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X Series | Rack & Bag Sets - Perfect!

Really easy to assemble and perfectly stable on the bike, the best bags I ever tried.
Heine Melgaard

Really happy with my rack

EAsy to install. Good YouTube videos. Lite! I just keep it on the bike.

Seriously great rack & panniers!!

Bought a Tailfin rack about 2years ago - have used it on some serious rides, fits all my bikes with the right adapter - has turned all of them into much more serious bike packing machines! Highly recommend!!

S Series Rack and Bag

Excellent service and product. Due to lockdowns I have only been able to to use on day rides but looking forward to the day I can put them to a full test.
Also I have now got a couple of Tailfin cages to go with rack..superb.

Best solution for bikepacking / gravel ride

Have to say I am impressed with the quality of the bike bags. I have the pannier set and am totally loving it. No rattle and size is perfect for a multi day ride.

Really really recommended and wish has bought this before trying the alternatives.

AeroPack S Rigid Seat Pack


Hi Mathieu, thanks for completing this review for us! We really appreciate it. I’ve just followed up with a separate email to see if there’s anything we could have done to make this a five-star review. All the best, Dan


Il 2020 come tutti sappiamo è stato un anno molto difficile. Il sistema Tailfin e relativa sacca da viaggio son stati una meravigliosa scoperta che mi accompagna. Thahk you dear Nick and Tailfin Staff! Alexis

Grazie Alessandro! Hai ragione il 2020 è stato molto difficile, è fantastico che il tuo Tailfin ti abbia aiutato a superarlo: incrocia le dita per un 2021 migliore! Dan


Installed X3/UD22 on my commuter bike (Budnitz Model E). Easy install and perfect fit with included hardware. The whole system looks sleek and like it was custom made for the bike. The bag is large enough to carry my laptop and work clothes. Feels solid and secure on the bike but it's super easy to remove when I get to the office.

Thank you for your review and comments, great that this has improved your commute to work! All the best from Bristol, Dan.

Very stable, easy to mount, and lots of room for my feet. No noise at all while riding.
Questions about the product were answered quickly.
An it looks fantastik and the solutions of mounting are great.
Happy to look at this product of engineering! Or is it Art?

Thank you, Heike. We really appreciate this. Great that you’re happy with the performance and looks of your panniers and rack! Dan

Great bags!

Bombproof bags! The design and attention to detail with these panniers is worth every cent.

Great to hear! Thank you very much for this review. If you need any help in the future just contact us; [email protected]

X One plus trunk and 2 panniers

Beautifully packaged product on delivery. Easy to follow assembly instructions. Product looks really well sorted. Yet to do a test ride but looking forward to using it when the weather improves and on my first self supported tour in May to Outer Hebrides.

Thanks for the five stars, Edward! All the best for your upcoming trip. Dan

Never received my order

I paid for items listed “in stock” a month and a half ago and never received them.

Hi Kris,

Thanks for completing a review for us, sorry to hear about the problem with your order. It’s not often that we have problems like this. I’ve followed up with a separate email. I’ve investigated your order and can see that it has now been delivered, but exceeded our stated delivery time so I’ve reimbursed you for the shipping cost. Apologies again for the experience you had here. Dan

The Best pannier system out there

My requirements for a pannier were too unrealistic… or so I thought until trying Tailfin. I was looking for a pannier that that was strong, light, didn’t rattle, was easy to remove when not using the gravel bike for commuting and could fit on a Cannondale Neo gravel bike with rear suspension….

I’ve been using the Tailfin system for a few months now and it does everything I could have wanted. Easy to fit and remove in seconds, the bags and rack are super secure and never rattle or clank, it works fine with the rear suspension on my bike and handling hasn’t been affected at all (in fact, I mostly forget they are even fitted). If you’re looking for the best pannier system, this is it!

The Tailfin team have also been super helpful in helping me chose the right model and answering questions after I purchased the system. Top product, Top team!

Thanks for your review, Peter. Great that everything is working out with your Topstone. Hopefully lots of new gravel adventures for you in 2021! Dan

great stuff for fast rider

make more

Thank you, Jury! We’re always busy working on new products with some great new releases lined up for this year. I’d recommend joining the Mailing List to stay up-to-date ( Dan

simple, robust and super light

Delivery and packaging are absolutely top quality and promise great quality. The assembly is very easy. The driving experience and stability are perfect. I installed Tailfin on my BMC teammachine and it fits perfectly. I'm looking forward to many great experiences on the road. With Tailfin and BMC, I have the perfect combination of simple design and top quality.

Thank you very much, Nico. Great to hear that you’re happy with your X Rack. All the best for your next adventure! Dan


Hi Mathieu, thanks for completing this review for us! We really appreciate it. I’ve just followed up with a separate email to see if there’s anything we could have done to make this a five-star review. All the best, Dan

Super, as expected

Really good and very practically as expected.
We could it use only one time till now because of winter temperatures.
Very friendly service in case of one screw that was stuck in the thread.
We are looking forward to spring, when we will use the bags in advance.

Thank you for this five-star review, Klaus. Not too long until the spring and you’ll be able to use your rack again! All the best, Dan

This is the touring pack to get

I've used my tail fin pack for about 300 mi and I'll be using it for many more this thing is amazing works exactly for what I wanted it to be.these guys are the best if you have any questions ask them and I'll answer it right away definitely take a look at this product if you're looking at something that's quality and will last a lifetime

Great to hear, Eric. Glad we could help you out. All the best for the next 300 miles! Dan

High end, beautiful, reliable and every day a joy!

Short version:
My rating is for: X ONE Rack, Trunk Top Bag, Frame Mounts plus Fast Release Dropouts, AeroPack Trunk Bag Light Mount and Carry Strap.
The bike I use this equipment with: Cannondale Fat CAAD 1 with Maxxis 4.8 inch tyres. (Rack attaches to 2.75 inch short horizontal brackets facing rear, and inward facing bolts).
My rating: Outstanding! Noble, accomplished, beautiful design, light as a feather, yet robust and reliable, brilliantly thought out, with love down to the smallest detail, a real joy!

Longer version:
Probably like many here, I always enjoy grabbing my bike and leaving the world behind. Sporting challenge, clear head, nature and fun with my bike for 2, 3, 4 hours. My bike and the equipment should and must please me, be seduction, joy, enthusiasm.
My backpack on my back has always annoyed me so much. Keys, money, tools, clothes, drink, and whatever else I need to take with me, always on my soaking wet back.
The alternative was a bag of some kind. What I saw every day, whether the many scattered small packages on the handlebars, top tube, saddle, or the usual saddle bags, horrible!
All this stuff and bags with an aesthetic like orthopaedic stockings! No thanks!
Then I discovered Tailfin, read hours about it, watched videos and ordered.
Receiving the parcels, unpacking them and holding them in my hands, fitting them to my bike and using them every day, a real revelation!
Every time I grab my bike, get ready for my ride, stow my stuff, there's a smile!
Tailfin is literally "value for money", in every aspect. 585 € for what I now have from Tailfin is no different in price to other equipment I have from other manufacturers. Lupine light SL AX 539 €, Lupine Blika 399 €, 9poin8 Dropper Post 480 US $, Wahoo Roam 420€, etc. I don't even have to write about Rapha clothing or shoes.
The price is long forgotten, the joy remains, every single day!
And because the saddlebags are available again, although I never thought of using them, I will order them right away. You never know, the day will come when I can use them.
Tailfin has my very firm, emphatic recommendation!

Thank you for this comprehensive review, Frank. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience! I hope you’re able to go for lots of rides with your rack this year. If you need any help in the future just contact us; [email protected]

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag

Thanks, Łukasz!

Génial et bien pensé

Je rédige en français car je maîtrise mal l'anglais.
J'ai acheté il y a quelques mois le porte sacoche X-One + la sacoche horizontale + une sacoche latérale.
Mon objectif est d'avoir un système modulable, léger, facile à monter pour faire de la longue distance. Mais aussi un système que je pourrais utiliser tous les jours en velotaf. Je fais actuellement 40km par jour pour aller travailler.
Et j'apprécie particulièrement la facilité qu'offre le système pour accrocher et décrocher les sacoches.
Le prix pousse à réfléchir avant l'achat mais à l'usage je ne regrette pas du tout. Tout respire la qualité, tout semble bien conçu.
Il est un peu tôt pour parler de la fiabilité. Je n'ai roulé que 2000km avec mais je suis très confiant.

Merci Sebastian! J'espère que les 2000 km suivants seront tout aussi agréables avec votre X ONE! Si vous avez besoin d'aide, contactez-nous; [email protected]

Great bike luggage system

I like the Tailfin system, it is solid and is also spacious, the best thing is it’s very similar to “bikepacking” rigs but far more securely mounted but very easily dismounted.

Thanks for this, David! Great to hear that you're happy with your rack.

Tailfin XONE Rack and Trunk Top Bag

These products are phenomenal. The rack is beautifully designed, light as a feather and easy to install and remove. The bag attaches securely and easily and the quick release feature on the rack is great. It is a little tricky to load the bag as it must be asymmetrically loaded lightly in the front in order to fit under the seat and this diminishes the load capacity somewhat. The bag obstructs my seat post mounted taillight requiring the purchase of an additional adaptor for $30. Given the high price of the system, perhaps a built in light mount might be considered in future designs. Aside from these relatively minor issues, the main thing is the price. I feel privileged to be able to afford this elegant product which is unlike anything on the market but it is EXPENSIVE.
Final thought, customer service is prompt, personal and simply amazing. I wish this company great success!

Thanks for your review, David! You’re right, the top bag is shaped like a wedge so it’s best to pack smaller items at the front and larger ones at the back. All the best, Dan

Shake, Shake, Shake, IT DOES NOT

No booty shaking, tail wagging, bike swaying at all. The Tailfin aero pack distributes the weight so low and secure you barely feel it at all. You can even get out of the saddle with it on. Wether commuting or bike packing, this bag is a must have!

Thanks for these five stars, Matthew! Zero sway is exactly what we want you to experience so you can enjoy your ride instead! If you need any help in the future just let us know; [email protected]