Alexander Kopp

Alexander Kopp

Alex is a rider capable of excelling at any ultra-distance race he enters, regardless of the terrain. A consummate climber, the Austrian native thrives in the mountains and seems to excel when the tarmac or trail goes up. 2023 will see Alex look to improve on an already impressive podium finish at TPRN02 and hopefully gain redemption at the GBDURO. Alex’s feedback so far has helped us shape some of our upcoming race oriented products.

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Alexander Kopp

Age: 36
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Bike: Santa Cruz Stigmata, Specialized Epic, Pivot Switchblade
Preferred Discipline: I started mountain biking years ago and gradually road cycling became a big thing. I now like every riding style: from road bikes to XC, Gravel and mountain bikes. This mix is ​​important to me – I just never get bored. And my rides are getting longer and longer, which eventually led me to ultracycling.

Why ride with Tailfin

I came into contact with tailfin when racing GBDuro. I was overwhelmed by the passion of the whole team. Everyone at Tailfin is passionate about bikepacking and developing new bags and concepts. The cooperation is great, it is great fun to give feedback on what is being implemented. Lastly, I use tailfin gear as I find them to be the best engineered bags on the market right now with the most innovative technologies. I can stand behind it 110%.

Notable Achievements

3rd Transpyrenees 2022 (Lost Dot)

5th 2022 Italy Divide 2022 (best experience ever, after a mechanical I had to rest for twenty hours, and had a great catch up to the front)


Additional Information

Music playlist of choice
My taste in music has become more and more cheesy over the years. I like to listen to sing-along music, or very emotional ones. Music that somehow picks me up
What do you carry with you on evert trip
Definitely my cell phone. I like to take photos and videos that remind me of the time. Otherwise time is always too intense to remember everything!
One luxury item you take on a Trip
Inflatable pillow, sometimes a mini backroll
Favourite country to ride in?
I fell in love with Italy, and the country is very close to Innsbruck, where I live. Italy has everything you need for great days on the bike. Starting with great food, add great mountain passes and a good dose of mayhem that makes every trip exciting. The people in Italy are great, they are not afraid of contact and they are interested in people on bicycles. I could go on for hours 🙂
If you could only ride one route, what would it be?
If it is an existing fixed route, definitely the European Divide Route. I like to look for adventures on my doorstep and don’t have to go far!