Bottle Dropper


The Tailfin Bottle Dropper enables you to lower (or raise) the position of your bottle cages by as much as 45mm, allowing for a truly custom hydration setup.

A super low profile maximises adjustment without losing precious frame real estate. Dropping the cage provides more space for larger volume bottles or increases the space to fit a frame bag.

Kits are supplied with four lengths of bottle cage screw and a sizing tool to ensure zero chance of damaging your frame.

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If your frame has bottle bosses, then yes, it will work. We shaped it to conform with both round and flat frame tube profiles and any frame material.

The Bottle Dropper comes with a four-sided measuring guide. Simply insert each side of the guide through the bottle cage and into the threaded hole to work out which length gives the optimum fit with your choice of bottle cage.

The pair of silver screws are for attaching the Bottle Dropper to the frame.

Yes, even though most riders will use this to lower the position of bottle cages, you can also use it to raise the position by up to 45mm.

Yes! We designed the bottle dropper to work on any frame material safely. The bonded rubber gasket spreads the clamping forces and prevents damage.

As long as you have the space in your frame then you can use one on the downtube and one on the seat tube.

The bottle Dropper works with any bottle cage, regardless of material and design.

Stack height refers to how high the Bottle Dropper raises a bottle cage away from the frame. Ours is only 5mm, so minimises how much space is lost when using such a product.