T1 + UD | Ultra Durable Package | Racks & Panniers | By Tailfin

Built for adventure

By pairing our T1 rack with Tailfin's most durable pannier bag, the UD Package provides the perfect solution for bikepacking adventures off the beaten track. 

Waterproof, without compromise

Featuring High-Frequency welded seams and a roll-top design, the UD offers total protection from the elements, however extreme the conditions.

Equipment you can rely on

Constructed from a robust Hypalon rubber laminate, the UD Package is built for the toughest bikepacking adventures - days when when you need absolute faith in your equipment. 

When it comes to performance, every gram counts

The T1's lightweight carbon frame weighs just 350 grams (that's less than a can of coke).

Universally compatible with almost any bike

The T1 rack is compatible with nearly any road, touring, hybrid or commuter bike. No matter what you ride, the UD Package will work seamlessly. 

Be seen, ride safe

Convenient mounting points for a rear light and high-vis detailing help keep you seen and safe, no matter how far-flung the adventure.

Cares for your bike just as well as you do

The rubber grip fits to any seatpost (including deep aero) with no risk of damage.

A secure and rattle-free ride

The UD features an aluminium cam-action clamp that totally eliminates any annoying rattle, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

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Effortlesss installation

Unique quick-release design means that you can fit or remove your rack in seconds. 


Rigidity - inside the bag

The UD features a rigid, internal backbone that holds your belongings secure in all conditions.

Protect what matters most

Keep your valuable items safe in all weathers with the UD’s essentials pocket. 

Total stability for the ultimate ride

The T1 rack and UD pannier bag have been designed as a totally integrated system, keeping your ride smooth when the road is rough - or when there is no road at all. 

Keep your rack protected and secure

Optional security screws disable the T1’s quick-release function and secure the rack to your bike, giving you peace of mind no matter where your adventure takes you.

End your ride the way you started

Detachable mudguard lends protection from the elements, keeping your commute comfortable and dry.

Tougher than the city

Featuring total adaptability and complete protection from the elements, the the UD Package is a match for whatever the city throws at you.

"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 4.5/5"

Reviewed Feb 2018
Jez Ash

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"Tailfin delivers one simple, and very powerful, message: this is no ordinary rack."

Reviewed Feb 2018
Matt Wikstrom

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Overall customer rating

“A game changer of bikepacking scene.”

Reviewed November 2017
Kazuhiro Tanda

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Axle type

Replace your axle with a Tailfin axle to mount the Tailfin rack. Most bicycles use a Quick Release axle, however, we also support the new Thru Axle standards (e.g. 12x142, 12x148, E-Thru, Syntace X-12, etc)

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Tyre clearance

The T1 is designed to fit close to the tyre, therefore the maximum tyre sizes are: 700x40C / 40-622 / 27.5X1.95 / 650Bx50 / 50-50-584

Size limit

The Super-Light and Ultra-Durable bags can take up to 22 litres of luggage and will fit a 17" laptop.

Weight limit

The T1 is tested and ISO certified (ISO11243) to 18kg (9kg per side).

Tailfin Care

Tailfin products have been designed to help you create incredible experiences - but we also want to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go as planned. That’s why every single one of our products is covered under Tailfin Care, providing you with real-world support that you can absolutely rely on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews

Am about a month into using these, and can say that this rack/pannier system ( it truly is a system) is the best I have ever used. Second day out, I took them through the rain, and everything made the trek bone dry, and the ride felt great, the weight distribution is perfect, and had no concerns riding on slick roads.

The tail fin is engineered remarkably well, and although I use this primarily on my commute, I am already planning a 200km+ trip with these. The system is elegant, very easy to get the bags on and off, and honestly the best ride I have ever had with the type of load that I am carrying. Fully loaded bags, and I cannot even tell that they are on the bike (not it in the way you can with traditional racks). No negative sway, no sluggish feel, no wide ugly dangerous turns.

I had some amateur bike club guys ride up to me, and scoff at wanting to put a rack system on my road bike they other day... that was until we hit an incline, and I zipped past them, in the saddle no less, and thought that the encounter of blowing past an amateur bike club (to be fair, 4 middle aged mamils) - with my daily commute load, speaks for how unobtrusive the setup is. I probably have the same negative feed back as anyone else: The inside of the bags should be a brighter color to help with visually seeing your contents, and that once the bags are off the bike, I wish there were an easier way to carry them (they come with shoulder strap, but no where for the strap to go once they are affixed to the bike - other than it dangling, or taking it off). All in all I am stupid happy with these! If you are debating the purchase, jump! I took a chance on them, and haven’t looked back, and my back has thanked me the most for removing an excess of 20+lbs worth of kit from a commuting backpack.

A rack/pannier system that works so well that you forget it's on your bike

I'm currently on a five-day trip in North Carolina's Blueridge Mountains. I'm staying with friends, so I go for daily rides with my new Ritchey Outback gravel/travel bike--and every day I take along a few things such as rain gear, a snack or two, a spare tire and afew other items, in one pannier mounted to the T1. Most of the riding is on asphalt, but every day has seen rough gravel sections in the endless forests of this area. There is no sway or movement from the pannier. The way it locks onto the rack in the mornings when I take off is sheer incredible: Three seconds, tops. The outback uses thru-axles, and mounting the rack to the bike is a 15-second affair (on two rides my friends shuttled me to a different starting point and I had to remove the rack temporarily). I also have a "normal" Ritchey BreakAway that I took to New Zealand this spring, with QR axles. I rented a campervan and did loop tris every day, and of course used my T1 and a pannier to take stuff along. In a few weeks I'll be in Germany and I'm taking an extra T1 plus pannier set for GF. The initial plan is for a few overnighters from her home base. The cool thing is that the rack will fit on her bike, sight unseen. I'm in the planning stages for true bike packing trips in both Cuba and Chile where I will be carrying more stuff, obviously. I've used saddle bags and of course other panniers, but they pale in comparison to the stability of this system--plus you can fit it on virtually any bike, whether there are eyelets or proper braze-ons (impossible of course on carbon bikes). My bike touring experience includes crossing the US, riding from Alaska to the Panama Canal, and thousands and thousands of miles in Europe, East Asia, and the Americas. At age 63 I'm no longer all that excited about some of the pain that comes with self-supported touring, but the Tailfin system has rekindled the wish for more adventure (thus the planned Cuba and Chile trips). I can't wait for the Aeropack to complete all.

Happy Customer

Not long back from a cycling holiday, the first outing for the rack and panniers. The panniers were very easy to take on and off the bike , not a creak or rattle to be heard through the trip- just didn't know they were there. I have to admit I left the fitting of the rack to my husband but he said it was easy and the rack has been switched between bikes already. Just back from first supermarket shopping trip with panniers which are very roomy , my first step to reducing my carbon footprint.

Beautifully Engineered

Received my Tailfin and panniers on time and in great packaging raising expectation. Not disappointed, tailfin and panniers beautifully engineered and finished and took only minutes to assemble and fit to bike, didn't even have to remove existing mudguard. Had a 45 mile trial run and there was no movement or rubbing of the panniers or frame and everything was very secure and pannier contents stayed dry despite heavy rain and hail. Looking forward to my next tour in a few weeks, thanks Nick and team, great product.

One of the best products I've purchased

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of this product. Rarely do I buy an item, sight unseen, and have it actually be better than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation of the boxes and the packaging that the rack and panniers came in. Everything looked like a high-quality item and the unboxing was an event. The tailfin rack is beautifully finished. Carbon weave is consistent and the matte finish is gorgeous. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the hardware. These are the type of fasteners that you find in Motorsports and aircraft. All are minimalist and have the smoothness of scientific equipment.
I went with the heavy duty panniers and they have a suitable thickness. There is no fear that water will penetrate these.

My only critique was that the instructions are a bit "IKEA-esque" and if you are like me, and your close in vision is challenged, you may have to find a 20 year old to help determine which way a mounting bracket goes.

Great product. Please make more things. I will gladly purchase from tailfin again.