Lightweight, stiff and aerodynamic, this is the ultimate race equipment to help you ride further and faster.


Tick tock. Day is night. Night is day. Nothing focuses the mind or hones the legs quite like the world’s toughest ultra endurance races. All you have to beat the clock is you, your bike and and a map.

Competitors are everywhere – but also nowhere. From first thing in the morning to the point at which you decide to stop and sleep (or not), you face challenges, decisions, highs and lows.

Uncharted territory, unfamiliar climbs, unknown descents, weather you cannot control and all the while, the clock ticks.

The race is often dictated as much by your time off the bike as on it. This is the equipment you need to maximise that time while keeping everything safe, secure and dry while on it.


The race category products are aero and light. They have been tested by riders in both the Transcontinental and Trans Am Bike Races so they have seen some serious miles and arduous real-world testing.