SL | Super Light Pannier Bag | Panniers | By Tailfin

Faster, further, easier

The SL’s featherlight construction means you can carry your belongings faster than ever before. 

100% waterproof. Guaranteed.

Featuring High-Frequency welded seams and a roll-top design, the SL offers total protection from the elements without compromising on weight.

Go where want, take what you need

Our beautiful designs allow you to carry belongings effortlessly - whether that's in town or on the open road. 

A secure and rattle-free ride

The SL features an aluminium cam-action clamp that totally eliminates any annoying rattle, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

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Total stability for the ultimate ride quality

The SL pannier bag contains a rigid, internal backbone that keep your items secure in all conditions.

Room for manoeuvre

Featuring a full 22 litres of storage space, the SL is perfect for the commute or fast touring

Be seen, ride safe

Whether it’s your daily commute or a weekend adventure, the SL can help you stay visible.

Rigidity - inside the bag

The UD features a rigid, internal backbone that holds your belongings secure in all conditions.

"Peerless stability, total absence of rattle, very light, incredibly quick and easy to fit and remove. 4.5/5"

Reviewed Feb 2018
Jez Ash

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"Tailfin delivers one simple, and very powerful, message: this is no ordinary rack."

Reviewed Feb 2018
Matt Wikstrom

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Overall customer rating

“A game changer of bikepacking scene.”

Reviewed November 2017
Kazuhiro Tanda

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Size limit

The Super-Light and Ultra-Durable bags can take up to 22 litres of luggage and will fit a 17" laptop.

Tailfin Care

Tailfin products have been designed to help you create incredible experiences - but we also want to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go as planned. That’s why every single one of our products is covered under Tailfin Care, providing you with real-world support that you can absolutely rely on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Love the fact that the panniers that become part of the bike and not something hanging off it.

Although the rack itself detaches easily it is so light and unobtrusive I doubt I'll bother removing it. I really love the fact that the panniers once fitted are rock solid with no movement. No complaints with the product at all. The only problem is that my wife having seen them on my bike wants them as well, can we get a familly discount :-)

great service and products

James arranged a custom part for my wifes Kouta Kathode E road bike to enable the through axle to fit. I can now fit my superb super light pannier sets to any of our bikes including my new pinarello Nytro E road bike for touring.
Great service and great products!
One improvement could be to make the inner cage on the superlight pannier lighter...... it seems a little over heavy construction....

très très satisfait de mon pack tailfin

Voilà près de deux ans que je roule avec mes sacoches tailfin et j en suis extrêmement satisfait. Le système de fixation est très bien pensé et les sacoches se fixent très facilement. Je ne vois aucun point négatif à relever et en plus le pack est esthétique. Franchement je recommande sans hésiter!!!!!!

Great product not sold in Japan

Design and functionality are good enough to overwhelm others and can only be found in tail fins. Also, the rack is lightweight with carbon is another good thing! There is no loss by winning.

Great product....unreliable delivery

The rack and the panniers have been superb.....both in use and in their weight (or lack of it)

Delays in recieving the products and then items from the same order arriving separately on different days was annoying