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The road is where Tailfin was born. Whether going far or going fast, stopping for minutes or hours, enjoying the view or racing to the finish line; we are for the tarmac travellers.

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The world’s most high-performance rack systems

Engineered to compliment the fastest of road bikes. Nothing matches our carbon Racks and AeroPacks for design, weight and aerodynamic performance. Fits the majority of bikes, regardless of style.

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Practical, intelligent storage designed for life on the road

Wide openings and direct access pockets make packing and unpacking a breeze. Engineered frame attachments eliminate potential frame damage points and provide rapid attachment and removal with no guesswork.


Ride free without the usual handling limitations of a seatpack. Our zero sway designs will not affect your ride quality.

The ideal partners for tarmac cruising and multi-day touring

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