August 2020: Europe’s toughest mountain race?

Relatively new to the self-supported, ultra-distance bike race scene are the La Baroudeuse races. With unpaved and paved options over distances ranging from 317km through to 2,850km, there’s something for every bike racer from the aspiring to the experienced. Meaning ‘adventurer’ or ‘fighter’ in English, La Baroudeuse is not for the faint-hearted. The rankings will be established at the end of the event and each finisher will be rewarded with a wooden sword, a symbol of freedom of the most mighty of Gladiators: the Rudius.

Tailfin ambassador Ben Davies has been hard at work training and planning his route for the gruelling 2,850km Trans-Alpes Magnus Race, the most epic of all the distances. Ben says, “I’m tentatively getting myself lined up for the race and keeping an eye on the rapidly changing travel restrictions so it’s quite an unusual build-up to racing. The mountains are going to come as a shock to the system: I haven’t seen a mountain all year (!) so it is yet to be seen how my preparations in the local Mendip Hills will fare, but the parcours will certainly be stunning. I can’t wait to get back racing.”

Taking place in August 2020, here’s how the race options break down.

La Baroudeuse Road Race:

2855km / 800km / 400km – 15th August 2020

The road race also offers three different distances. The Trans-Alpes Magnus Race is 2,855km across the entirety of the Alps mountain chain, starting in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and finishing near Nice. It is the only point-to-point race option: all the other races start and finish in the village of Peille, near Nice. The Titus Race is 800km of road racing between France and Italy, while the Brutus Race offers 400km for cyclists who might be newer to bikepacking or are looking for a shorter challenge.

Both events take in the Gorges du Verdon, the Mercantour National Park, the Ecrins National Park, the Baronnies Provençales Natural Park and Mont Ventoux. This mountainous region offer varied landscapes of incredible richness through passes recognised and respected by all cyclists. It promises to be a beautiful, challenging and incredible event.

La Baroudeuse Unpaved Race:

1150km / 650km / 317km – 22nd August 2020

The unpaved race is an ultra-distance self-sufficient mountain bike race in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, with 80% on tracks and 20% on small secondary roads. There are three distances to choose from. The Maximus Race is 317km for cyclists who wish to discover bikepacking and get away for a long weekend; the Quintus is 650km; and the August Race will challenge experienced cyclists over 1,150km.

The most beautiful landscapes of France, the Alps in extraordinary natural reserves. To gain their freedom, the riders (gladiators) will have to finish their course. Or it’s prison for a year in the training camp 😉

Cédric Amand – Race Organiser

This is an amazing event and Cedric Amand, the organiser, is incredibly passionate so we’re expecting these races to flourish year on year. The ultra-distance events calendar continues to evolve and grow, and as a company we’re keen to lend our support and play our part in helping this amazing scene grow and become more accessible to a greater number of riders.  The TCR is another example, and do keep an eye on the blog as we’re going to be showcasing more of these events in the future.

Tailfin are pleased to be official sponsors of the event, only in its second year, alongside a few others including our favourite mapping app Komoot.

For more information on the Baroudeuse Mountain Races visit their website here.

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