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1 day through Denmark

On December 27th, 2019 I was on my way across Denmark in one go with my AeroPack Trunk Top Back (RAPHA Festive 500). So I had enough interchangeable clothes, bolts and tools without having to sacrifice speed

Borsa eccellente

Ho acquistato la ultra durable Pannier Bag perchè ho una bici gravel e faccio lunghi viaggi per cui ho bisogno di materiali assolutamente resistenti ed impermeabili. Avendo provato altri prodotti, devo dire che questo è stato l'acquisto migliore. Consiglio questo prodotto.

Almost brilliant product, lagging care

The product is a brilliant piece of art but the things around don’t match.
1. assembly instructions - not even the ikea standard, besides this deserves more like the apple standard when it comes to user friendliness
2. rear lights - i've lost 5 of them (some 30gbp each) on not extremely rough terrain when riding my mtb bike until i figured out how to make them hold in the stripes at the back of the panniers. i'm opened to the commercial cooperation in this matter:)
3. top bag is of very little use till you come up with the extension. almost half of it comes right under the saddle where i don't have much space (both mtb and road bikes)
4. i cannot ride my road bike without garmin’s bike radar anymore. with the top bag i have no place where to fix it.

Unique well made bikepacking bag

Prior to purchasing the AeroPack X Rigid Seat Pack my bikepacking setup was well distributed across the bike, but lacked the capacity to easily store sufficient food. The AeroPack provides sufficient capacity for various bits of clothing, tools etc, and is expandably upwards for carrying varying quantities of food. It appears to be very well made, very solid on the bike (which is essential when traversing rough trails), and is surprisingly quick to remove and put back on the bike when needed.

My Tailfin

Fits and works as good as it looks

Utterly unnecessary and completely brilliant

Weighs nothing, pannier and top bag rock solid, no issues with waterproofing. Cannot justify the spend in anyway but it’s an fantastic piece of kit

X Series | Rack & Bag Sets

AeroPack S Rigid Seat Pack aluminium version

Delivery from UK to Belgium went pretty fast. I watched the installation video on Youtube and could install the rigid pack very quickly and easy. I made some trips with it and I'm really happy untill now. You barely feel the rack, no sway at all, easy installation and removal. I hope the durability will be ok for the next years because it's an expensive investment. When you like bikepacking or long distance trips and you're looking for a very good product, don't look further and buy this.

Almost there

Great product and works almost as advertised. Just need to complete the final touch's a little better. For example the anti rub strips on the legs of the rack do not align with the side pannier and when removing the pannier the sharp edge of the clamps tend to hit the carbon rack chipping the paint. Adding extra padding or tape helps but for the high cost of the pannier's you shouldn't have to.

Best product on market

Everything is fine. Perfect and good looking quality. Easy to use, lightweight ! Support works fast and clear.
The price is hard....

Fantastic unit

Really love my aeropack. Makes commuting a joy as you have no sway and once you get the hand of it, its easy to fit and move. Its well made but that reflected in the price and seemd to be holding up well after a few months use. I find it a bit difficult to handle when its full and carrying off the bike and little rubber gromets on the clips can come loose if you are not careful. Very well engineered and hoping it will last well.

Perfect answer to bike packing!

I have searched for the best bike bag solution for daily rides and bike packing excursions on different bikes without having to buy multiple set ups. Tailfin was the answer I was looking for. My bags are extremely well built and I don’t feel them swinging on my bike when riding road, gravel or single track- locked on solid! and that is saying something! I love how easily the whole mechanism is to install and remove from my bike and the ability to quickly switch the bags from road to mountain bike. No need for multiple bag set ups. Customer service has been great and everything came complete in my shipment. 5 stars Tailfin!!

Excellent Addition to my Commute

I have used my pannier and rack approximately 50 rides to and from work. There is no water getting in the pannier and the rack is pretty solid. The rack and pannier are both very sturdy in their mounting and very removable. I strongly recommend this product. My only reason for not giving the product 5 stars is that one of the rubber mount buffers fell off in the first use of the rack and since there is slight damage to the rack and the bag. I estimate the bag will break in about 3-4 years at the current usage rate (3-5 days/week commuting 12.5 miles each way).


Innovation and excellent customer are the hallmarks of Tailfin , a company run by dedicated cycling enthusiasts who always seek to improve.


Easy installation
Website gives correct and clear info to consider what to buy
Great product: no rattling, light, durable, etc...

Assembly of paniers
No adaptor (yet) for other recent Ortlieb bags

Finally a great versatile system

Doing my fair share of long distance rides, I was for a long time on the lookout for a light and easy to use system to transport my stuff.
Voilà ! Tailfin ticks all the boxes - it is easy to install and swap between my bikes, it is stable, waterproof, lightweight and looks cool.


Awesome product!!


Bought it for a Christmas present and I am the best dad in the world, he loves it fitted easy and carries everything.

Great rack

Very easy to install on frame.
Bags are top quality and dont make any noise when riding

AeroPack X Rigid Seat Pack

Perfect product for people who want commute daily with their road bike. Best quality!

X Series Pannier Rack

Tailfin aeropack

I recommend Tailfin aeropack. It is a very good product, very stable on my bike. With nice design and qualitative material. Waiting a reply to become Tailfin ambassador. Rgds Frederik

Excellent product & service, some shipping issues

First off, the Tailfin rack as a product is precisely what I needed in order to also use my new carbon road bike on a daily basis for my commutes without being encumbered by a backpack. It's light, perfectly stable, and the tool-less attachment and detachment mechanisms for both the bag to the rack and the rack to the bike are effortless and fast. I couldn't recommend this product more highly for solving the specific problem of putting a proper cargo rack on a carbon road bike, while still being able to easily change back to riding without the rack when it's not needed.

However, there were some issues in actually getting the product from the UK to the US. The first shipment failed entirely after the carrier used for the international leg somehow abandoned it in customs rather than transferring it to USPS, and the replacement shipment did not include the mounting hardware I had selected, so that had to be shipped separately. In both cases, support was responsive to my inquiries and ultimately solved my problems, but it was quite frustrating that it took two months from placing the order to receiving what I ordered.

Great design and well constructed

The design of the bag, frame and mounting mechanism is very impressive. The construction was very precise and I had the Tailfin AeroPack constructed and mounted to my bike with no difficulty.

Tailfinn around Belgium 1000km route ( 5days)

For starters the tailfin is easy to pack and easy to use on the road, everything is easily accessible. I have the aluminium version of the X series with a pannier bag and a aero pack. I was able to carry all my stuff for a 5 day packing tour around Belgium in februari with overnighters in B&b's and hotels. I used a regular race frame bike with 25MM tires and all went smoothly. Few points of improvement: To protect the pannier bags from rubbing the rack there are rubber protections glued to the rack. The ones on the bottom quickly came of resulting in a bolt screwed in the pannier bag rubbing against the rack and so damaging the aluminium, if this would have been the carbon version it would not last the mechanical friction. I put some duct tape on the rack but because the screw keeps on rubbing this place the duct tape quickly got worn. After a few days the Handle that makes the attaching mechanism of the pannier bag came unscrewed from the bag and as a result the bag fell of..., I had to search the screw and than bolt it firmly back on.. Since then it didn't came undone anymore, probably I didn't tighten the screws enough in the first place. For the rest only positives, I drove it trough horrible februari weather and everything stayed dry, Arriving and leaving is easy because of the quick release mechanism( although you have to take the aero pack off first, before you can take of the pannier bag and putting them on is in the same order). I am delighted with this purchase and the easy of use in comparison to a saddle pack is beyond comparison. can't wait to get back onto road with this setup, in the mean time my wife uses the pannier bag on her MTB for commuting purposes.

Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to review, really glad you're liking the setup! Sorry that you're rubber pads have come loose, we will send out to you today to replace. When you receive please apply with a small amount of superglue (Loctite 401 works well). Thanks!