered the full shabang, trunk bag and all. cuz fuck it. It took a minute for it to show up. Longer than projected in fact. Customer service was responsive and realized that I got lost in the shuffle. They gave a guarantee and followed through. My dope shit showed up. I put it together in short time. Incorrectly. I figured it out and fixed it. Instructions are actually great. Been down hill from there. It’s solid as shit. The design and construction is smart, clean, and lean. As far as performance, my shit don’t move when I hammer after KOMs, my shit stays dry when when the weather forgets to check itself, and that one time when I forgot to clamp my bag down and it fell off, it took it like a champ. The strap works well and my light has hung on. An external solution for a u lock would be cool, but a tail fin lock would be cooler. I can’t imagine a nicer set up for luggage. Appreciate the nerd level on design and this is 100% worth every penny. Cheers!

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Isaac Sparling (San Francisco, US)
Spectacular. Simply spectacular.

I bought the system (rack, panniers, through axle for mounting) because my gravel bike doesn't have built in mounts for a rack. It's incredible. One five day off-road tour through the Cascades later, and I'm completely sold.

The entire system stayed so stable it was easy to forget I was riding a loaded bike, and when the trails got especially fun (read: I should have been on a mountain bike), I just kept riding hard, with no downside (until I put my rear tire in the wrong place and sliced a sidewall).

All the details of the Tailfin rack are clearly considered, and it comes together brilliantly. I'd give six stars if I could.

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Chris Roche (Sydney, AU)
Tailfin extender

These are great, they shouldn’t be an option as you can easily now use your whole bag

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Verena Schaier (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Perfect for small me

Was looking for any saddlebag that wouldn't touch my back wheel, and tailfin solved my problem after a loooong way of bad decisions....

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Peter H. (Essen, DE)
Tailfin UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag

Das Bag ist nicht billig, aber aus meiner Sicht jeden Euro wert. Die Lieferung kam wie angekündigt, jedes Teil wertig verpackt und einfach zusammen zu bauen. Es passt perfekt und ist wirklich einfach am Rennrad anzubringen und ebenso einfach wieder abzunehmen. Tolle Idee, handwerklich solide gemacht. Schicke und praktische Lösung des Gepäcktransportes am Rennrad.

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Jos Voorbraak (Veldhoven, NL)
Aeropack alloy

Great piece, really happy with it.
2 small issues though:
- zipper for small items is not water proof
- Fast-Release Dropout Bushings are really easy to lose; essential for proper mounting so critical if lost during travel

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
L Donnelly (Appleby-in-Westmorland, GB)
Tailfin bike rack

Working for the ambulance service in the North West I’ve really appreciate the benefits of not riding with a rucksack on, no achey back and shoulders. With a 15 mile commute to work, the two rear panniers hold all I need for a 12 hour shift at work, including all my snacks! The fully waterproof bags are completely stable on the lightweight frame and keep my uniform clean and dry. Makes for a more enjoyable ride to work and back.

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Alan McDonald (Barking, GB)
Brilliant product

The rack is light, well made and designed, easy to fit and rock solid, it also looks good, I’ve had several people admire, comment on, and ask about it. It’s pricey, but you get what you pay for. I’ve just done a tour of Northumberland using it on a Ribble SLE and the rack complements it very well. I’m very pleased with it.