Justinas Leveika

Justinas doesn't stop riding. Always racing, always training; he epitomises what it takes to be at the very top of the ultra-endurance racing tree. 2022 has been his stand out year with wins at prestigious events such as the Race Around Rwanda. Justinas has an eye for detail and can pin point exactly what he needs from his kit in order to complete the task in hand which is why he fits so well into the R&D Division.

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Justinas Leveika

Age: 35
Location: Tolga, Norway
Bike: Trek Checkpoint, Procaliber and other Trek bikes!
Preferred Discipline: All kind of riding: road, gravel, mtb, snow
Sponsors: Albion, Hunt, Supernova, Trek Nordics

Why ride with Tailfin

Because I need things that last. Less faff more riding.

Notable Achievements

Met a lot of beautiful people, been to amazing places in the world.

Fat Viking – 2nd
Atlas Mountain Race – 2nd
Gran Guanche gravel – 1st
Dales divide – 1st
Dead ends and Dolci – 2nd
Seven Serpents – 1st
Tour Divide – 2nd
Silk road mountain race – 3rd

GranGuanche Road – 3rd
Race around Rwanda – 1st
Classics Story the Northern Way – 1st
Traka 360 – 6th
A bike race roughly the size of Wales – 1st
Madrid – Barcelona – 2nd in pairs
Three Peaks bike race – 1st
Badlands 2022 – 4th
La Monegrina Classical divide 2022 – 1st

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2024
Get back to some of the races and try to do one better 🙂 Fat Viking – season opener Atlas in February Not much planned in March but I will look for a challenge Desertus Bikus in April Kromvojoj or/and Leman Gravel challenge June – maybe another go in Tour Divide July – organising my own race – The Bright Midnight August – maybe GB Duro with a way to get there without flying September – Alps and Sneak Peaks October – Something fun November – 2 Volcano sprint
Music playlist of choice
a mix of everything that has a beat and rhythm 🙂
What do you carry with you on every trip?
phone or bike computer… boring, I know.
One luxury item you take on a trip
Inflatable pillow
Favourite country to ride in?
Ohh, that’s too difficult. But Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Morocco all those countries that are not ruined by civilization by so much,.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Around the world
Personal Challenges for 2024
To make my wishlist a reality
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Ride bikes, have fun, feel good.