T1 + SL Super Light Pannier Rack and Bag Set


The T1 Pannier Rack and Bag set has now been discontinued, and has been replaced by the new X Series Pannier Rack and Bag Set.

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Faster, further, easier

By combining the T1 carbon rack with our lightest ever pannier bag, the SL Package provides the ultimate lightweight solution for commuting and fast touring.

Commuting made effortless

The T1 rack and SL pannier bag have been designed to work together in harmony, providing peerless user-experience and ride quality.

100% waterproof. Guaranteed.

By pairing the T1 carbon rack with the SL’s High-Frequency welded seams and roll-top design, the SL Package offers total protection from the elements without compromising on weight.

Effortless installation

Unique quick-release design means that you can fit or remove your rack in seconds.

When it comes to performance, every gram counts

The T1’s lightweight carbon frame weighs just 350 grams (that’s less than a can of coke).

Universally compatible

The T1 rack is compatible with nearly any road, touring, hybrid or commuter bike. No matter what you ride, the SL Package will work seamlessly.

Be seen, ride safe

Convenient mounting points for a rear light and high-vis detailing help keep you seen and safe, no matter how far-flung the adventure.

Cares for your bike just as well as you do

Soft rubber grip fits to any seatpost (including deep aero) with no risk of damage.

Rigidity – inside the bag

The SL features a rigid, internal backbone that holds your belongings secure in all conditions.

Go where you want, take what you need

Our beautiful designs allow you to carry belongings effortlessly – whether that be in town or on the open road.

Working with you to keep your ride smooth and stable

The rigid, wishbone-design carbon frame offers exceptional agility, with no sway or rattle.

Keep your rack protected and secure

Optional security screws disable the T1’s quick-release function and secure the rack to your bike, giving you peace of mind when riding in the city.

End your ride the way the way you started

Detachable mudguard lends protection from the elements, keeping your commute comfortable and dry.

Customer Reviews

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Really great. Light, sturdy, quiet

My tailfin rack is the best thing I've ever done for my 16mile ride to work. It's light, sturdy, quiet, and has plenty of room. It's also easy to install and remove when needed. Can't wait for the trunk bag to get here!

Beauty in simplicity

I'm in the midst of doing the reverse of N+1 and undergoing "Project One Bike". To be fair, there are 3 different wheelsets. : ) Part of this project meant finding a rapid on/off system for bags so that I could pack clothes, food, gear, computer into work and then just as rapidly convert it back to "just a bike" for a hard session after work. Three weeks in and very happy with the performance. I develop digital products and immensely enjoy an intuitive, seamless experience and the tailfin absolutely delivers on this front. Furthermore it's functionality is paired with a minimal sleek look. Thanks for a really great option and can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Excellent mechanical design

I’m a mechanical engineer who works in aerospace and I appreciate well engineered designs that maximize stiffness and strength, while minimizing mass. I thought that the design and innovation of this rack and pannier were excellent. I was very impressed with the design and workmanship. The installation was simple, the design is sound, and the assembly and mechanisms work great. I’ve been using the rack for about 2 weeks for my 12 mile commute, and I’m very happy w my purchase.