Suspension Fork Mount


The SFM is a universal clamp system that enables suspension fork users to mount cargo or water bottle cages to the lower leg of the fork.

The SFM ship as a pair, allowing you to fit one side of your fork.



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Weight is the key difference between the two different versions. The performance of both the Carbon and Stainless Steel SFM is comparable. The overall look of the two different materials is of course slightly different.

Currently forks with a leg diameter lower than 38mm or larger than 45mm are not accommodated. Luckily most modern suspension forks barring long travel forks such as Fox’s 38 or RockShox’s Zeb fall between the recommended dimensions.

Please note the SFM's are not compatible with the Fox 34 Step-Cast 2022/23 Fork (Earlier models are compatible)

Just as if you overtighten your seatpost collar and find your dropper post performance hampered, exert too much clamping force to a thin walled suspension fork and performance can be compromised and potentially damage the sensitive internals. Through exhaustive testing we have created an accessory mount that requires minimal clamping force, thus minimising the risks to your expensive suspension fork.

The Tailfin SFM is unique in giving three different cage mounting points. If mounting a single cage you may choose any of the three. When mounting two cages you will need to use the two outside mounting positions. We suggest positioning the SFM at an angle that places cages as close to the fork as possible.

The Tailfin SFM is shipped as a pair. Giving you all you need to attach cages to ONE side of your suspension fork. Order TWO sets to fit cages to both sides of your fork.

The SFM has been designed to minimise the chance of scratching however with repeated fitting and removal slight scratching could occur. We recommend applying a thin layer of helicopter/self-amalgamating protective tape if you want to protect your decals fully. Remember to measure your SFM after the tape has been applied.

In order to ensure the complete and unrestricted performance of your suspension fork, it is highly important not to exceed the recommended maximum torque of 3Nm. As with any precision component, the use of a torque wrench is required for safe fitting.

Carbon fibre and stainless steel were chosen as materials for making the SFM as one of the key properties of both is the ability to resist an effect called 'creep'. Creep is an impact associated with products manufactured from polymeric materials (plastics) whereby any increased strain - even that under the recommended level. It occurs as a function of time through extended exposure to levels of stress that are below the yield strength of the material. Given sufficient time, this can lead to creep rupture, the failure within a material as a result of continuously applied stress at a level below the tensile strength.  Plastic materials are particularly prone to creep rupture through exposure to static stresses. Simple answer: carbon and steel SFMs will last longer and perform better than plastic counterparts.

Yes, as long as the diameter is within the 38-45mm. Lefty Ocho - yes, but you will need to clamp below the cable guide.

No, currently the SFM does not fit a Rudy fork, as the lower leg tapers too much.

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Vernon Cahoon (US)
Bike: Specialized Diverge
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Well made cages

I have ordered six of the cargo cages. They are very well made. My wife and I have been using them on our gravel bikes. The longest trip was 180mi on gravel and trails with some rough spots. They were very secure and easy to use. I have since mounted some on my Suey Krampus.

Tuan Vu (US)
Bike: 2022 Canyon Grizl SL8 suspension
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Space grade fit, finish and materials.

Premium price but worth every penny. Sturdy, well thought out design and engineering with no corners taken with materials and manufacturing.

Joachim Krebs (DE)
Bike: Nicolai Saturn 11 und Canyon Grail
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB

Gute und stilvolle Möglichkeiten für die Befestigung an einer Federgabel. Sauber produziert, sehr hochwertig