Mini Cage


The Mini Cage is a versatile, low-profile mount for carrying gear or bottles. Perfect for carrying essentials on your mountain or gravel bike securely and rub free.

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The cage can take a load of 3kg on any terrain.

Plastic cycling water bottles / Bidons:

  • 500ml and 750ml - one strap will be required to secure the bottle
  • 1000ml - two straps are required

Rigid bottles (e.g. Nalgene/Kleen Kanteen) bottles:

  • 900ml/32oz - one strap required
  • up to 1200ml/40oz - one strap is required on road, two straps for off-road
  • up to 1900ml/64oz - two straps on any terrain

The Mini Cage uses standard 64mm water bottle boss spacing to fit anywhere you have these bosses. This will mean a Mini Cage can be fitted inside a frame, on the downtube, on the fork (bosses dependent).

We chose to sell the Mini Cage without straps as many users will already have plenty of Voile or velcro style straps compatible with it. The strap slots are long enough to allow one or two standard width straps or a larger diameter single strap. 

No! The Mini Cage is perfect for carrying spares on your gravel or road bike too.

The Mini Cage is ideal for carrying spares such as an inner tube and pump, a small dry bag, waterbottle or jacket (obviously not all at once!)

The Mini Cage is supplied with two Torx head screws and washers to fit your bike.

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