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Weight (incl. mount)


Weight (incl. mount)






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"Tailfin’s new system is a lightweight, secure, spacious and easy-to-use. The system provides a solution to many perennial bikepacking dilemmas and difficulties"

"I loved the ease of use of accessing items from these bags without even getting off of the bike, so I would keep my tent in a dry bag at the bottom of the pack and some gloves, a buff, and a light jacket on top for ease of access"

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Fork Packs are sold individually.

First, check to see if your fork has triple or double bosses, then check the distance between these bosses (should be 64mm between two). Finally, refer to the fork manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of weight limits and suitability for carrying loads.

Sorry, you wouldn’t be able to fit them. You need a fork with triple/double boss eyelets for the Fork Pack to fit.

We recommend fitting using all three for maximum security and to minimise any potential damage to Fork Pack or fork. You can fit using two screws but you must use the top two mounting points on the mount and there is a reduction in the maximum weight you can carry to 3kg.

Yes, although the weight limit will only be 4.5kg, lower than the 9kg that you would have if you upgraded your arch to one with pannier capabilities, to use with a set of Mini Panniers.

Yes, you can. We would recommend using three SFMs per side for maximum stability and strength. You can use the fork packs with just two (attach using the top and bottom position on the Fork Pack Mount) but the weight limit would be lower at 3 kg.

Yes, conversion kits are now available to purchase here.

The Fork Pack Mount is made from 7076-T6 aluminium alloy. This is CNC machined and hard anodised.

No. The Fork Pack Mount is only compatible with Tailfin Fork Packs.

If the rack has triple boss fittings then yes, you can mount a Tailfin Fork Pack system.

Both 5 and 10 litre packs are compatible with gravel bikes. It depends on what you want to carry!

No. The width between the bosses on the original Topstone Carbon fork (2019-21) is not compatible with a Fork Pack Mount.

Yes. As long as the two bosses are the standard 64mm distance between (the same as a water bottle cage mount) then you can fit the Fork Pack Mount. PLEASE NOTE the mount must be attached using the top two mounting points and there is a reduced weight limit of 3kg per Pack.

We don’t recommend our Fork Packs if the bosses on your fork are at an angle (for example on the Mason Bokeh 2.0 and Surly Ogre). There is a chance of the pack touching the wheel, particularly the brake rotor. Bikes using a Klamper front brake may also experience this. You can however use our smaller volume Cage Packs and Cargo Cages.

The Fork Pack is the ideal place to carry light and bulky items such as sleeping bags/mats, spare clothes, cook sets, or tents/bivi bags.

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