We want to sell to your friends... and we'll pay you to help

Help us / Help you

At the end of 2017 we asked our customers how they would like to be rewarded for recommending Tailfin to their friends. Amongst all the feedback, we heard two things coming back to us.

First, that the most useful thing we could offer our existing customers were more spare axles, so that they could easily switch their rack between bikes.

Secondly, we found there was a huge appetite for loyalty discounts on future Tailfin products - people loved their racks, and were excited about what we were developing next.

Win / Win / Win

With this in mind, this is how the Tailfin Referral Scheme will work.

If you refer Tailfin to somebody you know, and that person goes on to make a purchase at tailfin.cc, you’ll be rewarded with a Gift Card equal to 10% of their order value.* That would be enough to either buy yourself a whole new axle, or else it's a handy chunk of cash to put towards one of the exciting products we've got lined up for 2018. Remember, the more money your friend spends, the more money you'll receive on your gift card!

What’s more, we’ll also set up your friend with a 10% discount on the price of their order - so everyone's a winner!

Want to make this happen? All you need to do is email us at hello@tailfin.cc with ‘Referral Scheme’ in the Subject Line and 'cc' in the friend that you are referring. Once we’ve got this, we’ll provide your friend with their unique 10% discount code - once a purchase is made, we’ll email you a Gift Voucher worth 10% of the order value to you.

Only valid on referred orders over £200.00