Extended Seat Post Connector


The extended seat post connector is for use with the AeroPack Carbon and AeroPack Alloy rigid seat packs only (not Racks). Providing an extra 50mm of length to the AeroPack seat post connector, for those with a small bike frame, or with less than 100mm of visible seat post. The equivalent product for Racks can be found in our Spares section here.

Weight 22g

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Customer Reviews

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Les Doothiss (US)
Bike: Jones Diamond
Riding Style: Bikepacking, Commuting
Seems Legit

I have assembled my aluminum tailfin rack with extension to get it out from under my seat a bit… Haven’t really used it for backpacking yet but so far everything seems awesome quality.

Chris Park (NZ)
Bike: Sonder Broken Road
Riding Style: Bikepacking

Awesome service and kit.....

David Diskin (US)
Bike: Specialized Turbo Creo Evo
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Commuting, Touring
Tailfin makes fantastic products

They are very lightweight and very well engineered and quite easy to set up! I especially love my mini panniers and the simplicity of putting the rack on and taking it off.