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Our Carbon and Alloy Racks with Pannier Mounts are our do-it-all racks designed to work with the AP20 Trunk and Side Bags allowing you to carry up to three bags at the same time.

Top & Side/Pannier Bags

The AP20 Trunk is aerodynamically shaped and designed to fit the complete rack range. Wide-mouthed roll-top opening, high frequency welded seams and multiple pockets. The rigid internal aluminium chassis and aluminium connections offer impeccable ride performance with zero tail wag.

All side/pannier bags have clean lines, high frequency welded seams and guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. The rigid aluminium chassis and aluminium clamp create unrivalled handling with zero rattle. The ultimate pannier bags that fit our pannier mount racks as well as traditional metal racks.

Cargo Cages

The Cargo Cage helps carry extra load on your bikepacking trip safely and securely. The modular design and different size options can be adapted for any shape and size luggage, and fits via regular bottle cage or cargo mounts.

The AeroPack

The AeroPack rigid seat pack is our all-in-one solution with minimum weight and maximum aerodynamic advantages. The AeroPack S or X permanently integrates the roll top pack with the arch for incredible riding performance.