A Day in the Peak District

A change of scenery is needed every now and again, and having somewhat exhausted photo opportunities in our local area we decided to head up north for a day out in the breath taking Peak district National Park.

Woken by our 6:00 AM alarm we were greeted with a particularly moody looking morning and left with thoughts that our sunrise golden light hopes might be dashed. Undeterred, we met with our riders for the day, Tailfin ambassadors Joe and Alice, and our Photographer for the day Sam Taylor. Fuelled on multiple pots of coffee and a cracking bacon sandwich provided by the Norfolk Arms, we drove up to the Lady Canning’s plantation with the aim of catching the much sought after ‘Golden hour’.  

In typical fashion, just as the sun began its rise, a large band of grey cloud accompanied it giving us only fleeting seconds of golden light at random intervals, creating the first challenge of the day our photographer. 

After not quite getting the light conditions we had hoped for we pushed on to our next destination eager to take on the striking rocks and gravel paths of Curbar Edge. 

After a drastic dip in temperature the brave decision was made to take a lunch break at the highly recommended Tilly’s Tea room. We were not disappointed. 

A day of cycling is not complete without a proper coffee stop

After a stand out flat white and round of sandwiches, it was time to hit the tarmac and take on the infamous Winnats Pass, situated in the much anticipated Hope Vally.  This was Joe and Alice’s time to shine, putting their hill climbing powers to the test doing endless laps up and down the notoriously steep road trying to catch photo opportunities between the seemingly never ending stream of cars. 

Final stop of the day was a quick blast up to Mam Tor. The rapidly dying light gave us a limited time to try grab some unique road and landscape shots. However, I think the shots we got clearly showcase the natural beauty and conditions the peaks are renowned for. 

And with that final photo the clouds came in, and within 10 minutes we were in darkness being forced to pack up, and faced the long drive back down south. We cannot recommend enough that you take the time to visit and ride in the Peak District. From long sweeping roads, to scenic gravel paths and breath taking scenery there is something for every type of cyclist to enjoy. One thing we can say for sure is it certainly ain’t grim up north.