S Series | Rack & Bag Sets

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Combining the S Series rack with our AeroPack Trunk is the fastest way to ride with a detachable trunk bag.

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Tailfin X Series | Rack & Bag Sets

So I originally purchased the S Series Rack & Bag Set disregarding the max laptop spec listed. So when it arrived, of course, my 15" laptop didn't fit. But thanks to the amazing customer support team, James specifically, I was able to exchange everything for a Tailfin X Series | Rack & Bag Sets. I was able to use it today to pick up some groceries here in California during the shelter in place. It's perfect!

Thanks for working with us on this Daniel, glad you were able to get the setup to work for you, and that you're loving it!
Daily Florida commuters to Sanibel Island (22 mi round trip)

After 5 years of wearing a backpack to bring our lunches, clean underwear, shaving supplies and miscellaneous items back and forth to work, we found tailfin. My wife and I both have carbon aero bikes and found tailfin and the waterproof bag to be an elegant solution to sweaty backs. We assembled and installed it from the box in 1.5 hrs (it didn't take that long but we were extra careful and watched videos and read all the directions). The frame is beautiful aero carbon and it is unbelievably stable despite hitting bridge and gutter sections of a 7 mile causeway to Sanibel at 30+ mph. Sure it adds a little weight but it looks clean and uncluttered while hauling our necessary cargo back and forth for 40 minutes each sunrise and sunset. Thanks Nick and your team for allowing us to hang up our backpacks! And it may seem like a premium price but it is absolutely worth spending the money to get the best.

Thank you, Eric. Your commute sounds dreamy! Glad we were able to improve it even further.
Beautifully engineered

Not just lightweight, but it's the stability which also really stands out. I use this everyday for commuting and I barely know its there when compared to my side mounted old scaffold frame thing.

I would recommend and it gets people asking about it in rides out.

Thank you Giles, great to hear that it's improved your commute.