Tailfin Talks To… Chris Hall

Chris Hall is a London-based cyclist. His love for huge challenges for charity – such as 107 for 107 – brought him to the attention of the cycling community.

Here Chris discusses what brought him to that challenge, and now his move to long-distance cycling rides and races, including National 24, the Silk Road Mountain Race, trips across Australia, and the most recently the gruelling Atlas Mountain Race….

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Tailfin Product Guide

New to Tailfin? This is the definitive guide and quickest way to get to know our products. Get an overview of how they work and what makes them truly unique….

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The Ultimate Gravel Bike Build

Gravel riding has taken the world by storm, and for good reason – what could be better than a muddy ride through bridleways and gravel trails. No cars. A clear path ahead. Unchartered territory.

At Tailfin, we wanted to take our engineering passion and challenge ourselves to put together the world’s best adventure bike. A dream gravel rig that can go anywhere, do anything and leave you smiling ear to ear….

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