Frame Data Instructions

If you complete this survey you will be entered into a prize draw.

5 winners will be selected randomly on 1st March, and will receive a free framebag upon their release.

The process

You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape or 2x post-it-notes
  • Marker pen
  • Phone/camera

We’ve made a video to go with these instructions, watch it here:

Step 1: Set your bike up

  • Set your bike up with all the normal accessories you would want to use on a trip, including the bottles of your choice. Place bottles in cages and any other items that will interfere with the front triangle of the bike: e.g. pump, innertube, tools etc
  • Remove any bags you already have inside the front triangle of the frame.

Step 2: Data collection

The aim here is to create a standardised measurement that can be used to match up all frames regardless of size and geometry

  1. Place a post-it-note or piece of masking tape on the side of the top tube approximately 10cm in front of the seat tube. Make sure the note/tape does not wrap around the bottom of the tube or doesn’t hang below the tube.
Place the tape or Post-it-note as above…
…Try not to fix the tape or Post-it-note like this.

2. Mark a dot in the middle of the note/tape with your pen. Smaller is better here but make sure it’s visible on the camera.  SEE PHOTO ABOVE

3. Roughly place a second note or piece of tape 30cm in front of the first note/tape. SEE PHOTO BELOW

Roughly place a second piece of tape/note approximately 30cm in front of the first.

4. Accurately measure 30cm from the first dot and mark the second note or piece of tape with a dot. Also make sure both dots are inline with the axis of the tube. SEE PHOTO BELOW

Accurately measure and place a dot on the second piece of tape/note 30cm from the first dot.

Step 3: Taking the photos

  1. Place bike against a wall of contrasting colour to the frame paint colour (and also your water bottle colour if possible) with non-driveside facing the camera. The wall should be uniform colour or as close to it as possible (i.e. a painted wall would be good and a brick wall would be bad). SEE EXAMPLE BELOW

2. Make sure the bike is as upright as possible. It should just be touching the wall and not leaning on to it. SEE PHOTO BELOW

3. Rotate the cranks so the crank arm does not appear inside the front triangle of frame. SEE PHOTO BELOW

4. Stand at least 2 metres from the bike. 

5. Try to take the photo at the same height as the bike so the measurements are as accurate as possible. Use an imaginary point in the middle of the frame as the centre of the photo or use the centre of the top tube to get everything in focus. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW

6. Check that the 30cm markings can be seen in the photos.

7. Take one photo with bottles in cages and all other accessories as suggested in Step 1.

8. Take one photo with no bottles or accessories. 

How to Upload

Once you have taken the photos please fill in and submit the form by clicking the button below.

Thank you so much for playing a part in creating the next exciting chapter in Tailfin Technical Bikepacking Equipment.