Product update: triple bosses on AeroPack Alloy S and S THREE Trunk Rack

We are pleased to announce the release of updated versions of the AeroPack Alloy S and S Three Trunk Rack, both of which now incorporate triple cage mounts on the rack. This article gives a rundown of the reason we made the change, and what we hope you’ll enjoy about the new update.

The AeroPack Rigid Seat Pack and Trunk Rack were launched seven months ago. One of the great things about the AeroPack is that it is suitable for all kinds of cycling, including bikepacking, racing, road, singletrack, and more. Having listened to feedback from customers, including demands for greater flexibility, we have added triple cage bosses on both sides of the rack for greater cargo and water capacity. 

The cage bosses use the industry standard of M5 Thread with 64mm between centres to increase the amount of accessories that will fit. That in turn means a greater range of carrying options, with a max load per side of 4.5kg (1.5kg per rivet nut). The main arch of both products are the perfect ‘real estate’ as they are well clear of any potential abrasion points. Adding bosses also avoids the need to change any frame components on a bike, making for a cleaner adaptation and putting minimal strain and stress on the frame.

The industry norm for cage bosses is aluminium rivet nuts. These are cheap and easy to install but in general aluminium threads have their limitations: threads can be easily damaged, especially if being used repeatedly. Our triple bosses utilise stainless steel rivet nuts, for a harder-wearing thread, with a special coating which prevents galvanic corrosion with the aluminium rack arch and galling when using stainless steel screws. The coating is a black organic microlayer topcoat, composed of a highly cross-linked binder system.

While the triple boss versions are initially available as complete builds, those who already own the AeroPack or Trunk systems will be able to purchase a replacement main rack arch in the future. See the full specifications below.

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