Ben Davies

Ben is one of the original Tailfin supported riders and has been key to testing out new designs over the years. He boasts an impressive list of achievements including TCR podium finisher. Ben prefers his riding long, self-supported and flat out. An infectious level of enthusiasm makes Ben a perfect addition to any ride or race.

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Ben Davies

Location: Bristol, UK
Bike: Giant TCR
Preferred Discipline: Mountainous and long distance (mainly on the road!)

Ben Davies
Ben Davies

Why ride with Tailfin

Simply put, Tailfin products are so well thought out, designed and engineered; that appeals to me on so many levels from both a racing and product perspective. I mainly race/ride with an Aeropack setup and above all its benefits, it’s the ride quality that stand out.

Noteable Achievements

Cycling PanAmerica solo – 15,000 miles from Northern Canada to the Southern tip of Argentina

Transcontinental 3x finisher; highest placing – 2nd Position

Additional Information

Music playlist of choice
What do you carry with you on every trip?
Every trip = pump; Every trip in the UK = rain jacket
One luxury item you take on a trip
I generally just carry what I need, I’m not sure I do luxuries!
Favourite country to ride in?
Colombia, no question. Stunning scenery and incredibly friendly people. Colombia is a proper cycling country; cycling up mountains on a 50kg bicycle with truck drivers coming the other way applauding sticks in the memory.
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
Covid postponed a solo Africa top to bottom ride, so I’ve got to say that for the moment. But really the list is long!

Featured Story

In this featured story Tailfin rider Ben Davies takes us through the Tailfin AeroPack and his gear selection for an upcoming Transcontinental Race (TCRNo6). Ben finished 10th in TCRNo6 and 2nd in TCRNo7.