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Carbon Rack
Tim Reinoehl (US)
Bike: Cannondale Topstone One
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting
Unexpected Tax

I purchased the Tailfin carbon rack with the AP20 top bag and two ultra-durable panniers (note that these do not have an external pocket as the apparently outdated YouTube video would have you believe). I’ve been using this setup primarily for commuting but have also used it for bikepacking. Assembly was a piece of cake. The rack is extremely sturdy and very light weight. The bags easily fit whatever I need to carry for work, play, or grocery shopping. The only negative experience I had with this purchase was when I got the $140 bill for duty. I’ve purchased from other companies in the UK and never had to deal with this so I wonder if those companies include the duty fees in the price of their products? In any case, what I thought would cost me under $900 ended up costing me over $1000. Aside from that surprise I am very happy with my purchase.

Hi Tim, thanks for leaving us a review here. Glad to hear you’re pleased with your Rack. If you do incur import tax charges when you receive your package, we will reimburse you this cost. Please send proof of payment, and receipts of charges to [email protected]. The de minimis threshold for duties in the States is $800 and so this will be the reason why you were asked by the courier to pay a fee.

Regarding the panniers, that’s right, in 2021 we removed the side pocket after feedback from customers. It was replaced with an air release valve instead which aids packing as the pannier can now be compressed to a smaller volume. All the best, Dan

AeroPack Alloy
Fabian V.
Bike: Merida Ryde 95
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Light bikepacking from Munich to Lake Garda

Very stable setup, no motion at all. The removal of the bag is very easy and it is done in some seconds. Very conveniant if you stay in hotels overnight and you cannot take the bike on your room.
160 km a day is no problem with this bag.
I forgot to aquire the seatpost mockup for the backlight. i think this could be directly in the options of the order process because for a setup like this I want a backlight which is properly mounted and not something dangling on a clip. But overall i can give a top Rating. Its a wonderfull bag

Cage Pack
david roberts (GB)
Bike: 2001 marin wolf ridge
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
well engineered kit, for the long term

Have just finished riding the cyclepath of the Canal de Garonne from La Reole to Toulouse 260km roughly, using Tailspin fork mounts, cages and 5l bags and straps.
All worked well and made life a lot easier. But I found it better to leave the bags on the bike and fish out the contents when i needed them rather than take them off and on. The straps are tricky, quite rigid which keeps things in place but not inviting to use too often. The newer straps shown on your website for panniers look softer and easier to manipulate. The bags are good. They laughed at a downpour we got and kept everything dry. Are easy to pack and the 5l holds quite a bit.
The fork mounts were a great product enabling the use of a full sus bike which did not have many options for bikepacking. Everything fitted, was tight but not too tight. The packs were not too cumbersome and the 10l might have been an option but I would have filled them with stuff I did not really need.
I used a cheap 1l water bottle as a tool box and strapped it to a cage on the downtupe with a halfords strap. This worked a treat, mostly as the many slots on the cage made for a secure wrap around. This was a top feature.
The water bottle holders were fine too and nothing got knocked off, even when I went off-piste.
Looking forward to more adventures and trying the rear rack and pack. The kit feels good for the longer term and justifies its price, the materials and tolerances are spot on.
Only thought about the spec is the valve on the 5l pack. Not sure its needed, I had no problem squeezing stuff into the packs as the material is quite firm, doesn't deform or stretch. I can see the point on bigger bags but not on these, of course others may differ.

Cargo Cage
Gregg Meissner (US)
Bike: Nordest Britango 2
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
Well built

Looks and feels premium. Works great, and I appreciate the rubber spacers that sort of lift it off the frame just a touch. The large is a great stable rack for pretty much anything, I’ve been using it on rough trails, no problem at all!

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)
Sarkis Benliyan (DE)
Bike: Jeff Jones steel diamond frame (2011)
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Top kit! My best off-road bags yet.

What should I write? I am coming from traditional cyclotouring and using racks and panniers which have suited my my riding style just fine. But my interests have moved more off-road and I disliked the tail-swag of saddle bags. The Tailfin is ROCK SOLID. I already upgraded to 10l panniers and I am 110% convinced by the function and aesthetics of the system.

It's expensive but worth every penny.

Mini Panniers
Glenn Birch (GB)
Bike: Sonder Comino
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Alloy pannier arch and panniers

Already had a tailfin rack but decided wanted panniers, so ordered alloy arch and pannier, really easy to change, all new components fit like a glove,
Very happy with all tailfin products, yes, there is cheaper on the market, but nowhere near as good quality, like the saying is buy cheap buy twice. (Just buy once from tailfin) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carbon Rack
Urs Neuenschwander (CH)
Bike: Sarto Gravel ta
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Best equipment ever

ultralight, easy to assemble, does not wiggle even when going out of the saddle and extremely stylish!

Carbon Rack
John Engstrom (US)
Bike: Lauf True Grit Race
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring, Other
My first bike packing setup on my gravel bike

I reviewed a fair amount of pannier and bike frame systems while watching Tailfin develop their line of products over the last few years. After reading reviews I jumped in and bought the carbon rack with trunk to bag, and (2) 22L durable panniers. I love the system.... Easy to setup, easily removable when traveling and transporting bike, and the panniers and system are well built. Nice work Tailfin!!! Added bonus.... The bags will compress with use of an air valve. Super handy. I can adjust the systems volume with all the product options available to the outings need.

Extended SeatPost Connector
Ive Verstappen (BE)
Bike: Canyon Grail AL
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting
Tailfin makes my bike more versatile

I bought my Tailfin mainly to do some long rides (400k +) and bikepacking trips. I can simply say it works for the intented purposes. I can simply confirm that the tailfin works superbly and is super-stable and a piece of "engineering porn" as someone put it.

Some noteworthy customizations I did:
1. I added a Paul Gino style light-mount to enable me to attach my Garmin Varia on the fork of tailfin. Works perfectly and is impossible to do on a normal bag. Will add the taillight bracket to the tailfin so I free up space to add sidebags if needed.
2. I now use my gravel bike as a normal bike. Thanks to the tailfin, I can put groceries, jackets of the kids, you name it in my bike. The tailfin makes my bike infinitely more versatile!

Bike: currently=ride1up gravel edition 😉
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
tailfin alloy

for a small company, you make a world class product. though (apparently) pricey, it’s a solid investment in quality… but, that what money is for, n’est pas!?
thanks nick, and tailfin!
i’ll complete my rack with the panniers soon!


V-Mount Packs
Jon Muellner (US)
Bike: 2019 Salsa Ti Timberjack
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Tidy rack and bags

The alloy rack and bags work perfectly, though haven't had the chance for a long tour yet. Did require the extender, but makes access to the 20L bag much easier. Will be taking it on some Arizona bikepack trips this winter and the Great Divide Route in 2023. Will report back on that!

Suspension Fork Mount (SFM)
Jason Barnes (US)
Bike: Kona Honzo - Fox 34 Fork
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Tailfin Suspension Fork Mount

I was definitely apprehensive at first that these mounts would work, but just put them to the test last weekend on a 150 mile rugged bike packing tour and they worked astoundingly. Everything stayed in place, nothing mounted interfered with the wheel or steering, and they look great. They were definitely much more expensive than other options out there, but knowing how well they worked I'm sure I made the right decision. Would highly recommend these mounts.

Carbon AeroPack
D M Jones (GB)
Fantastic Tailfin

Took this to ride the Wolf's Lair In Itally on my Sonder Camino Ti.Did it all wrong as it was a late decision to purchase and hadn't tested it on a bikepacking trip!
It was faultless

Carbon AeroPack
Gian Struzina (CH)
Bike: Giant propel
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Review from Gian

I really like the design/materail and the Idea behind it. But I wish the sidepocket was bigger and the zip would be more robust. Everything else is really good

Alloy Rack
K.C. (GB)
Bike: Boardman Team Carbon
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Touring
Great bit of kit - but some really small details to nail to make it outstanding

Used for a Coast 2 Coast trip over 3 days, the Tailfin worked extremely well and carried everything I needed and was extremely stable. Everything is well engineered and easy to fit and use.

The bag itself comes with clips/rings for a shoulder strap - but no strap is included, which would be really useful when carrying the bag off the bike.

The tie down straps around the bag have a tendency to slide off the front of the bag - especially if packed to slope under your saddle, this can be solved by crossing them but not always possible as one strap is longer than the other and if the bag is fully packed and it wont reach - on one occasion the strap slipped off and was rubbing on the rear wheel.

The rubber cover inside the bag covering the metal frame fell off straight away and doesn't seem to have a way of attaching back to the frame.

I brought the 3rd Party Pannier adapters, but unfortunately my joined panniers wont fit as the centre section that would normally span a standard luggage rack is not wide enough to reach the supports on the Tailfin - I guess single bags would work better or obviously there own.

Normally these little things wouldn't bother me too much but I feel that for the cost of the bag and rack these small things would have been thought about, 3 of us brought them for the trip and all had the same issues, plus other things like not being able to mount lights properly even with the seat post mimic.

Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to write a review for us here I hope you had a good trip. Thanks for this feedback too. The rubber cover inside the top bag should just push in place over the internal frame, we do have some spares at our office so I’ve sent a separate email to see if we need to ship a replacement over to you. Regarding the Third-Party Pannier Adaptors, we designed them to work with single panniers and you’re right the width of our arches means a joined pannier, unfortunately, won’t fit. You’re welcome to return the adaptors back to us for a refund though. All the best, Dan

Bike: Trex Domane SL5
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting

Having a carbon frame you are limited as to what you can use for saddlebags, I did a lot of research to find these taifinn bags I could not have made a better decision lightweight easy installation capacity size it’s just about perfect I couldn’t have asked for anything better great job !

Alloy Rack
Peter B
completely delighted

I’m completely delighted. The Trunk Top Bag, Ultra Durable Panniers, and Alloy Rack are an excellent and one of a kind system. In my research, I determined that it’s inadvisable to use a cantilevered trunk rack on an carbon seat tube, and that there are no good options (in the US market) for frame-mounted racks suitable for carbon frames that don’t have attachment lugs. The compressive and bending forces of friction fit attachments put the frame tubes at risk, and seem to be less secure anyway. From what I could tell, Tailfin is not just the best solution, but it’s really the only solution for a secure rack attachment for panniers and a trunk on a carbon frame. Without the panniers, the frame can be used with trunk only (and vice versa), and without any bags, you can attach water bottles or other equipment.

I have Terra CL Satin Carbon/Satin Black 700C wheels with DT Swiss hubs, and the Fast Release Dropouts and 1.0mm - Thru Axle (12mm) were an easy fit. The entire system is quick to install, I followed the videos and instructions carefully, but it’s easy to follow, with little chance for error.

I attached the AP mount to the rack, which is meant to hold a spare water bottle. Instead, I screwed on a Garmin-type bracket (“Bike Computer Stem Top Cap Mount Holder Compatible with Garmin Edge”), easily sourced from Amazon (at least, in the US market), to mount a Garmin Varia radar/light. (I inserted some foam rubber to shield the metal-to-metal contact.)

I used this systems (trunk, panniers, and frame) for the 150 mile GAP trail in Pennsylvania over 5 days. The bags were fully loaded with about 35-40lbs. of stuff inside the bags. The trail is mostly gravel. The weight was barely noticeable either in terms of work (pedaling) or balance.

In summary, while these are costly items, the quality is commensurate with the cost. This is good, because there aren’t any good alternatives for a carbon bike anyway, and you wouldn’t want to ruin a frame that can easily cost thousands of dollars just to save a few hundred dollars on the rack system. I would think it’s not hard to resell this system on eBay in the US for close to what you paid because the system isn’t available in US retail locations, should you require the system for only one trip. In my case, now that I have the system, it opens up the door for many more longer trips. There’s a saying along the lines of “the ongoing joy of high quality long outlives the initial shock of a high price”. This system is meant to last, and should provide great value for a long time.

Cage Pack
Stephen Lawrence (GB)
Bike: Scott spark
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Light bracket

Like everything else perfect!

Mini Pannier
Rosenkranz Tino (DE)
Bike: Rosé
Riding Style: Bikepacking


Bike: Specialized Diverge
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring

Great products. I wish everything I buy could be this well engineered!

Bike: Giant TCR SL
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking

Extremely versatile, same system works on my road, gravel and MTB! Absolutely love it!

Alloy Rack
Mr K A Davidson (GB)
Bike: Cannondale toppstone 4 Carbon & Planet X Tempest Campag
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting
Great product

Very pleased with my alloy tailfin rack. Solid with
Great aesthetics.

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)
Bart De Vrij (BE)
Bike: Canyon Grizl
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Great stuff! 👌👌👌

Easy to mount

Suspension Fork Mount (SFM)
Yoann Servant (FR)
Bike: On One Big Dog
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Great Suspension Fork Mounts

Very neat and strong suspension fork mounts. Adds easily mounting points to your bike when you don’t have enough.

Alloy Rack
Mark Whitehead (GB)
Bike: Canyon Grizl
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance
No More Swaying Seatpacks

Very secure on the bike and much easier/quicker to remove and take with you. Putting it back on is also much easier when it doesn't require the fiddly getting straps through the saddle rails with fingers that are numb with cold.