S Series | Rack & Bag Sets

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Combining the S Series rack with our AeroPack Trunk is the fastest way to ride with a detachable trunk bag.

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Light.Quick to attach. Sturdy. A little pricy but worth it.

Great, great, product!!!!!

Such a well designed piece of bike equipment. The designers & engineers have done a Stirling job. Easy to fit in just seconds! With additional wheel skewers/axles it’s so easy to transfer across all my bikes. Such a great designed & manufactured bag, loads of room with the 20lts. Support from Tailfin has been exceptional with Nick to engineer going out of his way to provide spares to ensure correct fitting on one of my bikes. When in use it’s so secure with no sway at all and tucked away behind you, you forget it’s there. Easy access to all your gear with 2 openings & straps to secure even more gear. Used it on a 400 miler from Copenhagen to Berlin & knocked spots off anything I’ve used for long distance rides before. Highly rated!!!!!

Almost perfect...

I love the Tailfin product.. there are a few things that would round out the product usefulness..
first the method is attachment .. if the bag is detached, you fill it at home and bring it to put it on the bike, once filled with things, it’s not quite as easy to hold it latch it.. it would be good if there was a notch or something to align the bag n latch it.. ( have once almost lost its contents Because it wasn’t secured properly and i didn’t realise.
second, if the straps could double up as a handle.. it would greatly enhance its usage.
Lastly, for me, i bought it to be able to carry camera equip.. so it would be good either to identify a particular popular camera bag manufacturer inner padding or create flexible padding to be able to carry gear.. .. in fact, if inners could be flexible for various uses cases, it would be very beneficial..
currently, it doesn’t have that nor does it accept my camera bag as is, so it’s sort of a difficult situation.. n god forbid i have a soul with the equip behind..

Having said all of the above.. the rack is beautiful -( the carbon Fiber model) i really love that it’s waterproof, and latches on and off.
Many people who only the the rack find it beautiful. Above all, i got it also because it’s so lightweight.

Thank you