Mike Vlietstra

Gravel and road adventure riding is Mike’s playground. He’s less often seen in front of the lens than some other riders but that’s because he’s the one creating the ever lasting images. He pushes his kit hard and a recent step into ultra-endurance racing has added another list to his kit requirements.

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Mike Vlietstra

Age: 27
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Bike: Focus Izalco Max road bike and Focus Atlas gravel bike. Sometimes the hardtail mountain bike for some jumping in the woods.
Preferred Discipline: Never exactly the same route twice. Always looking for new roads and paths on a race and gravel bike.
Sponsors: Focus, MAAP, Quoc, hammerhead, POC

Why ride with Tailfin

I’ve been using a Tailfin system for years and I can’t imagine any other way. It is one with your bike, so you no longer realise that you have things with you. You can easily take a lot of stuff with you without being bothered by it. Getting out of your saddle and sprinting and your bike remains super manoeuvrable.

Noteable Achievements

Badlands 2021, 2nd place pairs (with Martijn van Strien)

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2022
This year, my performance level will become more important after years of relaxed rides and bikepacking trips. Nice challenges with the feeling that I’m really training again.
Music playlist of choice
I always listen to something on the bike. Usually they’re podcasts, but when the last hour comes and I need some extra motivation, I often ask Siri if she can turn on a Travis Scott or Kanye West playlist. The last hour I have a bit more aggression to continue well.
What do you carry with you on every trip?
Eye mask, Wherever I sleep. When I put on an eye mask it is always just as dark everywhere and I can sleep well.
One luxury item you take on a trip
Always two pairs of headphones. Since listening is so important I always take a backup set with old-school wire so I can always listen to something.
Favourite country to ride in?
Italy is the country where I ride perhaps the most relaxed. The roads are good, you can stop anywhere for good food and there is always something to see.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Difficult question because I almost never ride exactly the same route twice. Every day I sit behind Komoot again to adjust a route a bit or to connect routes with each other. If you could only ride one route here where I live. Would it be a combination of all the parts that make cycling fun for me. Gravel route with fast parts, technical curves and here and there a short MTB piece in between to challenge yourself.