T1 + SL | Super Light Package | Racks & Panniers | By Tailfin

Faster, further, easier

By combining the T1 carbon rack with our lightest ever pannier bag, the SL Package provides the ultimate lightweight solution for commuting and fast touring.

Commuting made effortless

The T1 rack and SL pannier bag have been designed to work together in harmony, providing peerless user-experience and ride quality. 

100% waterproof. Guaranteed.

By pairing the T1 carbon rack with the SL's High-Frequency welded seams and roll-top design, the SL Package offers total protection from the elements without compromising on weight.

Effortless installation

Unique quick-release design means that you can fit or remove your rack in seconds. 

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When it comes to performance, every gram counts

The T1's lightweight carbon frame weighs just 350 grams (that's less than a can of coke).

Universally compatible

The T1 rack is compatible with nearly any road, touring, hybrid or commuter bike. No matter what you ride, the SL Package will work seamlessly. 

Be seen, ride safe

Convenient mounting points for a rear light and high-vis detailing help keep you seen and safe, no matter how far-flung the adventure.

Cares for your bike just as well as you do

Soft rubber grip fits to any seatpost (including deep aero) with no risk of damage. 

Rigidity - inside the bag

The SL features a rigid, internal backbone that holds your belongings secure in all conditions.

Go where you want, take what you need

Our beautiful designs allow you to carry belongings effortlessly - whether that be in town or on the open road.


Working with you to keep your ride smooth and stable

The rigid, wishbone-design carbon frame offers exceptional agility, with no sway or rattle.

Keep your rack protected and secure

Optional security screws disable the T1’s quick-release function and secure the rack to your bike, giving you peace of mind when riding in the city. 

End your ride the way the way you started

Detachable mudguard lends protection from the elements, keeping your commute comfortbale and dry.

"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 4.5/5"

Reviewed Feb 2018
Jez Ash

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"Tailfin delivers one simple, and very powerful, message: this is no ordinary rack."

Reviewed Feb 2018
Matt Wikstrom

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Overall customer rating

“A game changer of bikepacking scene.”

Reviewed November 2017
Kazuhiro Tanda

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Axle type

Replace your axle with a Tailfin axle to mount the Tailfin rack. Most bicycles use a Quick Release axle, however, we also support the new Thru Axle standards (e.g. 12x142, 12x148, E-Thru, Syntace X-12, etc)

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Tyre clearance

The T1 is designed to fit close to the tyre, therefore the maximum tyre sizes are: 700x40C / 40-622 / 27.5X1.95 / 650Bx50 / 50-50-584

Size limit

The Super-Light and Ultra-Durable bags can take up to 22 litres of luggage and will fit a 17" laptop.

Weight limit

The T1 is tested and ISO certified (ISO11243) to 18kg (9kg per side).

Tailfin Care

Tailfin products have been designed to help you create incredible experiences - but we also want to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go as planned. That’s why every single one of our products is covered under Tailfin Care, providing you with real-world support that you can absolutely rely on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews

A beautiful product. I used on 5 day / 650km tour across Switzerland (+neighbors). Through cold and warm, sun and rain, flat and steep long climbs, they worked perfectly.

I found a solution to carry the bags when not on the bike (as others mentioned the carrying straps are not very practical) — simply turn both bags on their side and use the packing tethers as handles. It is very simple, comfortable and convenient.

Nick - you need to used facebook marketing! I had to search to find these existed. Quad-lock (another great product) showed up constantly in my feed as a biker. Also I would suggest you proactively send samples to boutique bike shops as they will love them. You will get a call from one i showed mine to on my trip!

10 day trip

Although I’m pleased with the product there were a couple of issues. First, the delivered rack and pannier bags was missing one of the arms which keeps the bag locked tight against the rack. No big deal as the weight of the bags did enough to ensure the bags didn’t move. The rack installed without a hitch. The bags were great, light but big enough to hold all my gear + laptop.

However the second issue needs to be given more thought.
After riding for 4 days (400 miles give or take) I noticed that one of the screws holding the bag locking mechanism had come out leaving just one screw to keep the locking bracket in place.

Needed a pannier rack for an upcoming trip of 6 days on the bike.

I did not realise when I purchased my Giant fathom mountain bike that it did not have a lower frame fixing point to accept a standard type pannier rack.
The only one that fitted the requirement was a tailfin T1, Unfortunately this rack fitted but was approximately 25mm too short in the main support legs and when the bag claws were fitted they rubbed on the tyre rendering this rack not suitable. However, James whom i spoke with assured me that they will extend the length and have another version in a couple of months that will fit. This does not help me now however I was very impressed by this product and could properly recommend it as it was easy to fit and remove quickly very lightweight and robust..

Brilliant product...

Excellent high-quality product which solves a problem, I had no idea actually could be solved.

Perfect in every way

The delivery was super fast and efficient, with good communications, just as well as I only found tailfin a week before my 6 day, 600k UK road trip. The T1 plus 2 x lightweight pannier bags were every bit as good as the reviews said they would be. My review: Beautifully designed, lightweight, super easy to fit ( once I'd worked out left from right), very stable, the right capacity in the bags, really neat mechanism to fix and remove panniers from thje fram, really liked the ability to fix a light to the rear; it will have hopefully encouraged cars to give a wider passing distance and finally, the all important envy of fellow cyclists ;). I am sure my buddy on the 6 day ride will buy one.