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AP Mount
Randy Kerr (Atlanta, US)
Loaded and ready with ease

Only seconds to install. Only second to remove. Built with precision. I’ve been cycling since 1982. Tailfin is the perfect rack system that I’ve been looking for. Well done!

Overall very good

The delivery arrived a month late, which increased the waiting time, which was long anyway.
Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the luggage rack and the bags.
After two weeks of full use as my bikepacking setup on bad roads, cobbles and a few smaller tours, I can say that the system is very pleasant to use.
Only the holding mechanism is quite susceptible to scratches, which of course is purely cosmetic. The valves make packing a lot easier. The inside pockets are also pretty practical for stowing small things that you often need. A 13" notebook just fits into the compartment.
The assembly on the bike is easy. If you choose the quick release, you should be aware that it is a lot larger than conventional ones and that it may not fit into the recess.

AeroPack Carbon
James Phillips (Cheshunt, GB)
Tailfin Aero pack , with carbon rail no panniers

Planned a 3 day Multi day bike ride to Lands end and needed some bike storage for the journey,I’ve been interested in purchasing a Tailfin after watching some reviews on YouTube , Straight forward ordering process and a easy guide to order the correct thur axle for your model of your bike, you have different options I choose the aeropack with no panniers fixtures on the Carbon rails ,excellent engineered product design ,the only problem was I wish I ordered the rail with the panniers fixtures so i could purchase the panniers at a later date so I could balance out the weight at the back of my bike, highly recommend Tailfin

Cargo Cage
Mike Vogl (Aurora, US)
Great service, superb craftsmanship

I really like that my new Tailfin Cargo Cages are so much more streamlined than the clunky plastic ones I had previously. They appear extremely well-made, and Tailfin was really responsive when there was a shipping issue. Highly recommended!

10L Mini Pannier
Andreas Tischer (Gars am Kamp, AT)
Sehr empfehlenswert!

Ich habe zwei SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag, ein AP20 Trunk Top Bag, und die neuen Mini Panniers 5 und 10l in Verwendung. Jedes dieser Produkte kann ich uneingeschränkt empfehlen und ich würde mich sofort wieder dafür entscheiden. Anfragen zur Anwendung werden auch sehr schnell beantwortet - ich bin mehr als zufrieden. Danke an das Team von Tailfin.

Light Mount (Fixed) - AeroPack/AP20
Jim Luther (Vancouver, CA)
My favorite bikepacking/touring bag

I have been touring/bikepacking for about 30 years, with my first grand tour being across the USA in the summer of 1990. I have done fully loaded traditional touring out for months in the USA/Canada/France, and lighter higher speed sprints covering 200-250 km/day for a week or two. Can't even remember how many bags and options I have tried over the years, and the Tailfin is far and away the best that I have used for lightweight distance [road] travel. I have used the AeroPack Carbon with a thru-axle on a Trek Madone and it works fantastic. It is far more stable bombing descents than a seatpost only mounted bag, has stayed completely waterproof over the years, and I can easily mount two tail lights for overnight riding (I generally ride nights across the desert southwest of California, Arizona, and Nevada). There is not a better system available, IMHO. Ride on!!!

10L Mini Pannier
Customer (London, GB)
10l mini panniers - even better than expected

Holy cow, another feat of superb engineering from our friends at Tailfin. Perfect materials, perfectly engineered, and boy do they work well. Easy off and easy on and when they're on there is no rattle even on rougher trails. Sublime!

5L Mini Pannier
David Shalliday (Beckton, GB)
Mini panniers

Got the 5L bags… excellent addition to my bike packing carrying capacity. Superbly secure fitting, versatile bags. Early days but they look and feel pretty destructible .
5 stars from me

Perfect design

The Tailfin system is light weight, functional and easy to attach to the bike.

10L Mini Pannier
Wini (Hamburg, DE)
In between size and perfect

Did you ever struggle to get everything in small bikepacking bags? For me the 10l Mini Panniers are just right as an "in between". Combined with the alloy rack and trunk top bag they are a bomb proof and easy solution with a little bit more space. The combination is heavier than others but you can pack all stuff an install it on the bike within seconds. My experience is, that you will struggle to carry everything for bikepacking on a small frame and carbon forks without eyelets for cages. With the 10l Mini Panniers you have a brilliant solution and the quality is excellent.

Cargo Cage
Philipp Gauss (Hamburg, DE)
Amazing build quality

Bought this as a replacement for a competitor product (fork cage). This Tailfin product is now my favorite part on my gravel bike

10L Mini Pannier
Great product a pleasure to use

I have completed 2 multi day bike packing trips with these panniers. They are well made, easy to use, and a good size if you want to travel light. The X Clamp mechanism is a thing of beauty. I'm sure they are 100% waterproof, but I have been lucky with the weather and have not needed to test this yet. Very pleased with my purchase.

AeroPack Carbon
Maximilian Haas (Bischofsheim, DE)
Excellent Product, fantastic customer support!

The tailfin is not less than the best bikepacking product I own, even though I bought the whole Apidura Explore Series. The Tailfin is super easy to install, use and you don't recognise it while riding since it's so stable and becomes a part of your bike within seconds. Since I've ordered from Germany, I had some troubles with customs but the tailfin customer support was very supportive. 10/10 overall, just an excellent piece of equipment and a company that deserves recognition.

5L Mini Pannier
Stuart Meldrum (Dunfermline, GB)

The way I describe Tailfin's products to others is “If you can afford it, I don't know why you’d buy anything else”. Everything is so well made with clever engineering and the simple fact is, aside from the weight of your extra gear you don’t feel it on the bike. To me that is invaluable. Its all part of my touring set up for next year and I keep an eye out for other products. Frame bag?

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Markus Falk (Hamburg, DE)

Wirklich eins der besten Sachen die ich jemals online gekauft habe. Super Qualität und Design.Nichts wackelt . Nur die Bedienungsanleitungen könnten etwas besser sein. Die Aufnahmen der Videos sind zu weit weg. Es fehlen Nahaufnahmen, gerade wenn man es sich auf dem Handy anschaut. Ansonsten freue ich mich immer wie einfach der Träger montiert und bei Bedarf demontiert werden kann

10L Mini Pannier
Daniel Cisneros (Colorado Springs, US)
Among the best

I really enjoy the products, they are durable, well designed and very practical. I highly recommend them. During a recent trip the bags stood up in a rainstorm or two

AeroPack Carbon
Thomas Madson (Mooresville, US)
Tailfin Aeropack Review

The Aeropack is an excellent product that was easy to assemble, especially after watching the Tailfin video. I used it the first time on a 3-day, 110 mile bikepacking adventure and am exceedingly pleased. It's design is excellent, it fits well on my bike's frame and stays solidly in-place. It is also easy to remove if need be. I used seat packs before and after using the Aeropack, I will never use a seat pack again. I highly recommend the Aeropack and highly commend Tailfin for their superb product.

Cargo Cage
M Nixon (Salisbury, GB)
Tailfin Cargo Cage

I've ordered 2 Cargo Cages to give maximum versatility over storage. The build and quality is excellent. They allow me to fit a multitude of objects securely and have a minimal impact unladen. Top notch product from a top notch company, I will definitely be buying more of their products.

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Ben Wooliscroft (Auckland, NZ)
Great bags for the system

If you’ve got the rack these bags are spot on. Great connection and ready to go backpacking

Carbon Rack
Julian Kirwan-Taylor

Carbon rack and top bag have served me well. Obviously light and having the bag right behind the saddle gives the bike much better handling than having a pannier set up. Having only the top bag encourages super minimal luggage too. Wished I’d bought the pannier carbon rack for further options and travel flexibility. I only say this now I’ve tried and tested the kit. I did find the whole mounting operation when it arrived quite beyond me and thankfully my friendly bike shop (TLCW, Hammersmith London) we’re happy to mount it for me.

Cargo Cage
Dave Dunham (East Tawas, US)

This are hands down the sleekest most elegant cages I have run across. I have two bikes that I will be swapping these cages between depending on the trip so they won’t be on anyone bike all the time. But if I only had one bike I wouldn’t feel any need to remove the cages even when not in use, (unlike the other cages I have). They simply look like they belong. Actually my folks look ugly now once removed!

AP Mount
Joshua Humphrey (Atlanta, US)
Greatest setup

I have looked for years for the perfect system to handle my daily commutes to work, weekend rides, and bikepacking trips. Tailfin's rack system has been the perfect addition to my bike. Great products!

SL22 Super Light Pannier Bag
Fernando Montoya (Carmel, US)
Love the SL22 Pannier!

First of all, Kudos on the YouTube instruction video. It was all encompassing with tips given even on how to carry it comfortably! This in an industry that seems to think instructions are superfluous.
I have a 34 mile round trip commute to work so a quality, lightweight and aero pannier is appreciated. This is all those and oozes quality. It is solidly built, is waterproof and I love the one way valve it has to expel air when packing and rolling it shut. I didn't know it came with this!. It mounted easily on my non-Tailfin rack with the included adapters. Finally, the way it sits back with a lean guarantees my heels won't hit it. It also mounts solidly w/o any movement at all. I plan to eventually buy the opposite side pannier as well as your rack in the near future. Strong work!

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Yves Wilmart (Liège, BE)
Porte bagages et accessoires de très grande qualité

Je suis extrême content des produits Tailfin.
J'ai acheté pour moi-même et un autre randonneur cycliste 2 portes bagages aluminium et 2 sacs étanchent à cette société, et tous deux nous sommes très satisfaits de notre matériel .
Nous avons roulé plusieurs long Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux et plusieurs milliers de Km, et jamais nous n'avons eu le moindre problème avec notre porte-bagages.
A souligné aussi le suivi et la réactivité à répondre aux mails envoyés concernant un renseignent sur votre commande, à chaque fois j'ai reçu une réponse soit dans l'heure ou grand maximum dès le lendemain .
En ce qui me concerne je peux vous assurer que chez Tailfin vous ne serez jamais considéré comme un numéro mais comme un véritable client.
En tant que randonneur confirmer je recommande grandement les produits et les accessoires Tailfin.
En tant que client très satisfait je recommande aussi la société Tailfin .

Wilmart Yves.

Fantastic product

Just received my Tailfin bags (aeropack and paniers) and I absolutely love them!
The product is of extremely high quality, robust, easy to use, and super stylish.
Can't wait to see what other products the team will create - they are a smart and creative team!