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Produit de haute qualité! Je peux que recommander ce produit. Peut-etre cher mais ca vaux le prix

Best pannier rack I had so far...

Since I have it, I used my T1 + Ultra Durable Packages for a trip from Munich to Nice and now for commuting to work. It is very good for both! Thing I like best - besides the high stiffness - is to hang in the bag and to adjust the lever. The mechanism is so cool!

Also all the other details are nicely engineered. The bags are bit slimmer than usual bike bags, but I got in a sleeping bag, an ul tent and a sleeping matt in one bag, and all the rest including a small stove in the other. About 5kg each bag... I never had such a light travel bike before. Also putting my girlfriend's bag on top of the rack at steep climbs was no broblem in stability. For daily commuting I only use the right bag, wich is no problem at all and doesn't feel one-sided or so.

What I miss, is a small cable at the upper clamping hook like the Ortlieb bags have, to carry the bag by hand. I dont need the shoulder strap, which is complicated to hang in every time.
Also a minus is, that the plastic frame in one of my two bags seems to have a small crack next to the aluminium mount. As it doesn't affect stability so far, so I didn't replace it yet, but I am curious how good the service is at tailfin is.

As I am using the T1 on a very large frame (CANOYN Ultimate CF SL, frame size XXL) the arm towards the seat post has a very high angle which looks a bit strange, so I mounted the clip at the seat tube, below the seat stays, which also works. An alternative arm for permanent mounting at the rear brake center screw would be nice and maybe a bit more unobstrusive solution than the clamp at the seat post.

All in all, very nice equipment I would defenetly buy again! Thanks Tailfin!

Light and sturdy

Used this for a 200 mile 2 day trip through Devin and Cornwall. Really impressed. Light and sturdy, no wobble or rattle. Plenty of room. The other guys using bike packing saddle bags were envious

Super Sache

Vielen Dank Tailfin!
Tolles Design und errstklassige Funktionalität, absolute Kaufempfehlung!
Grüße aus Germany

Great Great Great

This is the most amazing design and the product is a life saver! I recommend this product to everyone with a bike!

Rode from Cambridge to Newcastle with these panniers. No wobble at all. Great product. Highly recommend

A great idea well executed.

The product is robust, works exactly as described, is super light and on the whole very easy to install. The only area I would say that needs improvement is the instructions on how to install if you have a thru-axle rather than a QR skewer. The combination of spacers is somewhat confusing and requires some trial and error.


I LOVE this rack and pannier if you couldn't tell by my title. It was light, easy to install, and you don't even realize its there. I purchased as I have one bike that I use for both recreation, competition, and commuting. I did a lot of research to find a rack that would work with my new carbon frame. This kept being BY FAR the best option. Nothing else comes even close to it. I'm so stoked to have the tailfin system and the folks there in the UK were amazing at communicating with me here in the U.S. I don't know what else to say except that if you're looking for a solid rack regardless of the type of bike you have, this is it. Even if your bike is not carbon, I'd highly suggeset this system above any other. Thanks Tailfin! You have earned a customer for life!

Game changer

This really is a game changer for me. I commute regularly by bike and I have several bikes. I had one hack bike fitted with a standard rack and if I needed to carry in more language than I could carry on my back, that was the bike I had to take. Now I can carry as much on any of my bikes from my carbon aero bike to my gravel bike (and take the off-road route). And unlike the old standard racks and panniers, the Tailfin is rock solid and almost silent. The ride quality is brilliant.
Plus the thing is really light, so I’ll be taking it overseas with me to my holiday home, where I have a bike with no racks I can use this on. It’s pricey but it is worth it.

Really happy, BUT...

The rack was a really neat addition to my carbon cyclo-cross bike, looked good and bags fitted nice n snug. Bags themselves could be made more comfortable/convenient to carry, but the construction and materials for both the rack and bags were top notch. HOWEVER, my bike was stolen from my office basement 'secure' car park 1 week after attaching the fucking thing - the bike was also new and hadn't got around to insuring it. Will be getting a replacement rack in a few months, along with a new, immediately-insured ride. Would recommend.

Tailfin Rack System

After an initial glitch in the express delivery my order arrived just in time for a tour on Vancouver Island. I love the system and it works as promised I'm certainly glad I made this choice!
I've had several people looking at it with envy!
I was under the impression that there would be adapter devices to use other panniers on the rack, They didn't arrive.
I would also like to see a quicker response to email queries.
Overall a really nice system and I would certainly recommend it.

Excellent pannier! you get what you pay for

I use the Pannier with two bags every day to commute to work. The rides range from 3 miles to 40, on my cyclocross bike. You don't want to spend any more time than you have to attaching/removing gear from your bike, and with the bags I can un attach in seconds. Weight is fantastic as is build quality. I transport clothing, electrical goods and even in the worst the UK has to offer, the contents are always dry. You get what you pay for, and if your transporting a £1000 laptop every day, why risk a cheap option to save a bit of £

I will be buying from them again, great product

AMAZING!!! Too many great words to describe it.

I'm a relatively new cyclist, been going at it for about 4-5 months now. Was looking for a rack system that would work on my Carbon road bike. Unfortunately my new purchase didn't have rack mounts.
Looked at some seat post rack options, but from reviews and looking at the product, they didn't seem reliable enough and and on the most important aspect they just didn't seem sturdy enough.
That is when I found the Tailfin racks and I can say I am 1000% satisfied and happy with the product. The rack system is extremely easy to install and works with no issues. I was hesitant at first because it seemed almost too easy and too simple, but it is the best product I have found and will be using it for a long time.

You barely feel the rack when it's on, and the SL bag attaches with ease and hovers on the rack like magic.

I currently use only 1 bag, so you can feel weight onto one side, but even that is very minimal and the bike still feels pretty balanced.
Just waiting for my 2nd bag to come in.

Yes, the rack is a little pricey, but it is well worth the money, without a doubt. The Customer service has been very responsive even to where I am located in California.

The only issue I had was with the instruction manual that comes with the rack and the explanation with the thru axle. It only has pictures, so it's quite complicated and confusing to understand(It's almost not needed).
I think I spent more time trying to decipher the manual then installing the rack. However, just watch the videos online/on this website and the install is super easy!!!

Michael B.
California, USA.

High quality

I got the matte black version, and it's breathtaking how well it matches my black Trek Boone 9. You would think they were meant to go together. Installation is easy, although positioning the angle of the quick release leaver relative to the mount is a little tricky. It's also shockingly lightweight. Cheers to the product design team for getting this right.


There are things that come close to perfect but this has hit the mark. I have 8 round trips of 40+ mile commuting to work. I have had a rear flat on one trip. No problem with getting the wheel off. I have had to stand and climb with no balance issues. I've lead a 26 mph paceline and at the end the comment was that's a beautiful rack. I have to carry two laptops and refused to put them on my back but disliked all racks on the market for my carbon bike, so I didn't ride. This rack is freedom.

Brilliant Product

I have been using the Tailfin for a month now and I am still at awe of the quiality and solid performance of it. I will definitely recommend it to my peers. I am also looking at their new product line!

Tailfin Carbon Racks and Panniers..........just Fantastic!!

My first experience of Tailfin products and I wasn't dissappointed. Superb Quality, super styling and the attention to detail is second to none...out of the box and on my Roadbike in minutes. Super, easy to follow instructions, I like the security screws of that little bit od 'Peace of Mind'. Very rigid on the bike with no movement at all, wouldn't even know they were there. Plenty of space in the Panniers for long trips away and super water tight so no worries about wet gear. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

Not suitable with Focus RAT axle system

I ordered the pannier and an adapter for RAT axles. Unfortunately, Tailfin is not usable with the RAT adapters at the moment as the parts are not fitting into Focus bikes.
That's really sad, as the bags and so one looks and feel very good.

Du très cher, du très bon …

Commençons pas ce qui ne vas pas :
- Je n'ai pas eu de chance et j'ai dû attendre un mois avant que ma couleur soit de nouveau disponible, plus quelque semaines pour le moyeu traversant.
- Contrairement à ce que j'ai cru comprendre sur le site, les «boosters» (les extensions permettant d'utiliser ses propres sacs) ne sont pas inclus. Les mecs de Tailfin m'ont gentiment offert la livraison lorsque je les aient commandé par la suite.
- Les instructions sont quelque peu partiels : pour l'installation du moyeu, pour le vissage des supports sur les sacs … et je n'ai remarqué la présence de rondelles pour centrer le T1 au dessus de la roue arrière que bien plus tard.
- Pour les sacs, c'est 22L chacun, mais seulement avec l'ouverture grande ouverte, ce qui est très trompeur. En pratique, chaque sac contient 10-15L un fois refermé, pas plus. C'était de loin ma plus mauvaise surprise.
- Un problème avec les sacs pour vélos de randonnée que j'ai utiliser, les Karakorum de Vaude. Ça marche bien, ça a bien tenu les 200km du trajet sans problème, mais ça bouge et surtout les frottements du plastique des sacs sur le T1 ont creusé deux petits sillons dans le carbone. Donc je conseille fortement de rajouter une couche de protection autour du T1 et de choisir des sacs avec un dos très rigide.
- Une autre chose - qui n'est pas la faute au produit lui-même - est que charger jusqu'à 18kg l'arrière d'un vélo qui en pèse 8 le déséquilibre fortement vers l'arrière.

Pour le reste, je ne vois pas la faille, et je ne me voyais pas baisser la note pour les défauts cités plus haut. Tout s'accroche et se décroche rapidement (Il faut forcer les premières fois), c'est léger, et surprenamment solidaire du vélo. Pareil pour les sacs fournis qui ne bougent pas d'un pouce quand attachés. L'équipe est très réactive et réponds rapidement aux questions.
Au final, l'obstacle principal reste le prix, mais je ne concevait pas d'acheter un vélo en carbone en étant obligé de porter un sac à dos.

Love it!

Enough room in the pannier for a small tent and some essentials, and attaches like a dream!

Amazing and perfect.

Wife & I have Carbon bikes without rack mounts. Were going on a 175 mile multi-day trip and didn't want to do all bike packing bags. Bought the tailfin and 2 panniers and couldn't be happier. Super light and tough and installation was really easy. Since our bikes are so light, it's nice to be able to take the entire setup on and off the bike in seconds so we can still enjoy shorter rides without having the hassle of removing a bike rack. It just clips on and off. All this and we were able to take way too much stuff on the trip ;-)

Absolutely lovely, but it has some limitations.

This is absolutely the coolest rack system I have ever owned in the 45 years that I've been getting around by bicycle. Lightweight, sturdy, and, as one bike mechanic I know said, ``Dead sexy.''

But there are limitations, as part of what the system is designed for. The panniers are narrow, which keeps them close to the bicycle. This is good for tight spots and for wind resistance. It's bad if I stop off to shop on the way home and already have work stuff in the panniers. If you buy the extension that allows you to put on your other, wider panniers, the system may need adjustment --- say if your other panniers have a hook and band holding system. Zip ties are unobtrusive and strong.

Also, as a cautionary note, when/if you are ordering, your order can say ``and panniers'' even if you have only ordered a single pannier. The idea of selling single panniers is --- how to put this concisely --- really weird.

Almost perfect...

I have only taken a couple of rides with my Tailfin, but can already see it is as advertised and an excellent piece of kit. Fit and finish is excellent. The buy process was clean, packaging is thorough, and it made it overseas fine. Very light and streamlined... for panniers. I have a couple minor nitpicks. The shoulder straps are a bit cumbersome. I pretty much have to detach them to roll the top cleanly to hook the bags to the rack, and then unroll and reattach at destination if I want to use them for the last 100ft walking. It would be great to have a way to leave them attached but tucked away when the bags are mounted. Finally, I have become accustomed to the yellow inner lining on my Brompton bag, and digging through the Tailfin bag to find stuff feels like staring into a black hole, rummaging around to find things by feel in the dark. I like that the bags are black... and light, but if an inner liner could be painted/bonded on that would allow me to see what I'm looking for it would be awesome. Overall, pricey, and not perfect... but damn close and I would buy again.

Great product

Had been looking for a product like this for some time. Commute on bike without the necessary rack mounts. Tailfin filled the gap and easy to fit. Used for the last 2 weeks and no problems. Has not impacted cornering of the bike. Highly recommend although pricing is a little painful.

Great design, perfect fit and quality materials make this a real winner!

It's flexible enough to use your own bags, looks slick on a carbon roadie, and holds quite a bit of gear. Everything fit really well, and shy of the instructions being sparse when it comes to setting up the bags (which screws go where?) and the Thru axle spacer configuration, it was simple enough to figure out. Once you have it setup on your bike, taking just the bags off or the entire unit and putting it back is a breeze. I have a bike packing trip coming up in September and I'm really excited to put it through the paces. Yes, it's spendy, but for high-quality bags, an ultra lite design that is dead silent and top shelf fit and finish, I find it to be worth the investment.