Gail Brown

Fuelled by curiosity, relentless positivity and a love of being outside, Gail can often be found setting herself the sort of challenge most people would shy away from. Although cycling is her way of life; commuting, work and community, she is also proving herself to be an incredibly determined racer. She's got plans to push her limits off-road this year, exploring ways to perform whilst being self-sufficient and deep in nature.

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Gail Brown

Age: 31
Location: Bristol, UK
Bike: Scott Scale Hardtail, Specialized Roubaix, and Specialized Sequoia
Preferred Discipline: All the types of riding! I don’t think I could choose one
Sponsors: Hunt Beyond

Gail Brown
Gail Brown

Why ride with Tailfin

It’s the versatile nature that I really love about Tailfin. I can use it to commute, tour, or race on any bike. And for someone who enjoys being well-fuelled at all times whilst riding, there always seems to be enough space for food.

Noteable Achievements

TCR07 – 28th overall and 3rd woman. Self-sufficient GBDURO in 2020, 3rd overall

Additional Information

Events/rides/challenges planned for 2022
With slight trepidation, I’ve signed up for Highland Trail 550 mass start in May. This isn’t going to be a ride for results, rather an exploration of capability. I’m under no illusion that the technical grade of this race is a few notches higher than my current, but there’s nothing quite like setting yourself a goal which forces you to work on your weaknesses. Despite making me feel nervous, having an excuse to push myself and my gear for several days in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands is really exciting.
Music playlist of choice
My liked songs on ‘danger shuffle’…it could be anything: Dance, drum and bass, classical, rock, showtunes, Flight of the Concords. I seem to have a habit of loosing headphones and if that happens I’ll just play music out loud, which sometimes can have embarrassing consequences
What do you carry with you on every trip?
Headtorch, for unexpected dark, mechanicals, front light failures, I’m always glad it’s there
One luxury item you take on a trip
Hairbrush, boring but true.
Favourite country to ride in?
I found this very difficult but going to go with the UK, despite the weather, there’s still so much beauty and variety to explore.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Somewhat unadventurous but I’m going for the Bristol Bath cycle path, it’s an old railway line, off-road, paved and flat. I do love epic routes but having cycling in my everyday life is far more important to me. On the path I can still commute and get to cycle with all types of people. Future proofing too, I’ll still be able to ride it when I’m 90!