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Superb product with a superb customer service.

I'd like to highly recommend the superb Tailfin products and their friendly, fast and very personal customer service.

X Series Pannier Rack


Perfect stable, light and quickly system

AP Mount
Amazing Product

I have 2 since they came out with the bottle holder version, love them can move them quickly from bike to bike as needed.

Time saver

For me the major benefit of this system is accessibility. During an Ultra or even a holiday, the packing and unpacking when feeling exhausted, cold and wet or simply with time against you is made so much easier. If something is needed quickly, forgotten or additions to load, the Tailfin is far easier than stuffing kit in and out of the more traditional tube like tail-bags. Being a shorter rider if a tail-bag is not correctly loaded it can droop during a long rough day and rub the rear tyre. In simple terms, less faffage and more time to ride.


This is a good rack and a good system. It took a little time to put together as you get sent a lot of parts but once ready and on it looks and feels good. You don’t notice the weight until you have full panniers attached and it is easy to put on and off - if you want to swap thru axles in between rides.
My rack did have some cosmetic concerns but I was assured these would not impact the integrity of the rack. I reminded myself of the cost the other day along with the panniers but for peace of mind and build quality you wouldn’t want anything else.

Excellent Product and Customer Service

The Tailfin Rack is awesome! I'm thrilled with the rack and will be using it on my Salsa Cutthroat during the Tour Divide in June 2021. Customer Service is Top Notch, every question or issue I have had has been answered almost immediately. You can't go wrong with a Tailfin.

Really great products

Have the X Rack Three (Aluminium) and corresponding bags… the Top-Bag is much better compared to a huge saddle bag. It is stable an loading is much easier. Panniers have enough loading space too (much more than I need). No noise from rumble of the panniers.
It is heavier that other systems (Tubus + Panniers) but the “no noise factor” and quality of the tailfin system are superior. Would love to take it on a world trip… Ah… forgot to mention that the rack is fit on the bike in 30 secs.

What a fantastic product!

The Tailfin System is second to none, the engineering and build quality is fantastic and it works so well. A super functional product that has a massive range of uses. Highly recommend this to anyone

Quality and Originality

I bought an Aeropack S, it’s much better than a seat pack. No wobble, easier to access, simple to remove. Very well made. The only downside is the price but then it’s not that expensive given it works and should last.

My only real gripe is that the accessories that you need cost even more and aren’t options when you buy it. I’ve had to order a long nose for another £15 and a fiver postage when realistically I always knew I was going to have to get this to make it fit properly. Surely this should be an option instead of the short one when you buy it?

AP Mount

AP Mount

Excellent rack. Light and stable.

Have ridden over 500 total miles this spring with the tailfin rack. Easy access. Water proof. Stable when climbing or moving through traffic. Fantastic design. A great product.

Well engineered

I bought the S Three alloy. Right out of the boxes, the components looked exceptionally engineered. It was very easy to install. Took it on my the first 50mile ride with stuff in the bag and did not even feel the weight behind me. The top bag is modular and very easy to takeoff and clip on. Absolutely worth the money. Now my neighbor is buying one.

X Series Pannier Rack & Trunk Top Bag - All I hoped for and read about!

Let's start with the obvious: Yes, it is a lot of money. In my opinion it is worth it. I look at it like saving and waiting for your dream bike to arrive. When you get there, you're glad you pulled the trigger. It starts with the quality and level of detail of the packaging it arrives in. Immediately you are made aware of some special content inside. Setting up is very straight forward with the provided manuals via email. The 'Deep dive' video on the website is an extra bonus. The design is visually striking too, keeping your bike looking as good, or better.
The X Series Rack and Trunk Top Bag are incredibly lightweight and stable. So far I have only used it on one trip, 140km with roughly 80% fire road and single tracks. Moving from one Dutch national park area to the next. The whole thing is absolutly rattle free, with zero flex or movement. Just top quality engineering. it does not affect my bikes' handling; not significantly anyway.
This is a totally different experience, having used a trekking bike setup with Tubus rack and Vaude side bags for years.
Lastly, hats off to Tailfins' customer service. Though I did not request for it, I was continually updated on my orders' delayed shipping. Very useful/informative if you have a trip or race planned. It was worth the wait.
Thank you Tailfin!

Good product & service

The Tailfin rack is the most well-engineered bicycle rack I have used to date. Assembling the arch is somewhat complex compared to off-the-shelf solutions but once complete it's very stiff. The bag is sturdy and coated with a rubber-like material which is supposedly water-proof. As far as improvements go, maybe make the bag 2-3cm wider on each side to fit larger items.

The price is high but acceptible for a European product. Tailfin reimbursed my VAT & import duties which was a nice surprise!

Let’s go to the wild

I bought this Tailfin set for bike trips with my son. Some frame bags are good, but Tailfin brings more space for traveling in two persons. A lightness, durability and design is benefit. Simply nice.

Stable and easy to assemble

Very efficient and practical way to install a little behind your Tailfin!
Overpriced though!


Love my Tailfin with ally frame.
Like how you can detach bag from the frame.
An extension piece to extend frame away from seat would be great as my small frame mtb I have to pack less at the seat end to fit the bag onto frame.
It’s a brilliant design and much better than a seat post bag that tends sway a lot.

AP Mount
Outstanding packing solution

One Tailfin system, multiple bikes, and dozens of trips on the gravel and road bikes from weekend camping get aways, long days out, and daily commuting. I cannot say enough how great and most importantly how easy of a product the Tailfin system is to use and switch between bikes with QR and thru-axles. Looking forward to many more bike backing trips and the next Tailfin innovation 🤩

Crossing the Great America Rails to Trails

We are leaving in the next few days to start our ten week trip. 4000 miles. Have tested the Tailfinn rack and paneers on local trails. Incredibly stable on our Trek checkpoint SL7’s. The through axel is so easy to mount and remove. Love these!

Uniquely functional. Outstanding engineering.

No contest - this has to be the best way to carry decent sized load and still stay 100% engineering. The design is perfect and the engineering quality is even better. Plus all the options for attaching to the frame - this will fit everywhere. A remaining concern: will the carbon parts stand up to abuse e.g. in a bike compartment in a train. If that is a concern I feel that the alloy version might just be a better choice.

the perfect luggage rack for the bike

my wife and I have mounted the Tailfin carrier on our gravel bikes.
Thanks to the very good workmanship of all dividers and the good operating instructions, the assembly was done quickly.
The carriers fit perfectly and nothing wobbles at all.
Dismantling is also very easy and quick.
We are very enthusiastic about the Tailfin products and recommend them unreservedly.

Der Aeropack ist viel zu dicht an der Sattelstütze.
Bei jedem Tritt in die Pedale reiben die Beine an dem Aeropack. Ich bin nicht zufrieden mit dem Produkt.

Hallo Guido, danke, dass du diese Bewertung für uns abgeschlossen hast. Es tut mir leid zu hören, dass Sie mit Ihrem S-Rack nicht zufrieden sind. Ich habe Ihnen gerade eine separate E-Mail gesendet, um zu prüfen, ob wir hier etwas tun können, um Ihnen zu helfen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Dan.

Great looks and very sturdy

Really pleased with the set up. Used it for a few trips now and it’s great. The only thing I have noticed I have a small space in the sear post/ seat so restricts packing near the seat. Not sure if an extension arm of sorts could push this back?

AP Mount
Game changer

I gladly second all the other positive reviews. This is a top quality product, which is reflected in the price. Yes, it's not a small investment but if you’re serious about bikepacking you’ll not be disappointed. I went for axle + fast release dropouts, which makes the system super easy to use on all my bikes. Well-done Tailfin.