Extended Seat Post Connector


The extended seat post connector is for use with the AeroPack Carbon and AeroPack Alloy rigid seat packs only (not Racks). Providing an extra 50mm of length to the AeroPack seat post connector, for those with a small bike frame, or with less than 100mm of visible seat post. The equivalent product for Racks can be found in our Spares section here.

Weight 22g

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Customer Reviews

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George Rock (TH)
Bike: Orbea Oiz mtb full suspension
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
Excellent kit

I ordered a tail fin rack without checking if it would fit my bike, (which it didn’t) but with a minor bit of filing on the axle I got it to fit a treat.
Had a test ride and really impressed with the rack, very sturdy and does what it says on the tin. Thanks.

Alexander Kaschuba (DE)
Bike: Salsa fargo large
Riding Style: Bikepacking, MTB
From assrocket to tailfin

I tried several different packing methods over the years starting with panniers to bikepacking backs and also backpacks. Overall the system from tailfin seems durable and stable enough for my longer trips (2/3 month's).

The seatpost connector is giving the system more space and makes it easier to open the bag when it's connected.

Lee B (US)
Bike: Fezzari Shafer, size small
Riding Style: Bikepacking
A must-have for small frames

I ride a size small gravel bike with a tall seat tube angle and am very glad I took the advice to add this extender. It gives more room behind the saddle which makes the Tailfin AeroPack much easier to pack. It also would leave more space for strapping items on top of the Tailfin rack.

My only complaint is I wish this were a no-cost option when ordering. I don't need the standard 50mm connector, so it'll just be sitting around in the garage unused.