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T1 | Matte Visible Carbon

T1 | Matte Black

T1 | Gloss Black

T1 | Gloss White

Tailfin Thru Axle Table

If you need help figuring out which axle type to use, please use our guide posted here as a
Most Bikes Use a Quick-release Axle (Pictured above-right)
All Brands  
Use the guide below ONLY if your bike uses a Thru-Axle. If you're unsure - see above.
Thru Axle 12x142mm 1.0mm Pitch 
Cannondale DeVinci (some) Opus (some)
Canyon Specialized Felt (some)
Cube Syntace X-12 3T
OPEN* BMC (some) Lynskey

*for Open frames you will need an axle cap also, found HERE

Thru Axle 12x142mm 1.5mm Pitch

Giant Scott
DeVinci (some)
BH Orbea
Kinesis Salsa
Gensis Ridley
Ribble Felt (some)
Opus (some)
PlanetX BMC (some)
Whtye Vitus Parlee
Mosaic Pinarello Condor
Thru Axle 12x142mm 1.75mm Pitch
Cervelo (some) Trek Kona
Jamis (2016) Rondo
RAT Systems (RAT Thru Axle 12x142mm) Please email support@tailfin.cc for information on how to order these parts.
Focus (some) Cervelo (some)

Built for adventure

By pairing our T1 rack with Tailfin's most durable pannier bag, the UD Package provides the perfect solution for bikepacking adventures off the beaten track. 

Waterproof, without compromise

Featuring High-Frequency welded seams and a roll-top design, the UD offers total protection from the elements, however extreme the conditions.

Equipment you can rely on

Constructed from a robust Hypalon rubber laminate, the UD Package is built for the toughest bikepacking adventures - days when when you need absolute faith in your equipment. 

When it comes to performance, every gram counts

The T1's lightweight carbon frame weighs just 350 grams (that's less than a can of coke).

Universally compatible with almost any bike

The T1 rack is compatible with nearly any road, touring, hybrid or commuter bike. No matter what you ride, the UD Package will work seamlessly. 

Be seen, ride safe

Convenient mounting points for a rear light and high-vis detailing help keep you seen and safe, no matter how far-flung the adventure.

Cares for your bike just as well as you do

The rubber grip fits to any seatpost (including deep aero) with no risk of damage.

A secure and rattle-free ride

The UD features an aluminium cam-action clamp that totally eliminates any annoying rattle, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Installation film ›

Effortlesss installation

Unique quick-release design means that you can fit or remove your rack in seconds. 


Rigidity - inside the bag

The UD features a rigid, internal backbone that holds your belongings secure in all conditions.

Protect what matters most

Keep your valuable items safe in all weathers with the UD’s essentials pocket. 

Total stability for the ultimate ride

The T1 rack and UD pannier bag have been designed as a totally integrated system, keeping your ride smooth when the road is rough - or when there is no road at all. 

Keep your rack protected and secure

Optional security screws disable the T1’s quick-release function and secure the rack to your bike, giving you peace of mind no matter where your adventure takes you.

End your ride the way you started

Detachable mudguard lends protection from the elements, keeping your commute comfortable and dry.

Tougher than the city

Featuring total adaptability and complete protection from the elements, the the UD Package is a match for whatever the city throws at you.

"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 4.5/5"

Reviewed Feb 2018
Jez Ash

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"Tailfin delivers one simple, and very powerful, message: this is no ordinary rack."

Reviewed Feb 2018
Matt Wikstrom

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Overall customer rating

“A game changer of bikepacking scene.”

Reviewed November 2017
Kazuhiro Tanda

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Axle type

Replace your axle with a Tailfin axle to mount the Tailfin rack. Most bicycles use a Quick Release axle, however, we also support the new Thru Axle standards (e.g. 12x142, 12x148, E-Thru, Syntace X-12, etc)

Axle type guide ›

Tyre clearance

The T1 is designed to fit close to the tyre, therefore the maximum tyre sizes are: 700x40C / 40-622 / 27.5X1.95 / 650Bx50 / 50-50-584

Size limit

The Super-Light and Ultra-Durable bags can take up to 22 litres of luggage and will fit a 17" laptop.

Weight limit

The T1 is tested and ISO certified (ISO11243) to 18kg (9kg per side).

Tailfin Care

Tailfin products have been designed to help you create incredible experiences - but we also want to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go as planned. That’s why every single one of our products is covered under Tailfin Care, providing you with real-world support that you can absolutely rely on.

Tailfin Care ›

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
T1 and UD Pannier

Far superior to any other system I have seen. You have to be prepared to pay for something of this quality - it is worth it.

Nearly perfect for biking, could use a bit of design when off the bike

I just got my set a couple of weeks ago. Installation is surprisingly easy, even as I'd seen the videos. The thru-axle installation is easy, and it really is super solid. The rack is also "fits really well", so you really forget about it existing after installation, unless you have to carry stuff around. With one or two bags, things still just fit, the only thing you'll notice is the difference in weight. Things simply work. The attachment on the bags is super tight, so the question is what happens when sand and dust gets in there and what the durability is at that point. I'll find out during the winter, I guess.

However, I live in Helsinki in Finland, and during any one year the commute can range from a freezing -30 degrees Celsius to a hot +30. Now it's around 0 and water and sleet all around. The integrated mudguard kind of works, but it's not quite up for the job with the current weather. Maybe there should be a range of full-length mudguard(s) or better compatibility with existing ones. Now my solution involves sawing, rubberbanding glueing my existing SKS Longboards to do the rest of job.

The bags are probably the place where some more R&D could do the most. The bags are really a good fit for the rack, but as bags they leave some things lacking.
* The lower bar, which connects to the rack down low, leaves an uncomfortable bulge inside the bag. I'm a bit worried about the integrity of my laptop that rests/bends against it, would I pack more stuff in the bags.
* There's no natural place to store/attach the carrying strap. This is mostly an issue on shorter rides (commutes), as you carry in both ends of the commute in the morning and the evening. A velcro strap or some attachment would make life that much better
* The attachment mechanism makes carrying harder, as it either digs into your back, unless you carry it the "other way around"

Anyway, really good product i can recommend. Small tweaks could make it 5 stars in my books.

A truly adaptable pannier system

I had never had panniers, or a pannier rack, before Tailfin, because most of my bikes aren't designed for commuting. Or, they have other uses, and I can't be bothered to take a rack on and off. This is the solution, and I cannot wait until I can buy the new bag!

A revision of how the bags are carried off the bike is the only improvement I can see, otherwise, everything can always be made lighter.

Excellent but dôme détails Stills missing

Very fois product ! Really efficient and probably the only product Allowing a such carrying on Riad bike. Except thé 1 month delay everything ok.
Juste à screw on T1 Carbon rack missing to maintain thé blade avoiding rain projection...
An Other pb regarding the strap to carry the bags : it should have something to block it du ring Cycling

Exceptional quality and deign

Works vey well, but has to be fitted upside down in Australia...just kidding, I use one pannier to carry my gear to ride to gym every morning and I don't have to wear my backpack any more, which makes me sweat like a nun in a cucumber field.
I have it fitted to my Specialized Venge and it looks very nice. I will be doing a 2500km trip from Adelaide to Sydney in early 2019, and will be using the two panniers and also hopefully the new Aeropack trunk to carry all of my crap.
I highly recommend the Tailfin rack and panniers, I reckon they'll be around for a very long time.