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Top Tube Bag
Petr Tcvetkov (GB)
Bike: Temple Adventure Disc 2
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
Awesome product

Really enjoying my Top Tube Bag, sits perfectly and gives me easy access to essentials!

1.9L Wedge Frame Bag
Bike: Specialized Diverge carbone size 54
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Wedge frame bag 1.9

This bag fits perfectly my Diverge frame size 54. Dipending of my tour, I use it to carry repair material or warm closes. The most appriciated caracteristic is its rigidity. It keeps its shape wathever the way it is loaded so you never face any knee contact while pedaling. Not tested in wet conditions yet...

4.5L Half Frame Bag
Johnnie Greenwood (GB)
Bike: S-works Aethos
Riding Style: Bikepacking

Fantastic gear

Top Tube Bag
Lisa Cummings (GB)
Bike: Liv Devote 1
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance
Tailfin Top Tube Bag (Zip)

Such a great-quality bag! Large enough to hold my phone and snacks and great to have them out front, being more accessible, yet compact not to be rubbing on my legs while cycling! Very easy to attach to bike either with the straps or screws. Happy with my purchase!

Extended Seat Post Connector
Bike: Tailor made italian road bike "Sarto", model "Seta"
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance

Road trip 5 days 710km & 10000 D+ across the massif central in France from Clermont Ferrand to Sète (mediterranean) with the aerotech carbon and 2 mini paniers. Stability, ability to have heavy stuff near the ground, easy to remove and install every evening/morning, for me just the best for a bikepacking setup that allow to focus on the the adventure.

Extended Seat Post Connector
Nils Luypaert (FR)
Bike: Jaegher Hurricane
Riding Style: Bikepacking

Superb as always!

Top Tube Bag
Gerhard Jupe (DE)
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
A difference like day and night

I came across Tailfin's bags through my brother, a loyal Tailfin customer!
My wife and I had top tube bags from different manufacturers and were not satisfied. When we had mounted Tailfin's bags on our bikes, we were thrilled! The quality and the robust design inspired us. We will buy more bags from Tailfin for our planned bike packing tours. To our surprise, the bags from Tailfin were even cheaper than some competitors with the best quality!!

Top Tube Bag
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance

Top Tube Bag

Top Tube Bag
Carlos Infante (US)
Bike: Canyon Grill
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Other
Excellent top tube bag!

I’ve been looking for a bolt-on top tube bag that was big enough but not too big. The range of sizes of the Tailfin bags was perfect. Very happy overall with the build quality and features. Only complaint was the drumming noise the zipper-pull made bumping along gravel roads. Fixed easily with some paracord.

Half Frame Bag
P Schuelke (US)
Bike: Giant CypressDX
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
1.5L Top Tube Pack and 3.0L Half Frame Bag

I purchased the 1.5L Top Tube Pack and 3.0L Half Frame Bag to use mostly for commuting and short trips, along with occasional bike packing, and shorter touring adventure. My bike frame is a bit geometrically challenged, an older Giant CypressDX with a large size frame, in that the bottom tube curves up slightly and the top tube has a taper from 1.75" in front to 1.25" at the seat post. Because of this I limited myself to the 3.0L half bag which doesn't completely fill the space but worked out very well considering fitting in the arched bottom tube. I mounted the 1.5L top tube pack directly over the half-frame bag for looks mostly and it made sense regarding strapping and this worked well too, though they both sit about 2" back from the front because of the curved bottom tube. And the half frame bag has maybe a little over 1" gap before the seat tube. In other words, if the frame tubes were straight, the 3.0L would be about 3" short on the large bike frame. The tapered top tube doesn't seem to have any effect on the stability of either product and I am very satisfied with both products, their quality and their performance. So far, they have not moved at all and performed flawlessly. I also felt the same throughout the order and delivery process for the company as well. Installation was a breeze, almost so easy I sometimes worry about somebody walking off with them.

The 1.5L pack is the flip top version which I much prefer over the zippered. Though described as too large by some reviews I read, it could actually be larger at least with my large frame bike as I don't even come close to either product with my knees and probably another 1/2" or more on each side would be fine on my setup at least in the front without affecting product stability at all. I find it doesn't take much to fill either product so the half frame bag could actually be wider in the front as well and then taper to the back making it also more capable without being much more challenging to manufacture. The taper could match for both products so they would look as one unit--just like they do now. In fact, along with fenders and rack and because the two look almost like a single unit, some mistake my regular bike as an e-bike thinking the half-frame bag is the battery! And in my opinion anyway, they do look swell. They have no effect on adding wind-resistance positioned as they are and any added weight has had no effect on bike handling. So what I use the products for and my setup anyways they both could be larger and hold more. The price is quite substantial though, but if the saying is true that you get what you pay for, these products are a pretty good example of it being true.

I did have one minor caveat because of the bike, not with either of the products, which I knew before I purchased might be an issue and that is Giant welded the cabling stays to hold the covered cables ends before their bare cable runs on the underside of the top tube and because of the curved bottom these ended up exactly where the mounts on the top tube pack and half frame bag are positioned so I had to leave the half frame bag down 1/4" to accommodate. Stability of the bag wasn't really affected by it but there is the little gap for those who are perfectionists. All in all, I've had no complaints except they don't say Made in the USA. So good job Tailfin!

Top Tube Bag
Mathieu Lamarche (CA)
Bike: Trek Checkpoint SL5
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Hold strong and easy to open while riding

The strap that come with the bag is great. Easy to open while riding. Well built overall. I would buy again

Bike: ICAN X-Gravel
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting, Touring, Other
Perfect for more space

Smaller bike and short seat post height meant squishing everything under the saddle.
I converted my AP Rack top bag to an aero pack with this extension post connector while giving more room below the saddle.

SFM Rebuild Kit
Mladen Milic (CH)
Bike: S-Works Epic, Specialized Diverge Expert, Specialized Roubaix Comp
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, MTB
Excellent products and great support

After ordering suspension fork mounts and fixing them to my fork, unfortunately I damaged one of it's parts. So I wasn't able anymore to fix my cages to the fork. After writing to Tailfin and explaining what happened, I received the spare part within a short time free of charge, it can't get any better.

2x Cargo Strap 50cm
David Richardson (GB)
Bike: Stooge (choice of 5 different models, depending on mood I’m in).
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, MTB, Commuting, Touring, Other
Cargo cages & bags

Picked up one size, so happy I think I’ve got at least one of each size now. Narrow profile means that the smaller sizes fit great inside the frame. Have a couple of cages now as well, which are also very unobtrusive

1.9L Wedge Frame Bag
Ermanno Rambelli (IT)
Bike: 3T - Extrema Italia
Riding Style: Bikepacking
Reliable gear for all types of rides

We used the Tailfin Aeropack for a one-month cycling trip across Italy. My wife and I rode our gravel bikes over a total of 2250 km in 29 days, on all sorts of surfaces, including some rough and bumpy paths. Both the Aeropack and the panniers were perfect and no whatsover problem during our entire trip. So glad we chose Tailfin to carry our gear on our bikes, camping stuff included for a total of approximately 17 kilos.

Top Tube Bag
Douglas Zink (US)
Bike: TREK Checkpoint
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
top tube bag

Quality material and fit for my bike.

6.5L Half Frame Bag
Andrea Castellani (IT)
Bike: Legend (titanium italian handmade gravel bike)
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking

I became a happy Tailfin customer due to the rewarding long term esperience, either presale and after sale. I knew Tailfin some years ago during a group unsupported trail ride curious by seeing the racks and talking with a nice couple of riders. After studing deeply the great website I decided to kwow better Tailfin. I appreciated the quality of the support I received on the choice of the products. The relationship became stronger after I had tested the rack and bags. Not to say about the great custom assistence and, more important, the trust that grew stronger on both side. The trust relationship became contagious, and I was happy to see also many friends of mine that asked to me many questions and then decided to start and share the same rewarding esperience. Bravo Tailfin Team!

10L Fork Pack
Toni Albet Noya (FR)
Bike: Scott Scale RC gravel, KTM Scarp
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB, Commuting
Muy satisfecho

Primero compre el aeropac de carbono con 20L de capacidad. Luego lo vendí para comprar el aeropac también con 20L pero con posibilidad de colocar dos bolsas laterales de 10L. Este año me apunté a la lista de espera para tener las de 10L delanteras y de horquilla.
Estoy haciendo ahora mismo la Transpirenaica y la calidad Tailfin es muy alta. Estabilidad al circular a velocidad alta, comodidad, estanqueidad, resistencia.
Simplemente estoy muy contento con la compra. Y creo que durarán muchos años.

Top Tube Bag
Vanessa Broughton (CA)
Bike: Rodeo Labs Flaanimal
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Other
Amazing service and products

Ordered online for shipping to Canada. Service was very fast, and the products very well made.

Cycling Cap - Black/Black
Nina Hoffmann (CH)
Bike: Trek Emonda
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance

Love it, but parts of my pack were broken and I had to order new ones.

16L Laptop Holster
Oliver Hille (DE)
Bike: Cannondale Topstone
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting
Expensive but worth every penny

I received as a self-fulfilling Christmas present the first parts of the Tailfin setup and decided now to add for commuting the 16L side pannier. It’s a phenomenal addition, my last fits perfectly in there, even with the laptop case.

3.0L Half Frame Bag
Simon Evans (GB)
Bike: Giant Revolt Advanced
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Touring
Great design and extremely well made

Great design and extremely well made just like the other Tailfin products I own.
It’s interesting that larger brands with I assume larger R&D budgets fall so short of their products.

Bike: Specialized Allez Sport size 54
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Touring
Sturdy and Convenient

I used the aero pack on a road bike for a two week unsupported tour across the Pyrenees and northern Italy, In conjunction with a top tube bag, handlebar bag, and small bag behind the steerer tube on top of the top tube. It proved totally secure on the bike and simple to attach and remove. It also withstood a considerable amount of rain over many days without the slightest hint of water ingress.

I wasn’t able to use its full capacity as it wouldn’t fit under the saddle on my size 54 in that case. Admittedly, I have fairly short legs and run a relatively low saddle height. To fit all my luggage, I had to jam the front of the bag underneath the saddle and this resulted in some wear.

Also, I found it affected the handling of the bike somewhat. Putting heavier things at the bottom of the bag helped but did not totally eliminate the issue.

I hope to use the bag again for touring but I will attach containers to the struts to move weight lower to the ground. If that works and I can reduce my luggage so that the bag fits neatly under the saddle then I think I will be very satisfied.

3.0L Half Frame Bag
J Spinks (CA)
Bike: Santa Cruz Stigmata V4
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Been trying to find a system like this

Same with the top tube bag, this thing is bomber and fully waterproof and doesn’t expand to cause knee rub. I don’t want anything else. I can stuff it full and the cool rib strip things keep it from bulging. Even had enough room in the triangle for a liter bottle at the back. It is also syncs with the top tube bag excellently. Super high quality product that does exactly what I want it to. Clearly made by a biker for a biker, not just a triangular sack you strap to your bike. I’m obviously pretty psyched about this, enough to write a review. If you’re on the fence, give it a try. I’m a very picky gear nerd and I’m in love.

Carbon Top Stay - Long
Lukas von Atzigen (CH)
Bike: Cube Cross Race SLX
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring

only downside after one month is the price
no issues fitting the panniers I already had