Marcia Roberts

Success has no age limit; a phrase that describes Marcia perfectly. The current women’s LEJOGLE world record holder, Marcia is the epitome of a Tailfin rider. Whilst she enjoys all forms of riding, Marcia is planning on pushing herself out of her comfort zone and into new riding territories this year.

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Marcia Roberts

Age: 55
Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Bike: Specialized Roubaix Comp for Road, and Ribble Gravel Ti for off-road
Preferred Discipline: Long distance & out of the way

Marcia Roberts
Marcia Roberts

Why ride with Tailfin

It simply works for me. I have small bikes, and traditional bike-packing saddle packs just don’t work for me. I ride with an Aeropack setup. It is light, reliable, well designed, and the top opening helps me avoid the faff factor. It’s so easy to switch between bikes, and it makes no difference whether my bike is small or large. It’s all I ever needed really.

Noteable Achievements

Guinness world record holder for fastest female to ride Lands End to John O’Groats and BACK in 2020. Also the first woman to ever do it

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2022
GBDuro is the big one! Then I have the Dales Divide, Great British Escapade and Chase the Sun.
Music playlist of choice
Well that depends on the time of day. I have a playlist called cycling mojo, very upbeat music, using the word ‘strong’ a lot, for when night falls. I sing….it keeps me awake. At dawn I have an amazing chilled instrumental playlist….the perfect music to see in a new day.
What do you carry with you on every trip?
Pump & waterproof – sorry that’s two
One luxury item you take on a trip
On ultra’s = spare bibs. Touring = Kindle
Favourite country to ride in?
Vietnam – it’s so colourful, and it’s where I first discovered I could actually do this long distance malarkey way back in 2008.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Argentina to Alaska – Top of my bucket list. I’m working on it.