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Fernwee Badlands

Breaking Badlands: an introduction to ultra-endurance racing

But Martijn had an itch to scratch; he had never participated in a ‘proper’ unsupported ultra-endurance race. One where the start and finish are dictated, along with the route and where the onus is on getting to the finish as fast as possible. Gaining entry into the 2021 edition of Transiberica’s Badlands race was just the start, though. It would be a journey into the unknown from a mental and physical point of view but also with regards to working…

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Why have we changed to Torx?

Why have we changed to Torx bolts?

Thanks to the clever modular nature of Tailfin products it is very simple to construct, maintain and repair your Rack or AeroPack. To help make this process as user friendly as possible we use interchangeable bolts to fix everything together with only a standard multitool needed to construct. We used to use bolts with a 3mm hex head but we’ve recently rolled out a new way of tightening the bolts, by changing to Torx heads. What the reason for changing…

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Tailfin thru axle

Tailfin Tech: Axle Deep Dive

One of the distinctive features of a Tailfin Rack or AeroPack is how we use the wheel axle to secure the system to the bike. Whilst it’s true that you can also mount a Tailfin system using frame mounts, it’s when using the axle that the full strength and security of our design reaches its peak. Before we focus on the design and construction of the Tailfin Axles it’s good to get a little bit of background as to the…

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