Frame Bags


The heart of your bikepacking setup, the Frame Bag is the integral companion to any adventure, big or small.

With nine unique half-frame and wedge-style models we offer more sizes than are available anywhere else, with a key emphasis on serving the majority of riders regardless of frame size.

Looking for even more detail? Check out the detail behind the design, or watch the Complete Guide below.


Media Reviews

"Its innovative space frame technology, user-friendly functionality, zipper support, stable and secure fit and overall aesthetics make it the best frame bag I’ve ever used."

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""I’ve been impressed with the half-frame bag’s stability while riding. It only utilizes four attachment points – with nothing on the seat or head tubes – and it’s held up great on even some long rides I’ve gone on recently where I’ve packed it full of food and extra clothing."

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"The Tailfin Frame Bag is a new benchmark for frame bags. It is well thought-out, practical and highly functional."

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10/10 - "Strong, durable and impeccable in use with sizing to suit a wide range of bikes."

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Try before you buy? Use our printable templates to measure the Frame Bags against your bike, in the flesh.


We have three ways you can check which Frame Bag is best suited for your bike. Use our online sizing tool, check the measurements of the bags in the specifications above, or print out a template to measure up to your bike in the flesh.

The Tailfin Frame Bag range will work with all brands of top tube bag. We have positioned the V-Mounts to match those on our range of Top Tube Bags so you can share straps for a much neater setup.

Our Wedge Frame Bags are designed for you to prioritise water capacity so depending on frame size you should be able to fit a 1-litre bottle. You can also fit a Tailfin Bottle Dropper to increase the space for your bottles and therefore potentially increasing the size of bottle that will work in your frame. Finally we recommend the use of side-loading bottle cages. These ease access to larger bottles when used in smaller frames or with larger frame bags.

We use fully waterproof Hypalon and Ripstop Nylon materials and employ a welded construction technique to ensure zero water ingress. Custom water resistant zips with protective zip garages prevent water from getting in when the zip is fully closed and the puller is in the garage.

We used 20mm diameter balls with a known mass per litre. Packed the bags out nicely then weighed the balls.

Yes, all Tailfin Frame Bags will fit a variety of different battery packs. A cable port at the front will also allow you to charge your tech on the go.

Ideally you would opt for the frame bag that fits each frame exactly however this may be unrealistic considering how many bikes you may have. In this case opt for the frame bag that allows you to fit the most frames well whilst also allowing for the capacity to carry everything you want. Use our Frame Bag sizing tool to find the best fit.

This first range is aimed at drop handlebar bikes (road and gravel) However you can still use our Frame Bag sizing tool to see if any will fit your full suspension mountain bike. If you have a hardtail or rigid MTB you may find you have a few options.

Firstly try not to over fill the pack or put any undue strain on the zip whilst riding. We also recommending cleaning the bag in warm soapy water after particularly muddy or gritty riding. Focus on the zip to ensure that no mud is clogging the teeth. Dry thoroughly and apply a dedicated zip lubricant in order to keep the zip running perfectly.

Only in the largest frame bags will you be able to fit a frame pump. There are storage straps for carrying a mini pump in every size though.

The complete Frame Bag range is compatible with any bottle cage. If you want to maximise bottle access or capacity then we recommend choosing side-access bottle cages.

It really comes down to personal preference and the space available within your frame. See our blog here for an in-depth look.