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designed to work with bags

Cage Packs and Cargo Straps. The story behind designing the perfect system

“A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole.” Rhubarb and custard, salt and pepper, cheese and pickle, Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy; are there any more iconic pairings in life? We have our iconic pairings in the bikepacking world, and right at the top of the list are cargo cages and dry bags. It’s common knowledge that this pairing is one of the most…

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Tailfin Mini Pannier

Do Pannier Bags have any place in ‘modern’ bikepacking?

According to the ‘rules’ of bikepacking, pannier bags have no place on a modern setup. But why is that? Is it a fair assumption that you should never consider this form of load-carrying if you are planning on riding on anything other than tarmac? Common opinion is that pannier bags are simply not ‘cool’ and their popularity has waned. For many they are intrinsically linked with the old world image of bicycle touring alongside the Dawes Galaxy, SPD sandals and…

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Why have we changed to Torx?

Why have we changed to Torx bolts?

Thanks to the clever modular nature of Tailfin products it is very simple to construct, maintain and repair your Rack or AeroPack. To help make this process as user friendly as possible we use interchangeable bolts to fix everything together with only a standard multitool needed to construct. We used to use bolts with a 3mm hex head but we’ve recently rolled out a new way of tightening the bolts, by changing to Torx heads. What the reason for changing…

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Tailfin mounting options

A guide to the different mounting options for your Tailfin System

One of the standout features of any Tailfin Rack or AeroPack system is the variety of ways you can mount it to your bike. Unlike traditional racks or seatpacks that rely on a single fixing option, Tailfin systems can be mounted in three distinct ways. This makes it incredibly easy to find a way that works perfectly with your bike. Introducing choice should be a positive but we are aware that it can make things a little more confusing when…

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Tailfin thru axle

Tailfin Tech: Axle Deep Dive

One of the distinctive features of a Tailfin Rack or AeroPack is how we use the wheel axle to secure the system to the bike. Whilst it’s true that you can also mount a Tailfin system using frame mounts, it’s when using the axle that the full strength and security of our design reaches its peak. Before we focus on the design and construction of the Tailfin Axles it’s good to get a little bit of background as to the…

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Rack or aeropack

Rack or AeroPack – Which one is right for me?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Tailfin is which of our systems would work best for an individual rider. It’s not surprising that the initial answer we give is almost guaranteed to be the same for every inquirer, ‘it depends on many factors but mainly what you use your bike for’. While this might seem like a blanket, vague and all-inclusive ‘answer’, it is meant to get you thinking as to what it is you…

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Introducing the new Tailfin Axle Finder

As part of our strive to improve your experience choosing the perfect Tailfin setup we have developed a new Axle Finder tool to make picking the right axle for your bike a far simpler task. Why do we recommend using a new axle for fitting our racks and AeroPacks? To maximise the carrying capacity and versatility of our rack and AeroPack systems we developed dedicated axles that replace the existing axle used to fix your rear wheel in place. This…

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