Cycle to Work Scheme



What is the Cycle Scheme?

The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced by the UK Government in 1999 as a way to get more people using their bikes. It was designed to help you save money on a new work bike and spread the cost of the bike over monthly tax-free installments, through your employer. It effectively enables you to get a 30-40% discount on any bike related purchase.

How does the Cycle Scheme Work?

The process is simple:

  1. Your workplace registers with a scheme provider (some may already have one in place).
  2. You chose the Tailfin Rack and Panniers that you want.
  3. Your employer pays for it.
  4. You pay your employer back through monthly installments taken through payroll.

    How does it work for me?

    Step One

    Speak with your employer and find out the scheme provider that is offered in your workplace. You’ll need to tell us who this is.

    If your employer isn’t already on the scheme they will need to set this up. Give your HR manager some cake for the trouble :-)

    Step Two

    Simply email us at and we’ll guide you through the next steps for placing your order.

    Step Three

    Sit back and wait for your Tailfin to arrive, your daily commute is about to get a lot more fun.

    Step Four

    Technically you’re renting the Tailfin setup from your employer, so once the 12 months are up, most scheme providers will charge an end-of-scheme payment to buy and own the Rack. In most cases, these payments are around 7% of the original price of the rack (around £17), but in some cases, this charge is as little as 1%.

    The benefits to you

    The monthly installments are taken from your employer out of your gross salary, or ‘pre-tax’, so you’ll be paying less PAYE and NI the months that you’re paying for the Tailfin items.

    This means that at the end of the scheme basic-rate taxpayers will have saved up to 32% of the actual cost of the Rack and Bags (£127.68 for T1 + SL Package). Savings will be even larger for higher rate taxpayers. Plus, you are able to spread the cost into manageable monthly payments too.

    The benefits to your employer

    Your employer ends up paying less in employer NI contributions, saving 13% of the cost of the Rack and Panniers, plus they have a happy and healthy employee.

    To get started now towards upgrading your trusty steed, email us at with Cycle to Work in the subject title.