The R&D Division

Meet our R&D Division riders. The driving force behind our testing and an inspirational bunch of humans.

Creating the world’s best technical bikepacking equipment demands constant testing which is why we work closely with some of the best racers and riders in the world.

The Tailfin Blog

Stories from the bikepacking world, product deep dives, rider interviews, and much more.

Discover what makes Tailfin what it is today.

ISO Testing

Design & Engineering

Creating the very best technical bikepacking equipment is at the very heart of Tailfin.

From the creation of first CAD drawings and prototypes to refining of final pre-production samples, all development is done in-house by Tailfin’s team of designers and engineers.

The Ultra Distance Scholarship

We are proud to support the Ultra Distance Scholarship – an initiative increasing diversity and representation within ultra-distance cycling and racing.