Extended SeatPost Connector


Extender for use with the AeroPack Carbon and AeroPack Alloy rigid seat packs only (not Racks). Providing an extra 50mm of length to the AeroPack seat post connector, for those with a small bike frame, or with less than 100mm of visible seat post. The equivalent product for Racks can be found in our Spares section here.

Weight 22g

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Ive Verstappen (BE)
Bike: Canyon Grail AL
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Commuting
Tailfin makes my bike more versatile

I bought my Tailfin mainly to do some long rides (400k +) and bikepacking trips. I can simply say it works for the intented purposes. I can simply confirm that the tailfin works superbly and is super-stable and a piece of "engineering porn" as someone put it.

Some noteworthy customizations I did:
1. I added a Paul Gino style light-mount to enable me to attach my Garmin Varia on the fork of tailfin. Works perfectly and is impossible to do on a normal bag. Will add the taillight bracket to the tailfin so I free up space to add sidebags if needed.
2. I now use my gravel bike as a normal bike. Thanks to the tailfin, I can put groceries, jackets of the kids, you name it in my bike. The tailfin makes my bike infinitely more versatile!

Bike: currently=ride1up gravel edition 😉
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting, Touring
tailfin alloy

for a small company, you make a world class product. though (apparently) pricey, it’s a solid investment in quality… but, that what money is for, n’est pas!?
thanks nick, and tailfin!
i’ll complete my rack with the panniers soon!


ken sugzda (US)
Bike: Trex Domane SL5
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting

Having a carbon frame you are limited as to what you can use for saddlebags, I did a lot of research to find these taifinn bags I could not have made a better decision lightweight easy installation capacity size it’s just about perfect I couldn’t have asked for anything better great job !