Frequently Asked Questions

Product Overview

What’s the difference between Tailfin Racks?

Tailfin Racks are first chosen by material, either Carbon or Alloy. You can then choose whether you want the option of carrying additional side pannier bags. If you do want to carry pannier bags then chose ‘with pannier mounts’. If you want the simple option of just using the AP20 Trunk Top bag then choose ‘without pannier mounts’.

What’s the difference between the AP20 Trunk and AeroPack?

The AeroPack is a bag and rack which are permanently joined together. It’s designed to be a direct replacement to a seat pack. The AP20 Trunk is the bag on its own for easily attaching to any of our racks.

What are the difference between the Carbon and Alloy Racks?

Simple answer is the material! Carbon Racks have a carbon fibre Arch and topstay whilst the Alloy Racks have an aluminium alloy Arch and topstay. The difference is therefore between weight and aesthetics:

Carbon (with pannier mount) – Carbon Arch and carbon top stay (330g*)
Alloy (with pannier mount) – Alloy Arch and alloy top stay (480g*)
Carbon (without pannier mount) – Carbon Arch and carbon top stay (270g*)
Alloy (without pannier mount) – Alloy Arch and alloy top stay (420g*)

The Carbon Arches differ to the Alloy Arches, as we are able to create more subtle shapes when working with carbon. The Alloy arch is one of a more rudimentary design.

*weights shown are for frame mounting only, for weights including quick-release dropouts and axles add 60g

Help Me Choose

Answer the questions set out below to find the right Tailfin products for you.

1. Do you ever want to be able to carry side panniers or side accessories like or ‘anything’ cage?

Side panniers allow you to carry more gear without having to install a frame bag or bar bag

You can use our Tailfin side panniers (our range will grow in the coming years) or buy the boosters (in development) to carry other brands of panniers

If yes, the X Series racks or the AeroPack X will be the right choice for you.
If no, the S Series racks or the AeroPack S will be the right choice for you.

2. Do you want to be able to separate the rack from the Trunk Top Bag?

It will be around 20 seconds faster to remove the AeroPack Trunk Top Bag from the bike, and it will be easier to carry (good for commuting, quick cafe stops etc)

The full integrated AeroPack Carbon and Alloy S & X are lighter than the Rack + AeroPack Trunk Top Bags in the X & S Series

If you have an X or S Series rack you are able to carry gear on top of the rack, when the AeroPack Trunk Top Bag is not present.

If yes, the X Series Pannier Racks or S Series Trunk Racks with the detachable AeroPack Trunk Top Bag is the right choice for you.

You can buy these together as a set, from the X Series Rack & Bag page, or S Series Rack & Bag page.

If no, it is not important for you, then either the AeroPack X or AeroPack S will be the right choice for your needs.

3. How important is weight?

If important to you, then you will need to select the Carbon version of our Racks (X ONE, X TWO, S ONE, S TWO) or Rigid Seat Packs (AeroPack Carbon X or AeroPack Carbon S)

If not important to you, then you can select either one of the Alloy Racks (X THREE or S THREE) or Rigid Seat Packs (AeroPack Alloy X or AeroPack Alloy S)

Thru Axles

Which Thru Axle do I need for my bike?

If you’re unsure of the Thru-Axle you require please check out this page. If your bike isn’t listed in the table, or you’re still unsure, just email us through at [email protected] with your bike make, model and year, and we can assist.

Is my bike QR or will it need a Thru Axle?

If you’re unsure of the axle type of your bike, see our blog post here.


Can the rack be secured to a Carbon-Aero seat post?

Every rack is provided with an extra-long aero seat post connector. Please be aware though, that the seat post connector may rub the carbon finish over time, so we suggest placing some soft material in between the two parts if you wish to retain the original finish of your post.

My Rack has developed a fault, what should I do?

If your rack develops a fault, please email us at [email protected] with as much detail as possible (including photos) of the issue.

Can I mount other manufacturers pannier bags onto the rack?

Yes, you can. You will need to purchase the Third-Party Pannier Adaptors from our website, and fit to your AeroPack X or X Series Pannier Rack.

Are the racks compatbile with mudguards?

Yes, our racks have a large tyre clearance and so should work with most mudguards. Tyre clearances:

26″ – Up to 4″/100mm
27.5″ – Up to 3.5″/85mm
29″ – Up to 3″ /75mm

Can the racks be secured to stop the chance of theft?

All racks with our ‘Fast-Release Dropouts’ come with security screws and special security wrench, to secure the rack to axle.

Top Bags & Side Panniers

How much weight can I put in each bag?

Each bag has a load capacity of 9kg, so all three bags (Top and Side) the rack will carry a total of 27kg.

I can’t decide between the UD and SL side bags for my setup, can you help me decide?

The differences between the two side bags are subtle; they are both ultrasonically welded, 100% waterproof, and same 22-litres capacity.

The distinction that can be seen is that the Super Light (SL) bag is one of the lightest panniers on the market weighing in at 650 grams, and is designed for those who want to save grams and travel fast – whether that be commuting or touring.

The Ultra-Durable (UD) is the more robust of the two, constructed with thicker, tougher walls. It’s hypalon construction means it will stand up to more of a rough ride and is suited to those who expect their bags to take a pounding.

Fundamentally, SL is about speed and the UD is about durability.
For more on this, click here to check out of our deep-dive video on our side panniers bags.

Can I mount your panniers to traditional metal racks?

Yes. Every pannier comes with spacers that allow it to fit racks with 8, 10 and 12mm diameter tubing.

The clamping unit is damaged, can I still ride with it unable to fully clamp?

We don’t recommend using the bag if the clamp is defective. If your clamps become damaged, go to our Returns Page here and fill in our repair form to arrange a spare part, or repair.

My pannier bag has a hole in it, can I repair holes in the bag myself? (e.g whilst touring)

If there is a small hole in the bag and you’re on the road, we recommend using a high-quality repair kit or heavy-duty sealing and repair tape (e.g McNett Tenacious). For longer-term, reliable fixes though we always recommend you arrange a repair with us. Contact us at [email protected] for help with this.

My Pannier has developed a fault, what should I do?

If any of your bags develop a fault, please email us at [email protected] with as much detail as possible (including photos) of the issue.


Can I use the rack on several of my bikes?

Yes you can, so long as the axle on your other bikes is the same, you can simply swap between using the QR attachment. If it isn’t you’ll need a new axle to make it compatible. It’s a good idea to buy a new axle for each bike anyway, just for ease of changing between them. All of our axles can be found here.

Is the system compatible with the current RAT system?

Yes, but you will need to add the R.A.T. Adaptor, available here.

Can I use the rack with disc brakes?

Yes, all our axles fit both bikes with rim and disc brakes.

I have rack mounting points on my frame, can I use them?

Yes! Every Rack and Rigid Seat Pack ships with spacers and screws so you can affix it directly to your frame (rather than to one of our axles). The outer width between mounting points can vary which is why we include spacers and screws so you can avoid overly flexing the rack.

Ordering, Delivery & Returns

Can I order replacement parts?

Yes you can, our racks and bags are designed for long-life and ease, so you are able to replace almost every part yourself. Please email us at [email protected] to request parts.

Can I change the detail of my order once it has been placed?

Unfortunately, we cannot amend any details of your order once it has been placed. We suggest that if you have ordered something you no longer want, wait for it to arrive and then send it back to us for a refund. For our full returns policy click here.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

We offer free shipping on all our packages, worldwide. For all other items, shipping depends on your location and the size of your order, you’ll be notified at the checkout. 

How long does shipping take?

We offer free shipping on all our packages, worldwide. For all other items, shipping depends on your location and the size of your order, you’ll be notified at the checkout. 

Our estimated shipping times for economy delivery are as follows:

UK (inc. Channel Islands)
1-2 business days

EU – Zone 1*
2-4 business days

EU – Zone 2**
5-8 business days

USA, Canada, Australia & NZ
1-3 business days

5-9 business days

Rest of the world
5-15 business days

*EU – Zone 1: Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Poland & Portugal.
**EU – Zone 2: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Iceland, Greece, Albania, Andorra, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Malta & Turkey

Can I track my items?

You will be sent tracking information to your registered email address once the package has left our facility.

What is Tailfin’s return policy?

Click here to see our returns policy.

How do I return an item?

Follow the steps on our returns page here.