T1 Carbon Pannier Rack


The T1 has now been discontinued, and has been replaced by the new X Series Pannier Rack.

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The T1 – a strong, beautiful and quick-release carbon bike rack.

Do more with the bike(s) you love.

Quick and easy to fit or remove

Ingenious quick release design makes it simple for you to use one rack for all of your bikes or one bike for everything.

Working with you to keep your ride smooth and stable

The rigid, wishbone-design carbon frame offers exceptional agility, with no sway or rattle.

Cares for your bike just as well as you do

The rubber grip fits to any seatpost (including deep aero) with no risk of damage.

When it comes to performance, every gram counts

The T1’s lightweight carbon frame weighs just 350 grams (that’s less than a can of coke).

Keep your rack protected and secure

Anti-theft security screws disable the quick release function and secure the rack to your bike.

No adjustments necessary

The ‘plug and play’ design avoids the need for any awkward adjustments, saving you time.

Universally compatible with almost any bike

Our axle replaces yours and contains mounting points enabling the rack to fit almost any type of bike.

End the ride the way you started

The clip-on mudguard keeps spray off your back, ensuring you step off the bike as pristine as you stepped on.

Tried and tested to give you peace of mind.

The Tailfin carbon bike rack can take a load of up to 18kg (9kg per side), so there’s no need to be selective about what you’re carrying with you.

Already have your own bags? No problem

The T1 is compatible with virtually every other brand – simply attach the boosters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Quality product

I’ve used this rack for several rides on my carbon frame Cannondale Synapse. The rack is absolutely quiet and firmly attached with the well engineered clips for the axle and on the seat post. Very clever! I’m planning a 10 day ultralight tour and far prefer to use my go-to Cannondale than my old steel brute. The Tailfin system is perfect for this. Installs easily and comes off in seconds. It’s a nice looking product too. My panniers fit perfectly - no wiggles or looseness - rock solid. I am looking forward to buying more products from Tailfin.

A year of daily commuting, great product

I bike to work, an hour each way, five days a week, using the Tailfin rack and bags to carry clothes + lunch. It is absolutely silent, no rattles or banging around. I take it off on the weekends when I go on club rides. I'm really happy to see the new X series rack options, with mixes of carbon & aluminum to make the product available at lower price points.

Makes impractical bikes practical

First off, this rack is incredible. If you are at all considering any of tailspin's racks, just buy it. More concretely, it is annoyingly hard to find a nice proper road bike that can take a rack, but that is exactly what this does. As a commuter, a rack makes a world of difference. Personally, I had been putting off upgrading my ride until I could find a solution that wasn't a swaying seatpost thingy. This is where tailfin came to the rescue. While most people will balk at the price, this product is really geared at letting your get more joyful miles out of a $2k+ tarmac eaters instead of letting it gather dust 5 days a weeks. Assembly was a breeze and easily fits aero posts. My only 'complaint' is that the spacer bushings need more options to be able to guarantee that it sits perfectly over the rear wheel. I also wish there as was a way to protect the extra threads that sit out past the dropout. I also wish I had waited a week since the new rack line came out right after I made my purchase.