Jay Petervary

A legend of the ultra-endurance race scene. Jay has entered and won more races than almost anyone else on the circuit. What makes Jay stand out is his ability to succeed at any type of racing from 'Arctic Iditabikes' to the high mountains and heat of the Atlas Mountain Race. He’s a meticulous planner and knows exactly what works for a multi-day race or expedition.

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Jay Petervary

Age: 49
Location: Victor, Idaho
Bike: Rodeo Labs – Trail Donkey, Flaanimal, Show Pony
Preferred Discipline: Off-road Ultra Distance Bikepacking
Sponsors: Rodeo Labs, Industry Nine, PedalED, Fizik, GU, Shimano, LEM

Jay Petervary

Why ride with Tailfin

As a pioneer in this space, I have always loved outside the box thinking. I have always thought there are better, quicker and more efficient ways to pack a bike with kit beyond the typical soft luggage bags that are so wide spread and copied today. I wanted to share my ideas with a brand that was interested in actually applying them.

Noteable Achievements

Creeping in on 50 ultra-distance bikepack races since 06′ with many wins and even some records along the way. Completing all of them is my biggest achievement.

in Talas, Kyrgyzstan, Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021. (Yam G-Jun)

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2022
I always have a list of things in my mind for the year but as I am starting off this year recovering from an accident that list is tentative and bound to change with my last minute personality. That said I am excited to be talking with a partner about developing a new bikepack route in an undisclosed location. As always there are some personal riding challenges that I will talk about when that time comes. I’m also looking forward to some shared experiences with others and passing my knowledge on. It’s that time in my riding career where giving back is more important and rewarding to me than my own selfish endeavors. My first trip back will absolutely be with my Lady! Probably in Baja!
Music playlist of choice
I randomly ask others for their playlists before an event. I love a variety of music…if I’m picking it all it will have a lot of reggae and hippie music ie Grateful Dead…
What do you carry with you on every trip?
Trick question as there are many things to take on trips. in general I usually have more gloves then anyone else, even in the desert, as I have circulation/nerve damage and hate being cold!
One luxury item you take on a trip
Having been introduced to adventuring using very minimal gear (like plastic bags as rain jackets) the kit I use today is all pretty luxurious. And when touring vs racing the luxury goes from 3 star to 5 star with tent, chair and cook kit!
Favourite country to ride in?
I have no favorites as I find unique beauty in all the different places I have been and I still have many places to go to.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Around the World!

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Watch to dig into Jay Petervary’s WINNING bike setup for the 2021 Tour Divide B2B / Great Divide Classic bikepacking race. Check out all the ins and outs of his steel Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 5.0 including all his personal touches – and of course the Tailfin Prototype rear AeroPack solution.