Top Tube Bag – Flip

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Handy storage for items needed on the go, in a place that’s instantly accessible.

Specially sculpted 3D welded shapes eliminate knee rub. Patented V-Mounts secure the pack to your frame without risk of damage and remove the need for a front stabilising strap.

All Top Tube Packs can be fitted with straps or as a bolt-on attachment (all hardware supplied).

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top tube pack image
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Road / Gravel

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*Direct Mount. Add 12g when Strap Mounted


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Media Reviews

"From a technical perspective, a few things make the Tailfin Top Tube Packs unique"

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"Tailfin offers up a super-refined take on a classic bag that fixes many of the issues present in the existing options"

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"All in all, another very well executed – and cleverly engineered – addition to the Tailfin range"

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"Tailfin’s first foray into top tube bags has been a resounding success"

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"Buy this pack if you want the best, most stable top tube pack currently available"

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Customer Reviews

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Scot Stober (US)
Bike: Trek Checkpoint ALR5
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking, Touring
Great Top Tube Bag

My previous Top Tube bag could only handle my Galaxy S20 by stretching it out and fiddling with the zipper. This bag can fit my phone, wallet, large battery (for bikepacking), and several other smaller items with no problem. It's also waterproof, so getting caught in the rain is no issue. I'm glad I spent the money to upgrade to this.

Kevin Anderson (GB)
Bike: Rondo HVRT - built up with Sram & Stayer wheels
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Does exactly what it says on the tin …

An excellent product in every way. Fits easily & securely (with v.nice straps). No movement whilst cycling, even hard out of the saddle. The cover is simple to open & close with one hand on the move (great opening/closing system). And, after a rain-soaked ride from St Malo to Nice, I can attest to it keeping the contents completely dry.

The only suggestion I would make for a small improvement is a little more structure to the tail end of the lid. When full (perhaps a little over-full😉) the opening side of the top flares out a little and tends to catch on my shorts. This is more an ‘operator’ error, but one I suspect many users make and could perhaps be compensated by a slight adjustment to the design (added structure, a internal plastic/elastic strip… ?). But as I noted above, a really excellent bag that is matched in quality and design by my other Tailfin products.

Steven Chapman
Bike: Giant Revolt
Riding Style: Road / Ultra-endurance, Bikepacking
Practically Perfect

I brought the Tailfin top tube bag after many days of research into what would be best for my needs, the 1.1L flip was plenty big enough for my phone, and snacks. It bolted directly onto the frame with no issues. I looked at other models, but this one was perfect, a little knee rub when out of the saddle, but other than that it's great, doesn't move around on the frame like one from a different company I brought, and is firm enough not to bulge when packed. I am very happy with my purchase


Use the specifications above or print our template and cut to size

Yes, the V-Mounts can accommodate any standard 20mm width cargo style strap. However be aware that many cargo straps use a longer prong that could catch skin or clothing.

Absolutely. Even when pulled very tight the natural stretch of our Cargo Strap system exerts minimal force to the frame.

You should base your choice on which bike you are mainly going to use and also how much storage you would typically need. Our 1.1 Litre Top Tube Packs are designed to fit almost any style of bike so would be our recommendation to be used on multiple bikes.

Our Zip Top Tube Packs offer the narrowest profiles so are perfect for riders who typically suffer from knee rub from top tube packs. They also offer the most secure storage to carry valuables on rough surfaces. Our Flip Top packs allow for rapid access and great visibility of contents, perfect if you want constant access to food, phone or camera whilst on the move. Flip Tops also offer slightly better weather resistance if riding in constant storm conditions.

No! When attached correctly the soft rubber of the V-Mount grips the frame so well that there is zero likelihood of movement.

We were at pains to ensure that all sizes of Top Tube Pack can accommodate a standard iPhone or Android equivalent, even the smallest 0.8 Litre pack. If you have a larger (Plus) style phone you will need to look at the 1.1 Litre or 1.5 Litre Top Tube Packs.

Within reason you can carry any weight in a Top Tube Pack. The limit would be volume.

Although the packs have been shaped to fit perfectly on the top tube the V-Mount system will allow you to fit a Top Tube Pack anywhere (except forks). We would recommend this only for Zip opening packs as a Flip Top opening would not be as secure in a vertical orientation.

The straps supplied with the Top Tube Packs are low profile so shouldn’t interfere with standard frame pump fittings.

As with all Tailfin soft goods we recommend that they be washed with warm soapy water if you want to clean them (although we like a good dirt patina!)

No, the rubber V-Mount covers are pre-cut to allow screws to pass through neatly.

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