Quinda Verheul

Artist, photographer and cyclist. Quinda’s passions lie in the natural world and ultra-cycling’s all-encompassing and immersive experience of travelling through the landscape is her biggest motivation. She has taken on the world’s hardest races and has a natural resilience making her well-suited to the testing experiences they can bring.

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Quinda Verheul

Age: 34
Location: Rotterdam
Prototype Sour Bicycles full sus down Country, Sour Clueless all road and Sour Pasta Party, for cross I use my Purple Haze.
Preferred Discipline: In the sun, at 20 degrees Celsius, navigating mountainous off-road terrain, with the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in a river, lake, or ocean. Occasionally, I enjoy participating in races, embracing a bit of discomfort, and pushing my human limits. It allows me to experience the world in a unique way that I can’t find anywhere else in life.

Why ride with Tailfin

I chose to ride with Tailfin because their exceptional attitude, effective communication, and commitment to innovation truly stand out. Their products are not only reliable but also reflect a level of quality I admire. Collaborating with Tailfin was an obvious choice – I couldn’t think of a better brand that aligns with my values and cycling needs.

Noteable Achievements

Winning Hellenic Mountain race 2023

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2024
Atlas Mountain Race, Traka adventure, HT550, Japan Odyssey
What’s on your go- playlist?
I do have a few favourites which I could listen to on repeat, Monsieur le Maire de Niafunké by Ali Farka Touré en Toumani Diabaté
What do you carry with you on every trip?
A snack and wallet
One luxury item you take on a trip
Favourite country to ride in?
I don’t want to pick one, I love exploring places by bike and there is so much I still can discover.
Personal challenge/s for 2024
Move to Dresden, Germany and have a bigger Art Studio.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
something quiet and pieceful that goes up a mountain and down to the ocean, best of both.