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Bike: Sonder Colibri
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring

I brought the aeropack alloy, along with the rack extender and it has been fantastic! It has survived everything I have thrown at it so far; notably keeping all my equipment bone dry in torrentially heavy rain which instead managed to break my gps. It is completely solid and steady; there is no sway, and no strap ‘sagging’ like I have had to deal with from saddlepacks.

It is super durable and has seemed to suffer no damage, such as when I accidentally rode directly into a very deep and submerged pothole, which ejected me from the bike: the rack needed no readjusting or anything remounting!
The rack extender was an absolute necessity due to my small frame, and has given me more access to the bag, although i did think the extender could have been slightly longer.

I was able to directly attach my light onto the back of the bag using the material strips, although for a more long term solution I will probably be looking at the light mount accessories which are available, but it is great to have for a secondary light or for attaching things such as a z-lok!
Overall I am really satisfied that I brought this, it has been a really sound purchase and has made carrying items easier and quicker to access! Thanks for making this kit!

Cargo Strap
Gabriel Czembor (DE)
Bike: Scott Scale
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, MTB
Sturdy, sleek and no change to the ride feel

easy to mount, fast to change and most importantly it doesn’t change the way the bike handles, no matter how rough the trail is

2x Cargo Strap 65cm
Brian Williamson (GB)
Bike: Genesis Croix De Fer
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
All new luggage

Stuff looks amazing superb finish

Cargo Cage
Lori Erickson (US)
Bike: Bearclaw hardtail mountain bike and Bearclaw Thunderhawk gravel bike
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
Front fork cage

The light weight sleek design on the front fork rack is great! The little removable “foot” is ingenious and keeps a Nalgene bottle from slipping but being able to remove it for storing a larger stuff stack is such a nice option!

Alloy Rack
Niklas Grahn (SE)
Bike: Canyon Grail
Riding Style: Commuting
High quality product, works great

I've had the rack and pannier bag for a few weeks and I am very pleased. Works as expected and don't rattle. Very high quality in every part.
I would have liked an easier installation guide though.
Also, a handle to make carrying the pannier bag easier would be nice.

Carbon AeroPack
Matthew Alexander (US)
Bike: Salsa Spearfish
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB

Great product! I ordered the incorrect axle length, but the staff were responsive and helpful towards correcting my mistake!

Extended SeatPost Connector
Andrew Crockett (DE)
Bike: Mason, Bokeh 52 Frame
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
Great! 100% stable on the rear - Aeropack Alloy

First rear bag that you forget that its there! Fantastic! Very impressed! Been through some very wet weather as well and can testify to its waterproofness! ...and further bonus IMHO it looks cool as well. I ride a Mason Bokeh 52 Frame and later added the aeropack extender for a little extra clearance. ..some thoughts for your product developers (if we can add wishes in the review) ...what would be a great addition for my commute, is if there was a nice slim laptop bag pannier. Something in size similar to a laptop sleeve, for a snug fit around the laptop as I put all the other gear in the aeropack.

Mini Panniers
Lee Cooper (GB)
Bike: Cannondale Topstone Carbon
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Bike Packing & Road Touring

I purchased the alloy rack with pannier mounts. I have been on a couple of mini adventures since fitting the new Tailfin kit to my bike and i am super impressed.
The stability is the first thing you notice particularly when cycling over rough ground. Storage in the main bag is excellent and totally waterproof. I have opted for mounts fitted to two of my bikes (gravel & mountain) rather than the axle option. The quick release connectors work a treat.

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)
Mr. robert turner (AT)
Bike: Giant TCR Advanced with Carbon frame
Riding Style: Commuting, Touring
Fantastically engineered piece of kit

I am not an ultra-racer or anything crazy but was looking for a solution for my 35km commute into Vienna, to carry my laptop and other bits. I was using a Rucksack previously but ruined my shoulders and back so went for this instead. The through bar works really nicely and feels rock solid, fitting the other bits was easy peasy and everything is rock solid, even though my seat post is not round etc. the carrier bag clips on the side in seconds and holds loads of kit and looks to be fully waterproof, again fab quality! The only downside is the price but I think it is probably worth it and there are nonother solutions that come anywhere close for this kind of bike!

AeroPack Carbon
Paul Hackin (GB)
Bike: Genesis winter club ride bike and and summer touring
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Big step up

After setting up my tailfin on my bike I just know this is going to be great for yh weekends and my end to end next summer (lands end / John O'Groats)

Carbon AeroPack
Sander Claesen (NL)
Bike: Rose X-lite disc
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance
Care-free cycling, almost noticing you are carying extra gear!

I use the aeropack when I go alone on a trainingscamp in a foreign country. With the aeropack attached, I can take some extra gear (inner tubes, chain, extra bottle, tools, ...) to explore new area's. This really stops me worrying and wondering how I would ever get back to the hotel, should something happen.

Furthermore, I can just do all my intervalss without even noticing the bag is there!
Its more expensive than a saddle bag, but for me, it was well worth the investment!

Mini Pannier
Clive Colman (GB)
Bike: Mason Bokeh
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Tailfin Aero

I recently upgraded my Apidura saddle bag to the Tailfin system for bike packing. I am a frequent bike packer so was unperturbed by the initial outlay.
I used it on its maiden voyage completing The Rebellion Way last week, which is a mixture of on and off road. The weather was very wet, so was an excellent test for the set up. Happy to report it passed with flying colours, so a happy customer!

Alloy Top Stay - Long
Timothy Farrow
Riding Style: MTB
I love this company

Fantastic rack! Digging the longer one. The alloy one allows bottle cages and is delightfully light. It would be cool if a bigger “deck” could be popped on for bulkier items and rectangular bags. I’m looking forward to getting more luggage soon cuz these guys make some amazing stuff and their customer service is wonderful. I had a bit of trouble getting the right axle but Sam swapped it out and even paid shipping both ways! I will be ordering more Tailfin gear for sure!

Alloy Rack
Ronald Smith (US)
Bike: Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
Outstanding Products and Customer Service

I couldn’t be more impressed with my entire experience with Tailfin. Particularly, your customer service agent, Sam, has been extremely helpful in helping me purchase my alloy rack and AP20 Bag. The products are gorgeous and perfectly executed. I can’t wait to make my next purchase. With many thanks to you, Sam, and your entire time for making this such a great experience!

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)
John Caserta (US)
Bike: Priority 600X
Riding Style: Bikepacking

Awesome customer service…helpful, knowledgeable and prompt !

Light Mount (Fixed)
Customer (GB)
Bike: Trek Emonda Project 1
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance
Solid piece of kit

I used the original seat-post mimic mount for a number of years. I had a few issues with it in that my rear lights would slip off quite often and be left dangling off the hook behind the mount leaving the light pointing at the ground. I had a good email exchange with Dan from Tailfin about this at the time. I resolved the problem by using zip ties instead of the rubber bungee supplied with my lights.

So, I was really glad that this new fixed light mount has been developed. I’ve swapped out the old one for this. It’s all very solid.

Exposure Lights have coincidentally released a Bolt On Rack Mount for my Blaze rear light and this works really well with the new mount.

AeroPack Alloy
Christian Le Duff (FR)
Bike: Canyon Grizl
Riding Style: Bikepacking
High quality

High quality bags and racks, expensive and have to check after use if it’s worth the price. Good customer service

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)
Sébastien DAVOS (FR)
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting

Universal Thru Axle (bundle)

Alloy Arch Bumpers
Cristobal Capella (DE)
Bike: Specialized diverge, Canyon Grizzl, Stevens sonora
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, MTB, Touring
Tailfin Aeropack ist great.

Great product, very practical, light and very durable.
The tailfin Team ist very helpfull with Problem and are very fast to Support the customers, the best product of all.

Alloy Rack
Arnt (NO)
Bike: Fara gravel
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting

Easy to mount. Very stabel rack.

Alloy Top Stay - Long
Eugene Tan (NZ)
Bike: Argon 18 Dark Matter
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Touring
Excellent product

My partner and I both bought the alloy rack with top bag and ultra-durable pannier bags. The build of the entire system is rock solid. What I like most about the pannier bags is that the mechanism that is used to attach to the rack is a clamp-on system. This differentiates it from most of the other pannier systems which are a hook-based system. This reduces rattling significantly and also extends the life of the bags and the rack (less rattle means less movement which means less likely to have parts wearing out). Overall, I am very happy with the product. Also need to give a big shout out to customer service! Sam answered all my queries promptly and was exceptionally helpful.

Cargo Strap
Alan Arnholt (US)
Bike: Specialized Epic EVO 2020, Specialized Diverge Pro 2021
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
aero pack

Great design! Can easily switch in less than 20 seconds between my full suspension mountain bike and my gravel bike. Well worth the price.

AeroPack Alloy
Dan Smith (GB)
Bike: Giant Revolt
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Superb product

I couldn’t recommend tailfin more highly. It’s been fantastic for my bikepacking trips, with its large capacity, build quality, waterproof, large top opening and it’s aerodynamic design 👍🏻

Bike: 3T Exploro
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Touring
Lightweight, durable, easy to use

The best lightweight, durable pannier setup you can buy. Super easy to take the rack and bag off / on when needed, just leaving the QR skewer in place, brilliant kit

Downtube Pack
David Morgan (GB)
Bike: Specialized Levo SL & Creo SL
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, MTB
Excellent V-Mount Pack

The V-Mount Pack is an excellent, versatile pack - quality is excellent. The water bottle size of the smaller pack provides an excellent means for carrying a Specialized range extender battery if you do not have a spare bottle cage available.