How to Make Your Bike a Multi-Purpose Machine

Bicycles are many things to many people: they’re a way of getting from A to B; a way of transporting or delivering goods; a way to exercise, a form of recreation or a way to escape on amazing adventures.

It’s not always possible or practical, though, to have one bike that does everything. The bike that takes you on long-distance cycling trips isn’t necessarily the first one you’d turn to for the more everyday tasks like getting to and from work, or doing the weekly shop. But that’s just one of the reasons we created Tailfin. We wanted you to be able to do more with the bike you love to make it more useful for any situation. 

Whilst adventures might be off the cards for the time being, here’s how to make the Tailfin work for regular, stay-at-home chores as well as ensuring you can make the most of time on the bike.

How do I fit a Tailfin product?

If you’re not familiar with our products, we created a unique ‘plug and play’ system of racks and bags. The racks are designed to fit any bike and attach in a matter of seconds, depending on which of our three mounting options you choose. Choose from attaching permanently (like all other pannier racks), via the axle or using frame mount adaptors. Our racks also fit all seatposts (25.4mm-34mm), round and non-round (Up to 3-inch aero seatposts). This provides you with the flexibility and freedom to swap our rack and bags between your bikes, should you need to. 

If you’re just setting out for a weekend ride into the countryside, your goal will be different to this of course, but you may have certain landmarks you wish to see or that famous hill climb you’ve always dreamt of. With speed not a definitive factor to your ride, goal setting by location is a great way to structure your route.

With our complete hardware and soft goods solution of racks and bags, you’ll never need another for your bike. Because they fit any bike, not only is it good for now, but for the future too.  We like to think of it as the silver bullet for turning your bike – from daily workhorse or high-end carbon whip to rugged off-roader – into a future-proofed multi-purpose machine.

What bag options are there?

The Tailfin system includes side bags and a top bag, the AeroPack. The AeroPack Trunk has a 20L capacity, while the SL22 Superlight and UD22 Ultra Durable side bags both have 22L capacity. If you used all three together, that’s a whopping 64L of carrying capacity. You might not need that on the everyday commute but if you’re off to the shops or planning a long-distance, full-on adventure, this much capacity could be really useful. 

Our side bags might look similar to other pannier bags on the market, but they offer a number of unique features: the SL22 is extremely lightweight while the UD22 is extremely tough, and both are rigid, so they hold your belongings secure in all conditions. They are also 100% fully waterproof and clamp securely to our racks so there’s no rattle or sway.

What about bike racks?

Your choice of Tailfin racks depends on whether you want both side and top bags, or just the AeroPack Trunk (no side bags). The X Series Pannier Rack will take AeroPack Trunk and side bags, while the S Series Trunk Rack takes the AeroPack Trunk only, with no mounts for side bags. 

When you ride every day, heading to and from work or doing the weekly shop, it needn’t be routine. With Tailfin, you can find freedom and opportunity in every ride and turn the impractical into the practical. There’s no need for an extra bike: just one bike that does it all. 

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