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Meet our R&D Division riders. The driving force behind our testing and an inspirational bunch of humans.

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R&D Division

More than just “ambassadors”, a collective of the very best cyclists who love bikepacking.

Why we have a team

We love the concept of an ambassador – the idea that someone you respect and share values with can represent you from afar. However, we don’t think the term reflects the relationships we are building. It just doesn’t go far enough or capture what we’re asking for.

We want to support riders, help them fulfil their personal goals, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Of course, we also want to create the very best equipment along the way – equipment that will benefit all of us. 

We identified that the riders we work with, whilst not part of the immediate Tailfin staff, are technically extensions of the product development team. After all, we reach out to a critical core of riders for direct feedback on product development, so why not make this relationship a little more collaborative?  

On top of this closer collaboration, we also think what we are doing is pretty special and unique. We also appreciate all existing and potential Tailfin users would be interested in how we are approaching and creating the next generation of Tailfin Technical Bikepacking Equipment.

R&D Division Event Calendar

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Featured Story

Breaking Badlands

Martijn van Strien had never participated in a ‘proper’ unsupported ultra-endurance race. One where the start and finish are dictated, along with the route and where the onus is on getting to the finish as fast as possible.

Gaining entry into the 2021 edition of Transiberica’s Badlands race was just the start, though. It would be a journey into the unknown from a mental and physical point of view but also with regards to working out what equipment would be best suited to the demands that potentially pedalling for days on end can put on it.

Tailfin caught up with Martijn to learn a little more about his experiences, what he learnt at his first event and what tips he has for anyone wanting to take on such a challenge.

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