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What an excellent solution
Perfect multi usage, from commute to bikepack
Fantastic design even better customer support
Just brilliant
Solid and versatile rack system. I’m impressed!
Thanks very much for this David! Great to hear you’re pleased with your S Rack.
Easy Peasy and Strong
Thank you very much for leaving us this review Alan. That’s the great thing about your rack; with the Fast Release Dropouts it’s very quick to switch between bikes.
I added the AeroPack Trunk Top Bag to my existing Tailfin Pannier set
Thanks for taking the time to write this Keith, we really appreciate it! Glad that we were able to ship you the part quickly. Hopefully, lots more bike packing adventures ahead for you. All the best, Dan
Almost perfect...
Good Streamline Commuter Rack
Thanks for this review, Brad! I’ve sent you a separate email to check on your top stay and see if we need to do anything else here to help you. All the best, Dan
Best customer support and quick delivery
Thank you for this five-star review, Felix! Testing on the rack extension continues, hopefully not too long until we have this ready for release.
Smart rear rack and boot
Thanks for this Patrick. Hopefully not too many rainy commutes for you in the future, but all our bags are 100% waterproof if it does start raining!
Great product, needs expansion!
Thanks very much for this review Simon, testing continues on our rack extension - hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon! All the best, Dan
Good bag and very good frame
Thanks for your comments Carlos, glad to hear that you’re pleased with your rack! I’ve just followed up with a separate email to check if your bag attachment is functioning correctly, we advise riders to check before every ride just to be safe though. All the best, Dan
Tailfin UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Thank you, Verity! Great to hear that your UD Pannier is helping with your commute
Well engineered
Awesome to hear this Simon! That’s exactly what we want our customers to experience; forget about your equipment and just enjoy your ride. All the best, Dan
Thank you very much Mark, great to hear you're happy with your X THREE!
Thanks, Jonathan!
Thank you for these five-stars Marcus, hope you’re OK after your crash! Glad to hear that your UD Pannier is performing well. Dan
Tailfin Aeropack
Thanks for your comments, Sean! Great that you’ve been able to use your AeroPack on different bikes over a range of terrain. As always, just reach out to us if you need any help; [email protected]
Tailfin X THREE mit Superlight Taschen und Top Bag
Vielen Dank für diese Bewertung Antje. Schön, dass Sie schon Zeit für eine Tour mit Ihrem X THREE hatten! Hoffentlich nicht zu lange, um bis zu Ihrem nächsten Abenteuer zu warten. Dan
Aero Pack X Rigid Seat Pack
Thanks Hugh! It means a lot to us to hear this! All the best, Dan.
Fabulous luggage rack (Alloy)
Thank you for this review, Alban - great that you can use your X Rack on all your bikes. Sorry to hear that you had a problem with the bumpers on your X Arch, it can happen with some of the X Alloy arches. The new version is a much better solution and you should receive the parts very soon. All the best, Dan.
Bikepacking Tailfin Setup
Thank you, Oscar. It means a lot to us when you say you love your S Rack! All the best for your upcoming trips. Dan
Great bag, solidly built
Thanks for this review, Simon. Great to hear that you’re pleased with the quality and stability of your AeroPack. Hopefully not too long to wait until your overnight tour. Dan
Perfektes Gepäckträgersystem
Danke, René! Es ist schön zu hören, dass Sie mit Ihrem X3-Rack zufrieden sind und die Möglichkeit hatten, es auf Ihrem Weg zur Arbeit zu verwenden. Hoffentlich dauert es nicht zu lange bis zu Ihrer nächsten Tour. Alles Gute aus Bristol, Dan.