SL/UD Waterproof Replacement Bag Skins | Spares | Tailfin

  • -- Replacement skins in the event that your bag has received damage. Please see Tailfin Waterproof Pannier Bags, if you wish to buy a complete bag --  

    Tailfin stocks two pannier bag designs: the SL (Super-Light) and the UD (Ultra-Durable). Both models are 100% waterproof and have a 22 litre capacity. At 650g, the SL is one of the lightest pannier bags on the market, designed for those who want to travel fast. The UD is constructed with thicker, tougher walls and features a waterproof external pocket, weighing in at 800g. Simply choose the design that best suits your riding.

    Both the SL and the UD have been specifically designed to work with Tailfin’s T1 rack in order to create a seamless, integrated luggage system that works beautifully with your bike. However, both the SL and UD are also compatible with traditional pannier racks.