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Extended Top Stay - Alloy
Tim Saunders (Swadlincote, GB)
Works on larger frames and small

I bought this as I don’t have a huge space between the saddle and frame on my bike (58). We have set it up on my partners small frame and it makes a huge difference. Just need to save up for to purchase a second rack! Needs to be a default option on all purchases so you don’t end up with parts you don’t need.

Cargo Cage
Bill Long (New Albany, US)
Perfect fit for my needs

Was looking for the right size fork cage to hold water and/or other gear for a 300 mile trip in the spring. Received this in great time considering it came “across the pond” to the US. Hardware included, easy to install on my Salsa Cutthroat. Holds Kleen Canteen 40 and 64 oz (1.2L and 1.9L) bottles and keeps them safe on bumpy terrain. Expect them to do well with lighter gear as well.

AeroPack Alloy
Kurien Philip (Newbury, GB)
A great bag for audax

I primarily use my bag for audax rides and the tailfin aeropack is a fantastic lightweight and very accessible product. Though on a large 58 cm frame, I decided to purchase the aeropack extender to make it easier to open . The extender does move the aeropack away from the seat and about 5 cm further back.

I also purchased and fitted a light mount for my E3 dynamo rear light, which works great. Currently, the only option is to route the rear light wires externally. Would be good to have an option to route the wires internally to keep them safe from the elements. I have put a connector on the light that helps me remove the tailfin easily when required.

Overall a great product and would recommend.

Oh! And the customer service was awesome!

Alloy Rack
Thomas Hamacher (Bad Oeynhausen, DE)
Great Rack, great support

Hi, Nick. It was Not so easy to Install the Rack on a Canyon Exceed 2021 because the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hänger ist very wide and i Need another Spacer for the Thru axle. But with the Help From your
***** Support ( Thank you John !!) I solved the Problem

Cargo Cage
Mark Gingell (Wanstead, GB)
Tailfin small

I find bottle cages ugly and wanted something that was versatile.The tailfin small is perfect for the job,you hardly notice it's there on your frame Super build quality and light.I use it to strap my drink bottle,my speaker and also a thermos flask on those cold rides.But you can easily strap down items of clothing or tarp shelters.I highly recommend this product,and fantastic service to boot.Thank you guys.

Alloy Rack
sean Lewis (Islington, GB)
Outstanding solution

I purchased this for my winter / commuting bike and have been nothing but impressed. Will be buying a second axel so I can swap to my e-bike on the fly

Required the extender which changed weight distribution.

Hi Nick, I ride a 52 size frame: the small arch is a great fit; with not much seat post between top tube and seat I required the extender - the extender could have been suggested with the smaller arch (having to order it afterwards meant a second postage); before the extender any weight in the pack felt more centered and I hardly noticed the change in balance on the bike (mount and forget), after installing the extender and moving the weight backwards I now notice the change in balance when riding; took the bike and pack on a mtb / gravel ride and very happy with the ride. All riding has been done with weight of Tailfin and contents between 4.5 to 5 kg.
Regards, David.

10L Mini Pannier
Phillip Wilson (Edmond, US)
Tail fin magic

This is a great product. I bought the alloy tail fin with paneer mounts I have both the 10L & 5L bags. The ease of the mounting function is amazing. Again this is a well thought out great product for on the trail or picking up groceries

Coyle Oklahoma

UD22 Ultra Durable Pannier Bag
Oliver (Munich, DE)
Superb bag, well engineered. Perfect fit.

Using it for everyday commute, withstanding any condition. No rattling, sits perfectly in place.

10L Mini Pannier
anthony lowery (Abergavenny, GB)
Best Money ever spent on the wife.

The bags are great for over night stays. Didn't go far only a 90 mile round trip over the Black mountains for our first venture out, but the design of the Tailfin kit proved a big hit. Easy to set up, incredibly secure and worth every penny. Cannot recommend them enough and cannot wait for next spring.

10L Mini Pannier
sébastien bigras
Gréât product !!!

I recommande it

10L Mini Pannier
Shiona Park (Perth, GB)
Alloy rack with 10l panniers

Love it - it is expensive but really easy to set up, flexible solution for carrying on different bikes and panniers are held so securely. No rattles (which drive me mad). Great system and would totally recommend. Tailfin team really helpful too 👍

Carbon Rack
Jonathan Deacon (Canterbury, GB)
Tailfin Products

I have been delighted with all of the products received so far, particularly the carbon rack which is so obviously precisely designed and also meticulously manufactured, an item of real beauty. Keep up the great work guys.

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Victoria Haworth (Hythe, GB)
Customer Service

I wanted a luggage carrying rack for my small framed bike. I was confused as to which one I should buy. The customer care was fantastic with responses to my photographs and guidance as to which one to purchase.

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Glenn Birch (Haverhill, GB)
Alloy aero pack

Haven’t used my new aero pack on a trip yet,
But I have set it up on my bike and I must say the quality of the finish is top notch, all the machined parts click together perfectly, can’t wait to get out on some tours.

Alloy Rack
Thomas (Bassum, DE)
Tailfin - the sportiest and most flexible solution for luggage carriers - TOP !!!

So far I'm really excited. I ride several racing bikes and was looking for a flexible and simple solution for a luggage rack. I found it now!
The first trips went without any problems. No dragging, no wobbling, no problems. You should only remember that a bag is installed when dismantling!
I also like the solution with the adapter very much. So I can use my good, old Ortlieb bags for a while longer.
The assembly was also basically problem-free. I only needed a little time for "Step 3 - attach the Stax to the rack with the clip -". That was a bit "fiddly".
By the way, I'm currently building a new gravel bike and will soon be ordering a suitable thru-axle. On my first order, I only ordered the quick release.
As you can see, I am very satisfied and will remain a loyal tailfin customer. Especially because the direct contact with Nick is a lot of fun and you feel in good hands. Keep it up!!

AeroPack Alloy
Alberto Contoli (Cadelbosco di Sopra, IT) excellent gear for your bicycle!

I am incredibly happy after having bought a Tailfin Aeropack, and the think I appreciated the most is that after having received the item, and having paid an heavy "custom duty" that I was NOT expecting, Tailfin has immediately refund me for such over cost....
I thank you Nick! I will promote your stunning products!! Ciao!!

AeroPack Alloy
Chris Jewell (Hampstead, GB)
Bike Packing Game Changer

Awesome high quality piece of kit, the alloy aeropack is a game changer, the fully waterproof easy access storage is a delight, the cage mounts on the arch have made my setup so easy to use as I have attached fork packs each side to increase storage and ease of access to kit. I opted for the QR frame mounts over the thru axle as I found it easier to use and less faff if you get a rear puncture. Nice one Tailfin 👍

AP20 Trunk Top Bag
Marcus Dubrow (Seattle, US)
Awesome Gear

Have put the carbon rack and bag on my Carbon Kona Libre- solid, stable, easy on/off.
Beautiful piece of Gear.

Alloy Rack
adrie franken (Rotterdam, NL)
Perfect rack

Perfect rack and clientdriven service👍

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Frank Williams (Glasgow, GB)
Aeropack Alloy

I bought the aeropack alloy with pannier mounts. It arrived early, was well packed and was straightforward to install. I used the recommended thru axle on my Cannondale topstone gravel bike and have been out on a few trips since. It is rigid and stable when riding and importantly for me can be quickly removed in under a minute. I initially hesitated due to the price but now that I have purchased and used it, it is as versatile one stop shop for bike packing or touring, whether I just use the suppled top bag for long day trips or add my old panniers for overnight trips. Well done Tailfin it does exactly what it says it does.

10L Mini Pannier
Mr Kim George (Henley on Thames, GB)
Brilliant product.

The engineering and design are brilliant. The rack and top bag has been tested on and off road over the past months. The only review submission is they work perfectly. If you do not notice new equipment it only means one thing…it’s good. In over 50 years of cycling I have never used such a great bag/ rack combination. I would suggest that you do not even consider purchasing Tailfin… just buy it!

Loving the Aeropack Alloy

I had been searching for a rear solution with less wobble... and found it. This thing is incredibly well-designed and fits together so well. Taking it out on my first overnight bikepacking trip this weekend. Everyone is asking about it!

Carbon Rack
Hamish (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Carbon arch with top bag.

When the world is going crazy, to find these little havens of dedicated visionary quality, is doubly appreciated. And if (like me) you have a number of bikes, then suddenly it becomes a cheap rack too (since it is so quick to transfer between bikes).

AeroPack - Extended SeatPost Connector
Dustin Venhuizen (Calgary, CA)
Excellent piece of kit

Ordered this beauty at the "end" of bikepacking season in the PNW in Canada, holds a substantial amount of gear whilst keeping it bone dry. No more bag wag, droopage, and tire rubbage!

Touting the effectiveness of this product to my friends here, so they should be ordering their's kn due time!